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Hi, Could you tell me where can I translate to spanish the top menu and literals please?:

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my web:

Please send me mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it.

Hello, so far the “Latest Tweets” footer worked perfectly, but now now. You know that has stopped working? Thank you very much for your help.

Please send me mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it.


I bought your template but I’m having some problems: 1 – The twitter does not work, put the link but nothing appears homepage 2 – when I add an item to the cart (in firefox) makes the movement but not updated cart with the items 3 – when I try to translate strings always gives error, I have spoken to my provider and gave all the permissions, but still does not work


1. Twitter discontinue the AIP so thats why its not working, we are working on new API. 2. It can be a permission problem, Please send me mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it.

Is it possible to have the manufacturer logo showing against their line when viewing their product range or for when you are in a product to have the logo also show there?

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme however would like to know if it would be possible to remove the “About Us” Texts, then relocate the “Latest Tweets”, and Facebook box to the footer instead of where they are at currently? I know it can be done but asking if you could take care of that after I purchase it??

ok, you can ask about it after purchase, just send me mail via my themeforest profile,

Hello Neither do we me Twitter works, and you have solved the API? We’ve sent an email and we ye answered.

Yes, because of twitter API. your mail answered.

Hello I also have stopped working statistics, anyone can help?

Oups with translation is better :

Twitter is still not functional, what do you suggest?

Regards ?

Please send me mail via my themeforest profile with your site details so that i can check it.

Hi, I have a prestahop multi shop with two shop. I bought this item for the 2nd shop.

When I install Trendy themes in the second shop WD Trendy Theme settings module does not save any changes. I can not even change the store logo…

I reinstalled the theme 3 times … I’m desperate … I sent an eamil. Please give me support!

Got you mail, please communicate on that mail.

Thank you.

Great support!!

Hi, You had the same theme available for Opencart, but it has been removed. We just purchased the Opencart version, could you let us know why it has been removed?

Is there are problem with the theme? Should we continue to use it?


We are working on some updates and It will be here soon.

hi please to set up and fit well the .shop-info { css on yellow_styles in web browser as fire fox or newst explorar , could you please give me some correct code? if you got it of course

thank you

Please share it via mail so that i can understand & help you,

Hi, how can i update my theme with no bug please ? I have the old version of this theme.

Tell me the process for updating

Please send me mail via my profile with your site details,

Hello i´m trying to write some words on “theme info” into the wd trendy theme setting . but it doesnt keep the information that i wrote . dont know where is the problem but could you tell me please which table is related to this modul on the ddbb ? i will change it manually

thank you

Got your mail.

Demo doesn´t runs :)

Sorry for the inconvenience, working on it, will be back soon.

I still see the error: The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

Yes, lost the db, so we need time to fix it.

hello, do you have any URL to see the theme working? because the live preview doesnt work.

It´s compatible with PS 1.5.5? Thanks!

Yes, If you have any question you can ask via mail,


I’ve sent you a mail about that. How can I specify the flexslider images size. I want to use width : 1016 px and height : 41 px size but can’t manage to do it.

Thank you for the support and great theme.

Got your mail.

Hi, I need that you explain how to made any changes in the template that i bought. I send you some mails but you don´t response. Need you support. Thanks

Sorry for the delay your mail going in spam folder.

Hello, I am having some problems on configuring superfish menu block. Every times appear the same links and it doesn’t matters if I try to use any other option from left panel in the superfish configuration page. I am using prestashop Is there any problem with theme or Prestashop version? Regards.

Please send me mail via profile so that i can check it,

hi can I add a youtube video in the slider? thanks!

No, for now this is not support video.