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Great Theme!

What means High Resolution -> Yes ?

Thanks dan

It is just about quality of images.

Hi, Why demo is not working on IE ? I want to check demo with IE. There is only white blank page except FF, chrome.

Thanks for the intimation, now it is working.

Hello, I really like this theme.

1) how does support work on this theme?

2) I saw some of your magneto themes. Are some of those convertible to Prestashop?

You can mail me via my profile, we are working on it.

Hello, another question. Is it possible to incorporate a blog with the same look and feel as this site?

Hello, I have just purchased this theme and I am setting up my website, and I have a couple of problems. I want to solve them before putting actual content on the site.

First, my quick shopping cart on the home page is always visible and doesn’t minimize.

Second, when configuring the wdimageslider or any WD plugin I get an error message: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module Tools: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/53/10274053/html/modules/wdimageslider/wdimageslider.php:393)

Can you please help me solve these issues!

Here the link to my site:

Image of all WD module errors: Shot 2013-01-05 at 6.52.06 PM.png

Thanks in advance

It is looks like you did not upload modules folder, please send me mail via profile so that i can fix it.

There are only 3 colors available currently. Is there any way to get more?

Yes, please send me all your questions via mail.

I like your theme for prestashop, good luck with the sale, I was wondering whether it can be added as accessories here in this Shop. Https:// html   Otherwise would have sold something like this has a shop. thanks all the best to you. fed77

Get your email answered. Please use that mail for any communication…


I have some issues with the theme :

1 – in product page, related product doesn t working >

2 – In home page, Image Product SLider doesnt work.

thanks for your help

Please send me mail via my profile so that i can check it.

Hello, how can i check with my iphone if responsive is really working? Tk u very much!

You can browse the themeforest on your phone then remove the themeforest frame on demo.

Hello, Does this template is compatible Prestashop 1.4.3 ? Thanks.

$_LANG[‘footer_96c334af71c29fc16ee89396ff06c9a1’] = ‘Últimos tweets’; <- this is “latest Tweets” but doesn’t work, I can’t translate this and “About as”. There are many parts that I can’t translate. WD userinfo… etc.


I ok!, thanks!. Sorry, maybe I don’t have a good english. I’ll try it!

I bought your theme just few days ago, 3 or 5, not more. Is there any newest version.

Sorry, I answer to myself: Yes, it is.

Hello, I want to buy this template. I read that this template has 4 colums but the demo shows just 2 colums. Please could you confirm me that this template has 4 colums? The template is compatible Prestashop Thanks.

Oh sorry, yes it has two column, compatible Prestashop

I thought this is a responsive theme. But it does not seem to be. I uploaded the them at my site at, but the site does not change when viewed by smart phone.

Can you check?

I have test your site on phone and tablet and it is working fine

Hi I would like to check if your template has the following features before buying:

Add-to-cart- option in Featured Products carousel? guest buyer option? one page check-out? full width option for homepage?

Thanks in advance!!

Yes, we can add “add to cart” on carousel, guest/onepage checkout can be enable from admin. But what you want to do with homepage?, you can mail me for any question via my profile,

Hi, I just consider interesting and add-to-cart button in homepage carousel to make less clicks for a sale… that’s all Thanks

I bought the theme and installed it. The site looks good. Now, when I first tested it using my smartphone and tablet (both Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet), a strange thing occurred. When I open my url, the first page I got from tablet was a page with no image, with a text box named “Your Logo” here. Bottom of it, blank section, and then at the bottom, I see some text menus like terms and conditions. But no main page slider or image or product listings are shown. I finally noticed that there was a text link menu named “view full site”. When I clicked, the Trendy theme page showed up! I repeated my test using my smartphone and the same thing happened. I noticed that url changes when I click view full site, something like “with no mobile module”. So looks like the site shows blank page with no image when first time you open the url from mobile device and then when you chose to view full site, then you see the regular page, with no mobile module working…...Why do I see this? Is this the way this theme is designed? My customer will just go out of the site if they see a blank page for the first time you open the site. But, once you view the full site, from then on, you can view the main page even if you come back later and open the page….

I dont know what you are trying to say, i have tested your given url on my phone and tablet and its working fine, there is no issue. If you need any help you can send me mail via my profile,

Hi, I’m not very good with CSS and found the documentation rather insufficient for my customization. Can you please help? :)

1. How to adjust the size of my logo to make it bigger? 2. How to remove the diff languages at the top corner 3. How to make my image slider on mainpage full screen? 4. How do i add NEW ribbon label on the top left hand corner of product? Can I choose to have it only when I want it? Can I add other labels in different colours (like BACKORDER, FAVOURITE etc.)?

Pls help! Many thanks!

Please send me mail via my profile for quick answer.

Done! :D

I did all my shipping and carriers right but get nothing but FREE SHIPPING, am I doing something wrong? Can you also help with altering product-box size in category and in product details? Would like it portrait (much bigger) instead of square which make my image tiny! Emailed you! Please get back to me soon!


I love the theme :) Kudos to that. But i’ve checked and responsive design does not work. I checked it from both my tablet as well as my phone and it does not show a responsive design like it does for the Magento version you have created.

Just saw mcho1004 message and it’s the same.

Any feedback on that?

Apart from that, love you work.


Get your email answered.

Hello Webdziner, Pls help me? Appreciate it!

Please send me mail via my profile for quick answer.

When you add some products to wishlist and then you get url link to send somebody, this url don´t show products, why?

I am not getting your point, please send me mail with more details,

Done, I have send you an email in this moment. Confirm it please

Hi Webdziner,

How to change the text:


I can not find it. Thanks in advance for your help.