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I want to use a video-background. the documentation suggests to download the CPT on Front Page Plugin. The Manual of this plugin says” 1. Place `<?php do_action(‘plugin_name_hook’); ?>` in your templates” Can you please tell me where to put that code in order to let me choose a gallery-entry as a homepage? thanks


After activating the plugin:

1. Go to “Settings > Reading”. 2. Check the checkbox “Gallery” in “Post Types allowed on Front Page”. 3. Save Changes 4. Set a static front page by choosing the gallery post with your video

For the google map I would recommend you to use simple page with “Contact From 7” plugin. This way you can create your own contact from and customize in for your needs.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards

perfect thanks! nice update btw – but the video-option is gone on my theme – is that a bug or where do you add fullscreen videos now? thanks

it’s all okay, sorry…

Hello, i have a problem with google analytics.

I have the analytics code in footer but when i change page analytics can’t view the change and doesn’t monitor al the page in session.

is there a way to fix that?

Thank you


Hi Francesco

How do you added the Google analytics code? What do you mean with that you can’t monitor all the pages is session?

Kind regards

Hi …

Is it possible for me to have a gallery in which clicking on a thumbnail leads to a scrollable image-slide-show? I don’t mind the images in that slideshow being links to full-screen slideshow but it’s not absolutely essential for me.

For e.g. look at this website –

Thank You!


Unfortunately this options is not available

Kind regards

can you bind the swipe function on mobile to scroll function here?

Cannot swipe and many thing seems unvisible on iPhone 5 screen :(


I updated the theme and fixed this issue. Please note that if you migrate to the new update you will have to set up your galleries again, as a new post type was added.

Kind regards

I have problem. Add some shorcode, and its dont show untill i refrsh the page. I use shortcodes from other plugin. I need to fix it and fast, becouse you got my money for this theme. Need solution.


Probably you need to deacivate the ajax loading to make the plugins work. Please open the file js/main.js and remove this peace of code from the top of the file:


Kind regards

Thanks, its works now.

Hello, Thank you for this great theme.

A have two questions regarding the blog section.

Context: My blog is not on the starting page and I changed the blog layout to classic.

1. The blog page shows the classic layout – that’s fine. But if I click to a blog item, I do not get the classic blog layout of an single item. What should I set to get the classic layout?

2. On the blog page: Is it possible to disable the referencing to single blog items?

3. On the blog item pages: Is it possible to disable the “You may also like”?

Many thanks


On your questions:

1. You mean that you want classic view for both: list view and single article? After setting the main blog layout to classic it should work. Could you please send me admin access to have a better look?

2. You can do it by the code only. Please open the file: templates/journal/journal-(classic).php and replace the links like this:

<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">


<a href="#">

3. You can do it by the code only. Please open the file: templates/single/single-standard(classic).php and remove this lone of code:

<?php get_template_part( 'templates/related-articles' ); ?>

Kind regards

Hi. Many thanks. This information helps.

Another little question: There is a problem with the navigation items using Windows Phone 8, e.g the arrows in the galleries: They only appear after a reload of the page (before reload: It appears a missing element.) This happens each time you visit the page again. What can I do?

Kind regards


Thank you for reporting this problem. I will check this and fix it as soon as possible.

Kind regards


Is it possible to use a different style menu for mobile version? I see the theme isn’t easy to operate on screens smaller than the iPhone 5. A lot of people I know use iPhone 4S and it’d be great to either have some tweaks to the theme or let me tweak the theme a bit to suit small screens as far as the mobile version as concerned.

Is it possible to introduce swipe-gestures for touch screens in future? It sure would be a great help.

On old laptops that do not support multi-touch gesture controls, it can be impossible for users to scroll left-right on the default gallery. Can I expect an update there? (maybe introducing left and right clickable-arrow-buttons)

I was able to get the instagram icon appear and work on the website but neither facebook nor twitter seem to work even after I’ve submitted full http://www links for both social networks!

Please help!

Please try to unpack the theme into your Wordpress theme folder.

