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Nice job, how can i view the demo on my iphone? right now its in the simulator, i would like to test it on my iphone, also the icons and fonts i am not very much happy with it, can we change the icon in the header and change fonts and css?

Hey there, the QR code has been added to the item description page! Please check it!

Hey can i also post videos in the blog section?

Cosmin has replied to your enquiry bellow!


Please email me or Paul from our profiles and we will give you a link to the demo without the frame. You can change the fonts and customize the theme as you wish, the Css files and images are organized in a logical way to make this process easier.


There’s no default shortcode or tag created specifically for videos, but you can copy/paste the embed code for a video (youtube, vimeo …) in the page/post editor and the video will show up on the site. You can further customize the looks of the video with some more Css rules.


Oh dear i just bought it and read the documentation, so this is not a mobile theme in addition to work with our existing theme? i thought its an option or a mobile option for our existing theme? please tell me it’s not true?

It is true. There is a F.A.Q question at the top, covering this aspect!

Would you allow me to do I translate into my language? (ARABIC) If there are obstacles you help me?

Hello again,,

I purchased this .. I’ve installer on a local server ..

But NAVIGATION does not work!


File was imported Xml with the same settings!!

But to no avail … Does not work with me!!


Strange. Please visit our support page here and select the WordPress departament! :)

Hi, was to send a message to your support, and I am waiting for a reply from yesterday ..

Template now been installed on my site, in the letter sent to support.


Thank you for your purchase!

Please read the documentation included with this theme, it will help you assign the menus.

If you have any other issues feel free to contact us using the support form.


Hello im trying to put the icons like the demo and also the title on the top. How can I do that? Thanx in advance!


Thank you for your purchase!

You can use the demo content included with the theme to install it and make it look like the preview.

Please check the documentation included to see how you can do that.


Hi, theme looks great! I have one question before purchase. Is it possible to ‘fix’ the top bar which includes the menu button? Especially with longer pages it would be nice for visitors not to scroll all the way up again to reach the menu.

It can be configured as fixed, but some CSS edits are required.

Hello, First of great theme love it!! I just have a question what do I need to put in order for the icons in the menu section to appear such as the live demo? Thank You

can this be used in conjunction with WP Mobile Detector plugin and another theme for non mobile devices?

Hi. I’m interest in buy this theme, this really works in Wordpress 3.5.1? Because i want update by the panel, and others themes don’t works very good. Thanks!

Hi danidsp, Troller currently runs on Wp 3.5.1, you can check out the preview.


I see this demo in IE9 and the content open out of the frame. I go use this theme in a frame too, but it works good? I’m little scared rsrs Thanks for the quickly answer! :D

Hello!! Well its a really nice theme, but I encounter something out of the equation… Well, i tested the web in the first iPhone, the 4th, the 3rd, and 5th, but on the 5th one it doesn’t show the background it only shows a grey color. Do you know what would this be? am I doing some setting wrong, or what do you think? If please answer ASAP thank you for the help.

Hello, 1st, this is a great theme, love it! I’ve started to use it, and found it very easy to use. I just have a question, where do i input the CALL US and TEXT US field number? Can’t seem to find them. Thanks!


It’s a mobile theme, it will work fine in mobile browsers, including lumia phones which have IE.


Thank you for your purchase! Please use the support form and I will assist you.


Thank you! Those are custom links, and you can set them in “Appearance > Menus”.


How do I use the Swipe image gallery as it is presented in the Item Details page?

Martin, please check the reply offered by Cosmin bellow! He is the WordPress developer of this item! :)


Thank you for your purchase! Follow the instructions provided in the help file, and install the theme. Once it’s installed you can visit your site from a mobile device and use the gallery as described.

If you have any other questions please use the support form.