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Hello there…

I sent this message 2 days back but wonder if it got through to you as I didn’t hear anything back… so sending again!

Very glad that the unpacking of items helped in installing the update…

However – new issues :D read on…

Menu items – inconsistent in response to mouse click.

Glitch in galleries – inconsistent in image click-to-enlarge function. Some work, some don’t.

Home page not showing any quick-links to pages or the quick view on the image area – Is this because I deleted all the pages? (I deleted pages to start over as none of the pages were showing up earlier …and I mean new pages/galleries that I made after re-installing the theme. They showed up in menu bar as menu items but didn’t respond.)

I made a custom homepage… but the image is not showing up.

In all, this website has more glitches than merits! I like the backend changes but I wish everything could become functional and proper.

MOBILE SPECIFIC- Hamburger icon unresponsive in landscape mode from contact page on Mobile device. Also (mobile) navigation arrows in rail-galleries not responding.

OVERALL Site seems to be slower than before update. Is it just me?

Please Help…

Regards Yashasvi

try with 3000 please

Changed to 3000 – Problem still On! PS: I am checking all this in Google Chrome – Incognito Mode… so obviously caching is not an issue.

I don’t know why you get this problem. I tried with different computers and internet connections and can’t get this issue. It is always loading the images correctly. Please use some of the alternative gallery layouts like isotope grid.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi @BadWeather thanks for this big and fantastic update! :) Only two question from me: 1) how can i translate all theme words? 2) in blog post what plugin i can use to have lightbox/highslide effects on photo inserted in post ( example: ? Thanks?


You are welcome :) I am glad you like it.

On your questions:

1. The theme is now ready for translation. How to translate. The po, mo files are located in the folder /lang/

2. You can try Magnific popup plugin. Just note that if you use any external plugin, you will have to disable the ajax page loading.

Kind regards Ivo

Ok, i’ll try! thanks ! :)

there’s a bug with the video playback when using the gallery. it links to the image i.e. = /?image=4778 but the video is not playable (embed code is there) – the navigation doesn’t work properly either. I have v 3.1. thanks for the support check:

Thank you for reporting this issue. The video is not playable because of the pattern, just remove the patter and it will be playable.

I will fix it somehow in the next update.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi Badweather. What version are we on now? I just dropped in to the discussion and noticed that there appears to have been several updates!! Are we not supposed to get an automatic e-mail when this happens?

Still love the theme but having it work well on a mobile would be nice.


The current version of Trend is 3.1

Here is the changelog:

- fixed: change pattern type
- fixed: hide pattern from single images
- fixed: mobile navigation sub menus
- fixed: mobile navigation close on item click
- fixed: navigation overlap issue
- improved: gallery creation, image management
- added: bulk image upload
- added: drag and reorder images
- added: drag and reorder categories
- removed: old contact from page
- added: contact from 7
- added: photo sharing
- added: easy Google font implementation (500+ Google fonts)
- added: automatic updates
- added: one click demo import
- added: password protected galleries
- improved: ajax preloader
- improver: documentation
- added: child theme support
- added: additional social icons
- added: social icons reordering
- added: copyright image protection
- added: easy ajax page loading
- added: automatic theme updates
- fixed: photo patterns
- added: custom JavaScript

Yes, I was waiting to clear the bugs of the new version and inform you about the changes.

Please note that if you migrate to the new version, you will have to upload your images and create your galleries again. But it is very easy now, as you can upload multiple images and reorder photos and galleries by dragging.

Kind regards Ivo

Hi Ivo Thanks for the summary. If v3.2 is about to land I will hold off on updating.

Have fun.

Hi! Thanks for the update. There are still some issues om a mobile. 1) When in landscape stand, images disappear. 2) When in landscape stand, the background of the main page is very small in the middle 3) The back and forward buttons do not load 4) When clicking on an image of a gallery, it loads 50% of the times

Some images:

Hi. I will fix this issues. Thank you for reporting.