Kind regards

Hello there…

Very glad that the unpacking of items helped in installing the update…

However – new issues :D read on…

Menu items – inconsistent in response to mouse click.

Glitch in galleries – inconsistent in image click-to-enlarge function. Some work, some don’t.

Home page not showing any quick-links to pages or the quick view on the image area – Is this because I deleted all the pages? (I deleted pages to start over as none of the pages were showing up earlier …and I mean new pages/galleries that I made after re-installing the theme. They showed up in menu bar as menu items but didn’t respond.)

I made a custom homepage… but the image is not showing up.

In all, this website has more glitches than merits! I like the backend changes but I wish everything could become functional and proper.

MOBILE SPECIFIC- Hamburger icon unresponsive in landscape mode from contact page on Mobile device. Also (mobile) navigation arrows in rail-galleries not responding.

OVERALL Site seems to be slower than before update. Is it just me?

Please Help…

Regards Yashasvi

Hi Yashasvi,

Could you please send me access to your admin area si I could have a better look? Please use the contact from in my account to email me.

Kind regards

Does the update solves the bug with the rail gallery which can not slide and just reveal three thumbnails? . thanks . TT

This should work for a device but i need to see the arrows on the website in the gallery rail Thanks

On the gallery rail i want that the thumbnail links to an external Url is it possible?

Yes, if you follow the instructions above you will always see the arrows in the rail gallery. Unfortunately it is not possible to point the images to an external url.

Hey, Thanks for the update with a lot of nice new features. Did take some work to refigure out all things… now i have still some questions: - how do i hide the “quick view” on the front page? With the previous code ”#quick-view {display:none;}” it also hides the previous and next buttons on the blog section… - also those don’t work on my blog. I see the correct link but it is impossible to activate the link. - my blog don’t show all entrys as before (menu blog). It shows a empty page with the correct items to click without text, images… weird… A category view is fully working indeed.

Could you take a look?

thanks for the code. worked well. I activated now Ajax again and you can find those previous / next buttons without doing anything here:


Thank you, I will fix this issue with the next update.

Kind regards

ok. thanks.

Hi, When adding images to the gallery there is an option to hide the pattern, I tick the box as I don’t want the dot pattern over images in the gallery but the pattern is still there.


Thank you for reporting this issue. I just submitted the fixed version for review.

Kind regards

Thank you!

I’m completely stuck on the blog layout – in theme options I’ve set blog layout as classic. When I go to the blog section the posts are shown in classic layout but the images don’t show up (I’ve tried both featured and normal images) and when I click on a blog post the layout turns to grid with the featured image on the left.

Forgot to add: I also have each blog category set to classic layout too as well as in the theme options.

I just noticed that there is some problem with the blog layout. I will fix it with the next update.

Thank you for reporting.

When in Classic view, you have to change the port format to “Image” in order to display the featured image.

Hi, a few questions: 1.- I need a scroll bar at the bottom for single galleries for the people to understand that the navigate is right or left.

2.- Is possible to have a button or a code to “go back” in single images.

Thanks for your time, Regards.


On your questions:

1. Sorry I don’t understand your question. All the theme elements are presented at the demo page.

2. There is such a button at the top right part of the image:

Kind regards Ivo

I want to set the homepage with a single image and top and left menus I installed the cpt plugin and in settings/reading selected gallery under Post Types allowed on Front Page” and selected a gallery post but all that displayed on the home page was a thumbnail.


Could you please send me admin access to your admin area so I could have a better look? Please use the contact from in my account to email me.

Kind regards

Hi BadWeather, how can I update to version 3??

Well, I update the theme, but the homepage with the galleries don’t show correct, It’s blank. Please, could you tell me what’s happen??

I Solved!

Glad you did it :)

Hi I have the 3.0 version but i still cant hide the dot pattern from the galleries… can you help me please? Thank u!!!

Sorry, I solved! ;-)

Glad you did it :)

Is there a way to change the size/width/shape of the thumbnails in the gallery? Currently I have landscape images and they are cropping them into squares which isn’t cool.

