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I just bought this template (Trizzy) and I uploaded it to my domain. But if i open it and click on Wishlist and want to delete something in the Wishlist, it doesn;t go away…. The same problem for the shoppingcar..

Greetings Robert S. (The site: )

Hi, it doesn’t work because it’s HTML template and you need to implement some scripts to get it working. ;)

So I bought the wrong template? or do i need other things to implement so it will work?

Would you be willing to setup a order receipt template for web and email?

Hi, that’s good idea and I’ll add it to my to do list but can’t give any ETA.


I purchased your theme yesterday or the day before, unfortunately it does not fits my needs, the scripts are sometimes unresponsive (screen does not adapt easily) and the graphic rendering is not the one I was expecting, as a consequence, I am going to use another design for my site and I wanted to know if it was possible to get a refund.



Hi, you can request refund there

Could you send me an e-mail on info(at) and clarify what exactly doesn’t work as it should?


angelim Purchased

Hi, I’m interested in buying this template, but I’d like to know if it contains inner pages not featured in the demo like: - account page - purchase confirmation page(invoice) - order history - general template for terms/privacy

Also I’d like to know if it is possible to use three columns in the shop-full-width page.

Thank you

Hi, unfotunately trizzy does not feature that subpages. There’s no problem with using 3 columns.

Any chance I can get the PSD files for this?

Yes, but I’ve only PSD for homepage, shop and product page. Contact me on info[at]

I purchased this template but now I see that it does not contain an ‘Order History’ page or an ‘Account Details’ page! Will you be adding this anytime soon?

Hi, I have this on my “to do” list but I am now focused on another project so it might take a while to update Trizzy. :)

Hello, sorry my english bad :( pre sale questions: Ur mega menu (features -> JEANS and SUNGLASESS) not see mobile. Screen: Fix it ?

that’s not a bug. it’s a feature. :) Should be easy to display it on mobile though. It’s just hidden.