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Looks nice. Any plans to support hi-res/”retina” graphics? Viewing the demo in my iPhone 4, graphics look a bit fuzzy/pixelated.

Hey there dantehicks! Using high res graphics will no longer make it a mobile site. This site is optimized to be as fast loading and as low bandwidth dependent as possible. You can incorporate high resolution graphics, but I suggest you use vectors! Perfect PNG ’s are much better and they keep the site size low and the loading speed high! :)

awesome work! very nice :)

Thank you for your kind words louiejie

Does theTricky Mobile gallery work with videos as well as pictures such as YouTube, Vimeo and the like?

He there sapere_aude, the gallery works only with pictures. But you can add videos by simply embedding them using the default embed code! :)

Hi, before I purchase, I read in your other theme Esepina that you can give after purchase a script so my normal page redirect to mobile when detected, this apply for this theme too? and the custom Icon that is for the bookmark in the iphone is possible to change it.

Hey there zelgiron. It does apply to all my templates! The custom icon is a 114×114px image that can be changed using your default image editor! So yes, you may change it however you please! :)

I am interested in this theme as well as the moblie redirect script. Does you script have a link to allow a user to view full site if desired?


Hey there idpweb. The script detects mobile browsers and automatically redirects them to the mobile page. :)

Hi again, just forgot to mention, do you include the PSD ?

zelgiron, the sidebar to the right side of the screen will tell you what the item contains. Yes, the PSD is included! :)

ok, great, thanks you!

Hi, I just purchased, I send you a message in your profile for the moblie redirect script, thanks you.

Hey there CompuSocial! Thank you for your purchase! I will get back to you in 24 hours tops! I’m not at home at the moment!

Hello, just purchased as well.

I was wondering if it was possible to have the menu always showing and no menu button?

Hey there hey_suburbia! Yes there is! Please edit style.css and locate navigation{display:none; .... } . It should be on line 139 of style.css.

After you’ve located it, delete the “display:none;” line completely. Once this is done the menu will always show. After doing so, in the HTML file, locate and remove the line that has the menu icon ( it’s class is nav-deploy ), by default it’s on line 75. Delete that line as well, and the menu will always be shown and the menu button will disappear! :)

Please let me know if the solution helped you out! Also, don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

Thanks, that worked. However, after clicking on any menu item the menu goes away…

Ooops! I forgot a small detail! Go to custom.js and remove every line that says


Remove them from the #home, #about, #blog, #portfolio and #contact-box sections of code! Not from the .nav-deploy or you will have a jQuery error. Once that is done it will always stay there!

Please let me know if it helped, and don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

Hi again, I open the psd you include, but I don’t have the Font, can you give me the name of the font’s used so I can edit it, thanks you so much! :)

I used Open Sans from Google fonts. But you can download it by clicking it’s name above! :) Hope I’ve helped, and please don’t forget to rate 5 stars!

Hi, any possibility to make this template viewable also on iPad? Or do you have alternative multiplatform mobile themes available on themeforest? Greetings

Thanks for your purchase schwammal! This is a mobile phone template. It’s not made to work on the iPad, although the layout is fluid, I’ve only tested it up to 640px in width. You need to edit the CSS to enable the full width of the page! If your require my assistance i can help you for a freelance fee! :)

Hi again, just to remember I’m waiting for the moblie redirect script, thanks you! :)

I’ve replied to all my messages right now! Please let me know if you got it! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars!

Thanks you I just received the mail, work great, you got 5 Stars!!

Hey, just bought… want to work on the design offline.

i tried commenting out the loadimage() script in the header but then the loader just keeps trying to load forever…

how can i force the site to work on my browser?

Ooops! My bad, please remove from the style.css the following

@media screen and (min-width: 900px){

Then add the body thing. If you are still having issues with it, please, do e-mail me and I will help you more via mail! :)

works! thanks a lot mate :)

Glad to hear so! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars!

Hello, First of all its really nice and I am quite interested in buying you themes but I am not sure on how to enable them on wordpress? will it be possible to get the details on how it can be WP enabled?

hi.. it is a very tricky :P a joke.. nice theme.. does it support lazy loading images? thank you anyway