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Hi! If I add more than 6 pages at page “shop-with-sidebar.html” in pagination block, It becomes disgusting looking on iOS (I’ve tested on iPhone 5). Can you fix it?

Hi, it was designed to use it this way

Oh, I see. Thank you!

Hello! In a single product page , when we have only one product image <!—Slider ==================================================—> \\ “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘add’ of undefined” in custom.js file in // Magnific Popup ... console.log(‘inside’); this.contentContainer.append(this.arrowLeft.add(this.arrowRight)); ...

popup image doesn't work. In console log there is an error

Sorry! The solution is in documentation. If one image in product page i should use class=”mfp-image” instead of class=”mfp-gallery”. Now everything works fine!

Hi, I’m glad you solved that.

Hello, whenever I try to manipulate the style.css all my pages are affected by not showing arrows in slideshows. Ive looked for many hours in the HTML and CSS and can not find out why that happens.

You need to set UTF-8 unicode in your text editor (try notepad++) before editing any css file.

Hi, Really interested in this them, just a couple of questions; 1) Are the items for sale in the shop held in a database? 2) Is there a limit to the number of items the shop will manage and still be responsive, i.e. 2500? Is the licence fee a one off or annual?

Many thanks for your time and an excellent looking template. Cheers, Ian

Hi, HTML version does not hold any items in database and you might be interested in our WordPress version of Trizzy:


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On the showbiz carousel, I’m using it on twelve columns instead of sixteen. Is there a way to only show 3 products instead of 4?

Remove “cover” image from HTML markup and put somewhere this code:

.products figure:hover .mediaholder img { transform: none !important; }

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Thanks, worked perfectly. Thanks for the quick response

you’re welcome :)


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On the dynamic grid, is there a way to make that work on 12 columns instead of sixteen, showing 3 across instead of 4.

Yes, you can change width of columns there: .og-grid > li { width: 380px; }


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Is there a way to show half stars with the ratings?

Unfortunately not, I tried to do that but with no luck.

This might interest you


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On the dynamic portfolio grid Is it possible to get the functionality of the 4 column portfolio page where the categories disappear as opposed to just get grayed out and the one you click is highlighted. I would like them to disappear like on the 4 column portfolio page.


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yes that worked, thanks a lot


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is there a way to move the mobile menu to the top right, like this:

<a href="#menu" class="menu-trigger"><i class="fa fa-bars" /> Menu</a>

menu-trigger div is responsible for opening/closing so you can move it anywhere


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The theme auto detect retina screens and uses broken retina url link for images.

The image url also has domain instead of our domain. Please check –

Please tell me know how to resolve it.

You can try to remove this code in custom.js

var pixelRatio = !!window.devicePixelRatio ? window.devicePixelRatio : 1;
$(window).on("load", function() {
    if (pixelRatio > 1) {
        $('#logo img').each(function() {
            $(this).attr('src', $(this).attr('src').replace(".","@2x."));

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@Vasterad: It works now. thanks. Can you edit the comments and remove the url?

I can only hide your whole comment.


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I’m trying to make a few input text fields more mobile friendly by making them input type=”tel” and input type=”search”, but when I use those it breaks the styling and they look totally different. What needs to be changed in the css to make this work?

Hi, open base.css, find ”#Forms” section and add “phone” and “search” input type to the list:

    select {
        padding: 10px 12px;
        outline: none;
        font-size: 13px;
        color: #999;
        margin: 0;
        max-width: 100%;
        display: block;
        background: #f5f5f5;
        border: 1px solid #f5f5f5;
        font-weight: 600;

Hi, Thanks so much for this wonderful theme.. Kindly assist me on how to change the currency symbol at the filter by price


Hi, contact me on info[at]

Scrolling on mobile devices does not work properly. On Android Galaxy S5 you cannot scroll on product preview objects. For instance, on the homepage on the “New Arrivals” section. When you try to scroll while hovering over one of these items, it will not scroll. Most likely has to do with the jquery hover action – I would suggest updating this to CSS animation maybe?

Scrolling on mobile devices does not work properly. On Android Galaxy S5 you cannot scroll on product preview objects. For instance, on the homepage on the “New Arrivals” section. When you try to scroll while hovering over one of these items, it will not scroll. Most likely has to do with the jquery hover action – I would suggest updating this to CSS animation maybe?

Hi, there’s no jQuery hover action, pure CSS only. I couldn’t reproduce it on my S6, what browser do you use?

Chrome, screenshot of all relevant versions here

The Parallax image on the “35% off Summer Sale” section on the homepage does not fill the entire area on mobile (Android). There is gray to the top and bottom of this area.

Replace share buttons script in custom.js with this:

Regarding to a bug on mobile phones that you spotted – I can’t figure it out because I simply can’t reproduce it on my smartphone. Maybe disabling hover animation on products will helps? You can give a try.

Will try on other devices and will attempt to fix myself. Will report back with solution.

Ok, thanks!

Small glitch I noticed, the (2) next to Wishlist in topbar navigation to the right does not animate at the same speed as the “Wishlist” word next to it.

Good catch, thanks. ;)

Could you post a fiddle with the new CSS and tell me where to replace or which file(s) to re-download to reflect these changes? Thanks!


#additional-menu ul li a span { transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out }

Hi there,

Firstly, great template, thank you.

Just a question though. When loading the page, my showbiz slider slides down when the page loads. Where can I disable this so that the slider just shows? I can’t find it anywhere!

Thank you!

It is rather normal behaviour because during page loading showbiz script is not loaded itself so all items are without proper styling. I’m not sure if I can do something with it. To be honest I didn’t notice that on demo preview. :P

It’s not an issue, just a feature that I don’t really want. I assume it’s in the showbiz JS file then?

Yes, showbiz js file + init script in custom.js (you’ll easily find it).

Perhaps you could include documentation for the Add Review modal dialog that pops up so that implementations might use that object for other uses, rather than bringing in a 3rd party modal plugin. Thanks!

It can be already used for other objects – lightbox section:

Some docs:

and in Trizzy’s docs there is also “Magnific Popup” section which refers to the mgnific popup plugin. ;)

Yes, I meant mainly to change #small-dialog to .zoom-anim-dialog in style.css so that this particular style of modal can be reused for different tasks. :)


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On the Add Review modal, could you please add to the code to make the stars clickable and have the value put into a hidden input field? When I click 4 stars, the 4 stars do not stay lit up like they should. If the stars stayed lit when clicked and the value was stored in an input field, it would make submission of reviews plug-and-play ready and would be a huge help to me to not have to sift through code I’m not entirely familiar with. Let me know :)