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Congratulations! Excellent template :-)

thank you my friend :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

thank you my friend ;)

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

thank you very much :)

kick butt template. on the iphone the colored button from the home screen comes through the about section

Hello. This depends on the amount of text you. You can choose a shorter text. Buttons will be in a better position.

Awesome work! Best of sales to you :)

Thank you. You have attractive designs. Good luck.

This is dope!

:) thanks

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you my friend :) you works are amazing too ;) thank you

Very nice, but same remark as above. Will purchase if about section will be fixed on mobile/iphone and home screen isn’t visible anymore when scrolling/viewing the about section (and not depending on how much text there is on home).

is it possible to send me your website address.

thank you

Haven’t purchased it yet, because of the malfunction. The screenshot is from your own pages here on themeforest:

Try it with an iphone and you’ll see it…

Any way we can manipulate the particles in the star.js file? Or is there a way to attach a json file?


we add this particles in new version. but this code different between this code with my code.

best regards

Awesome plugin man! Great job!

thank you my friend :)

Hi. Can the parallax effect be turned off? I will purchase if so.

How hard is it to change the preloader? Thanks for your time and the template.

can i block the movement of the template when i move mouse over in world template?

Hi Medhati, i don’t believe your template is now working on iphone devices for some reason it does not open the tabs when you click buttons

we have not do any update on the template since publishing, and it was working fine by then!! your support please

new version with big features will be release in 20 august. please be patient.

thank you

Dear Support,

We would expect a faster response replying to opened tickets, and much more commitment to solve the issue rather than waiting for one more extra month.

I highly request your immediate resolution and reply on your own help t ticketing system


1. May i know the price is it include all the templates? 2. About the magnet templates, the polygon is not good in my Iphone devices, the polygon all mixed together is that possible to adjust? 3. All the image background I can easily replace myself ? 4. For the cloud effects, can I easily replace the cloud with others cloud ?

hi, 1. all template included. 2. in new version will be resolve this issue. 3. all image very easy with your custom template 4. yes you can change your custom cloud with cloud image format .png

best regards


wolveric Purchased

Hi I just bought your template, just wanna ask you how to adjust the animation of the cloud ? because the cloud now are too much for my website.