Thanks, but I cannot afford to wait another month. How can I get a refund?


This update won’t take a month. I will try to upload it as soon as possible. I am not authorized to issue any refunds.

Kind regards

Hi BW,

I just found that there are some Woocommerce functionals in the theme (3.2). Can you something tell about it?

Kind Regards, Steven


Currently the theme doesn’t support woocommerce, but this will be changed with the next updates. The woocommerce functionality are included into the framework that I am using, this is why you can find some related code.

Kind regards

Hello I am interested in buying this template, I have two questions: 1 – I would like to add a video on the homepage that starts automatically, as you wrote, but in the demo does not work 2 – the size of the logo and the menu is variable? I have a big logo Thank you


Thank you for the interest

1. Yes, in the demo the video doesn’t starts automatically, but it is embed code, so when extracting the vimeo embed code you just have to check the box “autoplay”.

2. The header is fixed and the logo will have to fit in the current header width.

Kind regards Ivo


How do i add an information tab onto a image while viewing it in a gallery?

Like this –

Also how do you scroll on a Rail styled gallery whilst viewing it on a phone ?

Thanks, =]


Please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme ( version 3.x ). The rail arrows are appearing only on mobile devices ( won’t appear on a desktop machine resizing the browser ).

Kind regards

Hi again

I have looked under the update section and its saying that all of my themes are up to date. Is there anyway you can check this by going onto my site or is that a stupid question =p

I defiantly have descriptions on the images but still no luck with the info tab. I think i might be missing something obvious. Do you have any other ideas ?

Also still no buttons to slide the rail gallery along on a mobile device.

Sorry to be a pain =D


I just had a look at you website and noticed that you are using the old version of the theme. Please download the theme again ( for free ). and upload it to your wp theme folder, than activate the new theme, without deleting the previous. Please note that you will have to upload your images and create your galleries again, but it is easier and faster now.

Kind regards


Before buying, I would like to know. How to make on “categories slider” convert images to PDF?, as here or



Thank you for the interest.

Currently this options is not available, but seems very interesting to me. I will try to add it with the next updates of the theme.

Kind regards Ivo

and when will the next update?

Thanks :)

I still don’t have an estimate date

Kind regards

Hi Ivo…

The share button seems unresponsive on mobile devices. :S

—Yashasvi Sharma

Hi Yashasvi

Why ? I just tested and works great for Android.

Kind regards Ivo


Last week I have bought your theme and my colleague who is installing it says that example with so called “dummy content” that is shown on theme preview before buying this theme is not in the download package. But that is actually that I want. Could you please tell how to install the theme in that it would looks like in live preview with all images and etc.? Like this:

Thank you in advance!

p.s. it is my second theme that I have bought from you :)


Thank you for using my themes :)

First, please check if you have the latest theme version ( version 3.x ). If yes, after activating the theme, you will be redirected to the “Theme Options” page, and there you will see a bg green buttons, that says “Import demo content”, just click it. Laso check if you have the latest WordPress version.

The importer will add galleries, menus, pages to your site, but the images are not the same, as I am not the owner of the photos. You will get dummy images.

Kind regards Ivo


Thank you Ivo very much. Some of content is already imported and working, another is awaiting for me to check it. Anyway thank you once more, everything is great!

Best regards Vladimirs

You are welcome :)

hi ! I want to upload the demo content but i don t see any bg green buttons that says “import demo content” . My wp is the last one. can you guide me a little ? thanks martin


Please check if you are using the latest version of the theme ( version 3.x ). Also please send me access to your wp admin area and I will import the demo for you. Please use the contact from in my account to email me.

Kind regards

Hey, I just noticed today that I had a sudden splurge of about 65 comments (abnormal for my blog). About 10-15 were spam, but the rest were genuine comments… but for the wrong blogs; like not even my website at all, but intended for someone else’s. Any reason, something would redirecting comments from another site to mine? Have you heard of this problem before? Thanks


Sorry, I never heard about such an issie. Do you get the comments to your email or admin dashboard?

