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Hi ! Great theme – congratulations. 1) i would like to sell personnalized items, so i would like to know if it’s possible to add a text field and to offer the possibility for the customer to upload a picture (like in this site : 2) is it possible to work with affiliate referrers ? does the site will recognize that a sell is due to a partner ? Thank you in advance. Cedric

As i can see you need some custom changes, like picture up-loader, affiliate etc.

Well, i purchased this theme and paid 60$ but configuration is hard. I can’follow no step described by the guide…

Get your mail answered, use that for communication…

Can someone help me please?

Ok… I answered your mail and asked you a few questions. And once again excuse my english, which is quite approximative, i’m french…

No problem, please reply on mail and we will try to solve your problem asap.



I work with a lot of different template and with developers as selling their template on ThemeForest with a helpdesk.

I am interested in your plugin but the template support is very very important for me (quite normal in the life of a template like this one)

Let me know how you work about bugs, like when I tell you about some minor or major problems ( response time and corrections)

The support is very important to me and I had some bad experience in the past ….. expecially about this sort of plateform (prestashop)

I would not buy a template too young and full of bug blockers ….


After purchase we will provide support for theme via mail only, most of the time we take 24 hour for response. We are trying our best for support because we know its important.

Hi ,

I seen than you have no documentation of installation for your plugin ??

Thx you for your answer

Regards ,

Have you purchased theme? where you have seen doc? If you need help you can ask for support after purchase.

Hi, what a nice template :) Unfortunately, I had difficulty in the installation. In Installation Instructions, #7 . Browse the “”(web-theme\trendy-prestashop)... but in your zipped file, the root folder is not the same as the instructions. Prestashop always said “Bad configuration file” when I install any zipped folder in the file.

I have replied you on mail… which you sent me from themeforest

I’ve tried manual installation, but still failed. There’s no “trendy” theme on preference>theme :(

I have replied you on mail… which you sent me from themeforest…

Ok, done. Check please.

Hi, is it possible to have a template like this , changing only the template structure Trendy Responsive Prestashop Theme for Prestashop 1.5.x

thank u very much

Its completely different design, need to modify almost everything. You should use new design, i think.

yes please, i need a new design, you can create a new design? this is my email, sorry, my english is not very good

hi dear, you can create a new design for us? thanks

Hi, i have installed the theme successfully in prestashop and activated the mobile theme also for smartphone and tablet, but instead of “trendy” mobile theme, appear the “default” mobile theme.. I have look in trendy theme folders but i don’t see the “mobile” folder.

The site is

Hope in your reply. Marco

Please send me your site details via mail so that i can check it,

Hello. I installed your theme in prestashop 1. – When I select “Catalogue of Modules and Themes” appears in the following error: (!) Fatal error: Call to undefined method productsheet :: getNewProducts () in / space / www / / data / htdocs / iframe / search.php on line 14 Call Stack

Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0000 643200 {main} () .. / search.php: 0

2. – In Preferences> images were created all these elements, duplications exist. What should I delete?.

small_default 45 px 45 px medium_default 58 px 58 px 264 px 264 px large_default thickbox_default 600 px 600 px category_default 500 px 150 px 124 px 124 px home_default 520 px 189 px scene_default m_scene_default 161 px 58 px small 45 px 45 px medium 58 px 58 px 264 px 264 px large thickbox 600 px 600 px category 500 px 150 px 188 px 188 px home 520 px 189 px large_scene thumb_scene

Thank you very much.

Please send me mail through your purchased ID so that we can help you,

Hello. I installed your theme in prestashop 1.5.2, but in Mobile Version has a default theme. I don’t finda the folder “mobile” in Trendy Theme. My website is:

Please disable default mobile view from admin > Preferences > Themes if you have any problem please mail me via my profile,

Can you please tell me if it will look good on site and how to use this new template there?

I think this is not a right question how it will look on your site. This is completely new theme for prestashop 1.5, if you are using the same e-commerce software then you can use this template, otherwise you have to setup from scratch. You can contact me via my profile, for any query.

Hi, I use this template and it is awasome !!! I have a quick question about WD-USER. In French, it is still in english display (Welcome to our online store !)... I cannot find where to put it in french although it seems to be translated in languages of the component… Please help me !!!! Thanks

I found my replay in the translation / modules menu, thanks.

“I found my replay in the translation / modules menu, thanks.” ???

Et ben moi je ne trouve toujours pas et ça commence à me saouler…

We are already communicating on mail, just reply on that mail for anything.

I sent you a message.

I have not got any mail, the last reply from my side 13 days ago & after that you did not send any reply. Just check your inbox.

I purchased the theme and installed here There where a few bugs that I worked with, mostly minor stuff. At this point there is a problem in the newsletter module, the client cannot subscribe. I couldn’t figure out how to fix this can you help me?

sorry this is the account I purchosed the theme with.

Hello, I really like this template but before I buy it have a question. On the template there are only few categories and subcategories, like: Hugo Boss- handbags/wallets and clutches. On the other categories there are no subcategories at all. So my question is: is it possible to add more categories on the template, subcategories and subsubcategories etc….and if yes how far down in subcategories can you go? thanx

This is for demo only you can add categories and subcategories as you want. You can contact me via my profile for anything,

Hi, I found an issue, when you add a pack product in the front office don´t show the content of the pack, Can you help me?

Get your mail answered, use that for communication…

Hi? we bought this theme, but we have problems config, could you please send me a user guide or manual ? thank you!

Theme configuration doc included with package, let me know what is the issue, please mail me via my profile,

Hello… I have send you a couple of messages just some minutes ago. The issue with the product slider is now solved, but the one with the pagination is not…

The links in the pagination like the following:

If you see, the ‘index.php’ part of the link is united to the ‘id_category’ part, and this results on sending to the home page.

Maybe is not part of the programation of the pagination but some configuration in the back office.

I have searched in Google and I haven’t found anything like that in any forum.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you very much…

Get your mail answered, use that for communication…