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The more I am using this theme, the more I am blown away by its flexibility. I am coming from using a highly customized template, so it has taken a little getting used to the structure behind this one, but it is, I think on day 2, going to do everything that I am looking for. Great job!

Thank you for the encouragement! :)

Sorry to be asking for support here but I have made a couple of requests through the contact page at the support forum and got no response.

I have registered and do sign in but still cannot seem to start a thread.

My question is how to use multiple instances of the trine widget gallery in a single sidebar and not have the images bleed together into one big lightshow.

thank you.


I didn’t understand what you meant. Do you mean that they are displayed in a seamless lightbox gallery?

Could you provide url.


i cannot provided a link as this is not a live site.

in sidebar widget, i have two separate image galleries with the trine gallery widget. when thumbnail in the first gallery is selected and the lightbox opens, the numbering indicates that the slide is, say, 7 of 26 slides. in fact there are only 21 images in that gallery and 5 in the second gallery. it also counting the images in the second gallery in the side bar in that total of 26. thank you.


edit /widgets/sidebar-gallery.php

Find all instances of


And replace them with following

rel="prettyPhoto[<?php echo $args['widget_id']; ?>]" 


it seems that you can’t select the dark skin in the demo. the drop down doesn’t do anything (im using firefox).

It’s likely machine specific due to settings. You should check it out from another machine.


machine specific? i do a lot of web development myself, and I’ve never heard blaming web code on being machine specific. thanks anyways, i decided on another theme.


Currently the demo tab stores demo panel inputs in Sessions. ( this isn’t used in actual theme ). This is how it’s passed from page to page. Sessions are only used in the Demo, not in actual theme where demo panel is not present. Actual theme uses theme options data from database. If those Sessions data from demo aren’t retrieved properly by the browser then it won’t work. This is a likely scenario since the browser determines when to use it even though it’s passed from server.

I haven’t had any complains on this from anyone and it works on actual server and development server.

Direct demo url:


Theme currently breaks under 3.6, but the author has posted a quick fix in the support forum.

Hi, I’ve issued an update which should be active with the fix provided in support forum updated to the original theme files.

Email notifications will be sent to those who’ve marked item in downloads section for email notification. The update should be active within 24hrs.


Thanks for the update! Just got the email!

nice template!

Hello! Since I have not purchased this product yet, I was not able to post to the forums. I am interested in the Trine theme, but I wanted to confirm whether it is supported in Wordpress 3.8, and whether IE10 and IE11 are supported since this is not indicated at


Is there any ways in the portfolio section with video to have larger frame size? Im using link from my vimeo but i would like the frame bigger than what the template propose. Is it possible to have the same frame size as vimeo? Thx

You said that 2 years ago :

imaginem AUTHOR 2 years ago Flag Hi,

Edit js/common.js

Add the following just after line 68

default_width: 500, default_height: 344, With and height values can be set to your preference.


But it’S not working for me?! i put value of 960×540, and the frame size are stil the same!


Are you refering to lightbox size? Please reply to support forum on this.


Is the Trine theme supported in Wordpress 3.9? I am interested in purchasing Trine, but the product page at only shows support up to v3.6, and I cannot access the support forums to ask/check otherwise since I have not purchased this product yet (and it appears you need a purchase code to access the forums).

If I should contact someone else about this question, please let me know.

Thank you.


WP 3.9 comes with a new version of TinyMCE , i’ll be issuing an update to correct this within the week.


Thank you for the prompt reply!

Also, does the Trine Wordpress theme currently support IE 10 and IE 11? The product page at indicates that it only supports up to IE9 and so I wanted to confirm this.


When will this update be released? My shortcode editor does not work in 3.9. Thanks.

[Sorry to post a support question here, but since I was not the original owner who purchased the theme I do not have a purchase code and cannot register on your forum]

We’re experiencing an issue where backslashes are being inserted into some of the links on the site, specifically in the footer copyright text, and then everywhere where we’re using the NextGen gallery. See example here in the orange footer link: Or here in gallery:

This is causing our NextGen gallery not to work because the backslashes interfere with the class name and code on the link. Please advise. Thank you!


This should be something from your server configuration. Could you contact your webhost and request to switch off magic_quotes extension. The extension is no longer supported in PHP.

Great if you can contact the person who purchased theme to get the purchase code.


Hello! Is Trine supported in IE10 and IE11, along with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox? I was interested in purchasing Trine, but I wanted to confirm that it is compatible since the Item Details does not indicate this.

And thanks for confirming that this is compatible with Wordpress 4.


Hi, No issues with IE10 and 11 or other modern browsers. I’ve just made an update to theme and checked on WP 4.0 as well. You should see compatibility box with more listings now.


Much appreciated! I’ll proceed to purchase it. Thanks!

Are you still supporting this theme?

Hi, Yes.

Are there any issues. Please create a support ticket and we can check for you.