Both technically, it showed up in both places.

Sorry I don’t know what could be the cause of this issue.

Love your theme, but I’m puzzled that you say that when upgrading (or presumably changing to this theme from another theme?), we would have to re upload all the images. I’ve never had to do that when changing themes, as the images are stored in my wordpress account. Can you explain?


Thank you for the interest to the theme.

This problem is happening only if you migrate from older version that 3.x of the theme to the new one.

Please let me know if you need any future assistance.

Kind regards Ivo

I’m seeing a lot of questions about the dots and how to remove them. I’ve enabled the “hide dots pattern” option in the Theme Options screen but still see dots on every image. going into each image individually and checking “hide dots” is the only thing that works. please advise! and thank you!


Sorry, I will fix this issue, the button doesn’t work for some reason. For now you can hide the dots for all of your pages by adding this custom css:

#pattern-full, .full-overlay {display:none;}

Kind regards Ivo

Hi, Pre-purchase questions – Can I have a grid or masonry gallery as home page? Can I use a dark theme – black background? Thanks, Kal


Thank you for the interest.

Sure, you can use some plugin to set your category as homepage. Sorry, the theme doesn’t includes a black skin.

Kind regards Ivo


It’s post maintenance question. I recently updated my WordPress and some plugins on my website and my portfolio gallery has stopped working :-/ Main menu doesn’t link to galleries

Can you help me to fix it, please?

Than you,



Please try to change the permalink format and it should work.

Kind regards Ivo

Than Ivo!

Take care :-)

Welcome :)

Theme is great however I am having trouble withe the home page. The picture displayed does not go full screen. Any ideas?


Sorry for the late answer, I was on holidays.

Could you please send me the url of the homepage to have a better look?

Kind regards

Hello, great theme!! But I have an issue with the responsive design. I can’t resize the screen on my mobile device. in the blog posts the pictures and text are always too big so they get out of screen.

On the other hand it works on your site. I don’t know how to fix this. Hope you can help. Kind regards. Dariusz


Sorry for the late answer, I was on holidays.

I think that the problem is you logo. Just try if works with smaller logo. You can also use some custom css to change the logo for mobile devices.

Hope this works


Hello BadWeather, great theme. We have purchased it and want to use it for a photographers site:

But we have found some problems: (See Screenshot: )

1) All content at the website starts UNDER the white top-banner. For example, at each blogpost the first 1-2 lines are hidden under the menu-banner. How to fix this?

2) How can we translate »You may also like« to »Lesen Sie auch:«

3) How can we change the font inside the Blog preview. Currently it is a serif like Times New Roman. But we’d like to change it to Open Sans.

4) How can we translate »Post a new Comment« zu »Jetzt kommentieren:«. And also the »Message« inside the box to »Ihr Kommentar«?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Rainer,

Sorry for the late answer, I was on holidays.

On your questions:

1. Can you please send some example url to have a better look?

2. You can use the /lang/default.po file to translate the entire theme, or open the file templates/related-articles.php and manually change the html

'<h3>' . __('You may also like', 'trend') . '</h3>'


'<h3>' . __('Lesen Sie auch', 'trend') . '</h3>'

3. You can change the fonts by going to Theme Options > Fonts. If you want to change a single element font only, you will have to use some code.

4. You can use the /lang/default.po file to translate the entire theme, or open the file comments.php and do it manually.

Kind regards Ivo

Hello Ivo,

sorry for the delay. We had some troubles with the provider. And that was obviously for some reason the cause of the problem with the wrong starting point of the pages. It works now charmingly. Thank you for your support.

Kind regards, Rainer

Hi Rainer

Glad to hear that. Please let me know if you need any future assistance.

Kind regards, Ivo