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andrehh Purchased


I’m having a problem with the select box’s event handler, I checked the theme replace the original select box with SelectBox.js & .customSelect (for css) and the problem is the select box didn’t trigger both of my client side & server side ( onchange event. Please advise!

Thank you! Appreciate your helps.

I have no idea, there are too many variables why it don’t work. You can use simply .change(function() instead of selectbox but you will need to do some css styling


andrehh Purchased

thank you for your help. I tried to put the selectbox out from the parent section class “variables” and it works.

hola buenos días, primero aun no he recibido la factura de compra este templete, 2 puedes echar un mano para que funcione carrito de compra. gracias

Hi, speak english please.

Hello good morning, first I have not received the invoice to buy this temple, 2 you can lend a hand to make shopping cart work. Thank you

I’m not providing any invoices, Envato does. Could you clarify what do you mean about shopping cart? it’s static HTMl template.

what is mean Multi-Purpose eCommerce Shop HTML Template what is solucicion for to make cart add?

It’s static HTML template for further development. You need to implement this to any CMS


andrehh Purchased

Hi, in wide layout, how can we set the navigation menu in full width so the left and right side filled with the background color (similar purpose like the footer) Thank you!

Yes, you have to take navigation content outside of container grid.

Hi, I’m a beginner of the html5 templates. I have some questions. -> This template support admin pages? -> How can i create products in the shop? -> If i want to use different language how can i translate?

Thanks, Károly


How can we make the menu able to toggle the submenus (expand and close) in mobile view?

Thank you.

If you ask about mobile menu then it’s not possible.

Hi, I Just downloaded it but can’t seem to install it properly. Can you please contact me by mail and help me out a bit? Thanks :)

Unfortunately not. You can request refund or keep Trizzy and hire developer who will integrate it with mjinwebwinkel. ;)

Where can I ask for a refund? I’ve been asking around but no one can work with your template to integrate it into mijnwebwinkel.

Ok, I understand, please request refund there

Hey, Do I get the html,css,js and php files when purchasing the theme?

Only HTML / CSS / JS. We have also WordPress version for $59

The logo in the header doesn’t display on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) but does when using responsive simulator in Safari on Mac. Just a small square is displayed.

Update: OK, found the problem. custom.js file contains a function to change the logo image logo.png to logo@2x.png but wasn’t finding it. I’ve removed the js function as I’m using an svg file for the logo.

Nice template!

Great. :)

You might want to look at the online Preview as it has the same problem.

Thanks, I’ll take a look and fix that on the demo.


andrehh Purchased

Hi, At the single-product-page.html showing 2 404 error when i inspect element the page: grab.png preloader.gif

thank you

They are not really necessary. You can find any on the internet and add them.