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Hi! If I add more than 6 pages at page “shop-with-sidebar.html” in pagination block, It becomes disgusting looking on iOS (I’ve tested on iPhone 5). Can you fix it?

Hi, it was designed to use it this way

Oh, I see. Thank you!

Hello! In a single product page , when we have only one product image <!—Slider ==================================================—> \\ “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘add’ of undefined” in custom.js file in // Magnific Popup ... console.log(‘inside’); this.contentContainer.append(this.arrowLeft.add(this.arrowRight)); ...

popup image doesn't work. In console log there is an error

Sorry! The solution is in documentation. If one image in product page i should use class=”mfp-image” instead of class=”mfp-gallery”. Now everything works fine!

Hi, I’m glad you solved that.

Hello, whenever I try to manipulate the style.css all my pages are affected by not showing arrows in slideshows. Ive looked for many hours in the HTML and CSS and can not find out why that happens.

You need to set UTF-8 unicode in your text editor (try notepad++) before editing any css file.

Hi, Really interested in this them, just a couple of questions; 1) Are the items for sale in the shop held in a database? 2) Is there a limit to the number of items the shop will manage and still be responsive, i.e. 2500? Is the licence fee a one off or annual?

Many thanks for your time and an excellent looking template. Cheers, Ian

Hi, HTML version does not hold any items in database and you might be interested in our WordPress version of Trizzy: