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I just bought this template (Trizzy) and I uploaded it to my domain. But if i open it and click on Wishlist and want to delete something in the Wishlist, it doesn;t go away…. The same problem for the shoppingcar..

Greetings Robert S. (The site: )

Hi, it doesn’t work because it’s HTML template and you need to implement some scripts to get it working. ;)

So I bought the wrong template? or do i need other things to implement so it will work?

Would you be willing to setup a order receipt template for web and email?

Hi, that’s good idea and I’ll add it to my to do list but can’t give any ETA.


I purchased your theme yesterday or the day before, unfortunately it does not fits my needs, the scripts are sometimes unresponsive (screen does not adapt easily) and the graphic rendering is not the one I was expecting, as a consequence, I am going to use another design for my site and I wanted to know if it was possible to get a refund.



Hi, you can request refund there

Could you send me an e-mail on info(at) and clarify what exactly doesn’t work as it should?


angelim Purchased

Hi, I’m interested in buying this template, but I’d like to know if it contains inner pages not featured in the demo like: - account page - purchase confirmation page(invoice) - order history - general template for terms/privacy

Also I’d like to know if it is possible to use three columns in the shop-full-width page.

Thank you

Hi, unfotunately trizzy does not feature that subpages. There’s no problem with using 3 columns.


antlab Purchased

Any chance I can get the PSD files for this?

Yes, but I’ve only PSD for homepage, shop and product page. Contact me on info[at]

I purchased this template but now I see that it does not contain an ‘Order History’ page or an ‘Account Details’ page! Will you be adding this anytime soon?

Hi, I have this on my “to do” list but I am now focused on another project so it might take a while to update Trizzy. :)

Hello, sorry my english bad :( pre sale questions: Ur mega menu (features -> JEANS and SUNGLASESS) not see mobile. Screen: Fix it ?

that’s not a bug. it’s a feature. :) Should be easy to display it on mobile though. It’s just hidden.


I have just bought the theme. Now I want to run the pages under Secure websapce using ssl.

Somehow, lots of functionality like side menu and popouts does not work.

Any Idea? thanks in adavnce

Definitely issue with source links. Try to add https prefixes before each script source link.

thanks for your fast answer.

I already found it. Its the js eference to

<!—Java Script ==================================================—> <script src=””></script> <script src=””></script>

I already changed it. works now.


Good. :)


How can I set menu widht ? İn main menu there is a small margin left and right side. I need a menu no margin.

Thank you

You need to remove “container” class before menu and add “clearfix” after menu

<div class="clearfix"> </div>

Hi, I have some questions before buying:

a) do you have any guide on how to integrate your template into a Ruby on Rails app?

b) is your template compatible with DataTables (

c) are there any improvements you are planning to add in the near-short term?

d) is there any available online documentation that I could check in order to know CSS/javascript assets you have? This directly affects how easy to implement into Rails app will be.

Thanks and regards.


Hi, a) it only depends on developer skills, I can’t see anything difficult

b) as above, integration shouldn’t be a problem

c) yes

d) send me an email on info(at), I’ll provide you docs. In docs you mainly got how to use grid, some scripts etc.


Done, send me the doc whenever possible!

I just replied on your email


lmoakm Purchased

1.I would like to purchase your product,as per my understanding if i use this template for one client which will not be charged right ? 2. if i buy for 19$ it will include all the templates you shown in preview ? 3.For 19$ it is for life time i can use for single client? 4.please confirm other comments so that i can proceed for payment


lmoakm Purchased

i created but still not working only one is working

You also need to set different ids for navigation in each carousel

<div id="showbiz_left_1" class="sb-navigation-left"><i class="fa fa-angle-left" /></div>
<div id="showbiz_right_1" class="sb-navigation-right"><i class="fa fa-angle-right" /></div>

e.g. showbiz_left_2

Hi, I’m using your theme and love the design so far! Just have one remark. I used the class hide-on-mobile on my slider on top. When resizing my browser to a smaller size on my Macbook Pro 15 inch, when I’m at half my screen it indeed doesn’t display anymore but when I resize even further (so smaller) the slider reappears. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, you don’t have any buyer badge. Please write from account where you have purchased Trizzy. Thanks

Someone else bought it for me since I don’t own a credit card…


lmoakm Purchased

if any time you update the version is website going to change automatically? which means will you provide copy of css files or you keep them in live (internet links only)? could you please comment on this

You can download updated version from themeforest and replace files that were updated

Hi! I am thinking about purchasing but I am going to need to implement in stages. Is it fairly easy to pick out the mega menu and side menu code first and implement it before the rest of the template? Is the css commented out easily so I could do this? Thanks! Love this design!

Hi, CSS is well commented and Im sure you won’t have any problems with that.

Hi there, im currently working on this theme for a client. All works fine, only for one thing. Newly added products i manually added are not showing up in the theme functions like “featured”...Only products that came with the demo data are shown.|

Hi, questions related to WordPress version please post there Thanks!


lmoakm Purchased

showbriz carousel is not working with multiple ids


lmoakm Purchased

can anyone reply on this?

I replied you to your previous message…

I am not sure why but I can’t see that message. Anyway you need set diffrent ids for each carousel navigations. Now you have two carousel with “showbiz_naviation_1” ids