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After doing the 3.2 update, the blog section doesn’t work (I can’t even find the blog options, btw), I have to redo every single image in the gallery to display correctly, I have to create new galleries, the new documentation only mentions blog 2X and not directly relating on how to setup the blog! My entire site has been down for over two hours! I’m not getting replies back from support. I am beyond frustrated right now! Will you please take a look? Thank you.


I just replied to your email

Kind regards Ivo

Ivo did such a great job fixing up my site and answering all the questions I had. Thank you!

Thank you for the nice comments Jason :)

Hi, two short trend theme questions :

How can I adjust the text-size(s), font,... of the cover text ? How can I disable the underlining of the cover text ? -> Underlines are shown different in different browsers for example firefox shows the text in the middle with lines on top and bottom while chrome shows only on bottom a line… I would like to disable this completely…

Thx/REgards Joerg

Hi Joerg

You can change the theme fonts by going to Theme Options > Fonts and choosing some of the fonts in the drop down menus. The text size / color could be changed by custom css only. What do you mean with disabling underline text?

Kind regards Ivo

Just go to the cover Text on the startpage has a line between Text. How do I disable this ?

You can hide the lines with custom css, something like:

.border-top, .border-bottom {display:none!important;}


Your theme is really beautiful great for the pictures, but just one question please : how do you change the color of the fonts?? especially in the header (but for everywhere indeed :-p) and another one question actually : how do you change the color (yellow at the time) of the links of the galleries?

many thanks for your help!:)


Hi Iris

Thank you, glad you like it :)

You can change the color of the font by custom css only. The links are using the main theme color, that could be changed by going to Theme Options > Style > Main color.

Best regards Ivo

great, it works, thank you!! :-) have a good we!!

You are welcome :)

I love your theme guys.. We’re almost ready to launch but I just encountered some issue. When I am viewing a gallery item and I hit the next arrow, it keeps showing me the same 2 images over and over. This happens for all categories. Please help

You may see this link and hit the next arrow button and notice it loops same images.


I just noticed that you are using an old version of the theme. I would recommend you update with the latest version, as this issue was already fixed. You will also get more cool features, added after version 2.x, please check the changelog. You can install the new theme locally to see how it works.

Best regards Ivo

Thanks for your reply. The problem we saw with the version is that the logistic for adding a gallery is completely new, which means we would have to do all of data entry all over.. is there any small edit you can make to our current version to just fix the discussed issue and then later i can upgrade… thanks.


Unfortunately the navigation of the old version was completely wrong. I used another post type to make it work how it shout be.

As you can see the new version allows you to bulk upload images and re-order them by dragging, this will help you to build your portfolio faster. I am really sorry for making you do the job twice.

Best regards Ivo

is there a way to make the enlarged photo in a gallery [IMG][/IMG] link to a page by a click on it

ok, another question then. i have a plugin for slider effect (revolution slider), the problem is it doesn’t show in your page (unless i clik on the “preview” on wordpress, but if i refresh the slider disappears and all that remains is a blank page)?

errata corrige the slider shows on a random page but not if i set that page as home


You have to deactivate the ajax page loading, please go to Theme Options > Display > Disable ajax loading.

Kind regards Ivo

hi there, I have theme version 1.0. How do I update my theme to the last one and keep all my stuff and look like what I have now?


You have to do it manually for 1.0 and then you will have to upload the images and create your galleries again. You can first try the new update locally to see how it changed before updating your real website.

Best regards Ivo

Hi , how do you place the social icons in the top right hand side of the header as per you example site


This is the work of another customer that is using the same theme. I suppose that he changed the place of the social icons code manually.

This is not possible within the theme options.

Best regards Ivo

very disappointing , i only purchased this theme based on what your own details pages stated under some life examples … never purchased a theme from themeforrest that has had worse support .. and better yet , advertising and displaying works that you know full well you havnt provided documentation for.

Just upgraded to latest version. The ‘no right click’ function works great on the main images, but it does not appear to work on images in blog posts. Is this how its supposed to be? The galleries are so much easier now but the rail galleries don’t ‘swipe’ sideways on a mobile/tablet. Should they?


For the rail gallery you should see two buttons for navigation. Do you?

You can fix the blog image issue by editing the file /assets/js/main.js

then find this peace of code:

jQuery(document).on('contextmenu', '#categorizr .nav-holder, #pattern-full, #gallery, .isotope-holder a, #rail a', function(e) {

and add the element ”#journal-list .item img” at the end, so it should look like this:

jQuery(document).on('contextmenu', '#categorizr .nav-holder, #pattern-full, #gallery, .isotope-holder a, #rail a, #journal-list .item img', function(e) {

Best regards Ivo

Hi, I love this theme. Its clean and neat for displaying images.

1) I have a problem in setting up the blog. In theme options I find only two options : Default and Classic. I do not find the Gird. Please visit this link and help me set up the blog:

2) Also I do not find any facility to set up Google Map on the contact page. Can you guide me ?

3) what should be the size of the image that can fully fit the page ?



Thank you, glad you like it.

1. Currently you are using the grid blog:

2. There is no shortcode for Google Map into the theme, so I would recoomend you to install some plugin that allows you to embed Google maps

3. 1920×1080. After you have to edit the image from the media section and mark the option “Resize image”, so it will always fit the container.

Best regards Ivo


Please refer to my web link :

The title of the image “Pair of Seagull ” appears too big.

Some times longer titles get cut off. Is it possible to change font size of the title to little smaller ?


You can use custom css to add change the font size of the title

Kind regards Ivo

I just thought, one amazing feature in your next update would be to swipe between images (mobile gestures) for devices (iPad, iPhone, Android). Would make mobile browsing feel a lot swifter. Thanks

Hi Daniel

Thank you very much for the nice suggestions :) Much appreciated.

Cheers, Ivo

Hi great theme.

I have one small issue. My home page text disappears when viewed on a portrait tablet or mobile, how can i stop this from happening? See here:

Will do, I have one last niggle then i am done…. I have a SHOP STYLE GUIDE logo that sits on the top of each page for instance: About Us… the logo works fine on a PC but when viewed on a mobile it doesnt resize to the width it just cuts it off? it works on a Sony but does not on iphone or samsung….?

Once i get this sorted the site is finished.

think ive done it – cheers anyway!


Did you changed the logo? I am trying with Samsung Galaxy S4 and it looks ok:

Kind regards ivo

Hi ,

a great theme…is there a possibility to place a gallery in an usual page? e.g. with a shortcode?

cheers slotty


Thank you, glad you like it :)

You can manage the galleries with custom pages and archive pages

Kind regards Ivo

Hi Is it possible to add background music to that theme?

Hi Architektka

You can use some plugin to add it

Cheers. Ivo

Hi! firefox doesn’t show the icons of the theme, and chrome only in my computer doesn’t show the icons and the font.

can you help me please?

the url

Thank you! Antonio

Thank you!

Hi! we just updated the theme and we lost the custom code of the homepage. We tried to put your code in the new template-homepage.php file but it doesn’t work.

Thank you. AA

Hi Antonio

I see that the homepage is currently working as normal. It is redirecting to the gallery page.

Kind regards Ivo


I also have a problem with images and galleries. Please go to this address: . You will see resized pictures. When you press “reload”, pictures and galleries shown in normal size.

Please help me find out, where is the problem.



Please go to Theme Options > Display and enable the option “Disable ajax loading”.

Kind regards Ivo

THX. Witch things will be disable now, when ajax is turned off?

It will loads the page by the normal way, without the ajax call.


First thing first: Great job! Beautiful, clear and quite easy to use!!

I have a couple of question for you.

1/ Inside my Galleries, I have decided not to resize my pics. But as i realy love the “categories – sliders” option, I want to use it by stretching the cover. How do you manage separately Cover and the gallery? I’ve found an example for you : On the following website (, the pics cover is stretched but not in the gallery.

2/ I like the idea to have the pattern in order to protect my picture. Still, I have 2 question on this: a) Is it possible to apply it to the full screen display ? If not, is it possible to disable the fullscreen display option? This way, nobody will have my picture without pattern. b) Is it possible to resize the pattern in order to have it equal to the picture?

Hope my questions are clear enough and thanks in advance for your help. If you need to have a quick look at the webside to better understand my questions you will find it here:

Regards! Marwen


I see what you mean.

yes, you can manually remove the button by the code. Please open the file /templates/single-bwgalley.php

and remove this code:

<li class="icon">
    <a class="full-toggle expand <?php if(!$black_bg and $full_background !== 'full' and get_post_format() !== 'video') { echo 'black'; } ?>" href="#">
        <i class="fa fa-arrows-alt">

Kind regards Ivo

Sorry for my lat feedback I was out for few days.

Thanks for your answer. Shall I open it in FileZilla? Because I don’t find it in the wp-admin.



Hi Marwen

Yes, please use FileZilla

Kind regards Ivo


I have problem with Contact Form Plugin. When I want to edit contact form, theres no save/apply button. Its hidden!



I don’t know what could be the cause of this problem. Please try to re-install the plugin or try a new wp intallation.

Kind regards. Ivo

Hello there, I want to purchase this theme, is theme include “demo content” ?

Thank you


Thank you for the interest.

Yes, after activating the theme you will see a demo import button. Just click it and the demo content will be installed.

Please let me know if you have any future questions.


Hi, I’m having an issue with the Blog page on my website ( The page is not resizing for mobile so all of the posts look incredibly huge. Please advise. Thanks for the help.


Please add this custom css: Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1330px) {
#journal-classic, #journal-classic ul, #journal-classic img {width:100%;}

It should fix this problem.

Kind regards Ivo