Masonry mode doesn’t change this. Hopefully there is a way to change the dimension of the isotope?


Currently there is no such an option, and it could be done by the code only. But I will try to implement this with the next updates of the theme

Kind regards Ivo

I appreciate that. Do you know when that might be? As i need a solution fairly soon – I just need to know if I hold out for this update or if I have to explore other options. Aside from this it’s a cool theme

Alternatively, I have fairly ok with code. If you could point me in the right direction and also a few tips, I’m sure I could attempt to make a amend the code. My problem is that I have about 200 images that I want to crop and size specifically and I would need to know what measurements I could work with to make the crop – for right now I am stuck as I can’t do any of that cropping until I know what my limitations are.


I am currently developing a new photography theme, so it will take more than a month for the new update of Trend. Meanwhile you can use this gallery for landscape images.

Other thing you can do is to use the masonry gallery and set it to 3 columns. Use the assets/js/main.js file, find this code:

var w = $container.width(), 
    columnNum = 1,
    columnWidth = 0,
    elementSpace = jQuery('.isotope').hasClass('element-space') ? 8 : 0;
    elementSpace = jQuery('.isotope').hasClass('element-big-space') ? 22 : 0;
if (w > 1200) {
    columnNum  = 5;
} else if (w > 900) {
    columnNum  = 4;
} else if (w > 600) {
    columnNum  = 3;
} else if (w > 300) {
    columnNum  = 2;

and change the number of columns ( columnNum )

Hope this helps you.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi, It seems that in Version 3.1 the blog default layout doesnt work anymore – Only the classic shows the articles with default nothing is shown ?? Do I miss something ?


Could you please send me admin access so I could have a better look? Please use the contact from in my account to email me.

Kind regards Ivo

Sorry no – I have the version 3.1 only local yet and I will not upgrade until all by me and other users mentioned bugs are solved… If you are upgrading from 3.0 to V3.1 are the old blog entries with blog option set to “default” visible ? If yes than I have a problem if no than there’s a bug :-)

So far: - The problem with the pattern seems to be solved in 3.1 - The problem that the slider switches from an image shown in fullscreen back to the normal view instead of staying in fullscreen is still there - The image flickering is still there (that’s a minor prolbem for me…)


I just notices that there is some bug with the blog layouts. I will update this as soon as possible, so you will be able to set the blog layout globally from the Theme Options.

If you disable the ajax loading of the pages, the image will load in normal view instead of fullscreen. If your pages are loading via ajax the image should continue in fullscreen mode as in the demo page.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi BW! I’d like to make a portfolio page, which contains 4 subpages with the galleries but i dont want the main page (portfolio) to be open. I only want that it open the dropdown with the subpages. How can i do it?

Here you can find an example: (my “portfolio” page would be the “gallery” page on this site).

Sorry for my bad english, hope you’ll understand! ;-) Thank you and congrats for this amazing theme!


You are welcome :)

Sorry, it is now not possible. The image is appearing “resized” or “normal” for both: homepage slider and single preview

Kind regards Ivo

Ok, it’s a little shame but I’ll choose the first pic of each gallery so that it’s ok. ;-) I noticed that in mobile version the other pics are resized for different screens, but those who are full screen are cropped… is there a css code that authomatically solves the problem?

Sorry for all these questions… :-) Thank you for your help!!


The option “resize image” is resizing the image to full page, this is why it is like cropped. If you want the entire image to be displayed, please use the other options: “fit container”.

Kind regards Ivo

I uploaded the theme update and set-up the galleries again but they do not show up on the homepage. How can I get the gallery links to display on the home page picture? Thank you, Carol

Hi Carol.

You have to creat a custom page and use the category slider template. if you still can’t set it up, please send me access to you admin area and i will do it for you. Please use the contact form in my account to email me

Kind regards Ivo

I need help with the homepage galleries, they do not display on homepage. The galleries show up via other links, just not on the static home page set up as a gallery category.

I ended up making a new home page, as opposed to using the existing page before the update to 3.0 Now it works…

Glad you did it :)

Kind regards Ivo