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Can I change the homepage slider so it is regular slider and not have the circle frames?

Also, can I install other plugins to work with this, like the stream view for www.time.ly for example


The front slider can be replaced, either with a plugin or if you code a different version yourself.

The theme hasn’t been tested with that particular plugin.



Just purchased this theme and running into a small bug.

When I open up the left sidebar and then swipe the content back, the content disappears behind the left sidebar, which takes about 1/2 a second to disappear. This doesn’t seem to happen in the web demo.

Hey there! Please load up the provided demo content first! There’s an XML in the pack. That should instantly solve this issue! If you’re still having this issue, please send your inquiry to our support page found here, our WordPress developer will be in touch with you shortly!

Just messaged support, thanks!

As I am aware of our WordPress developer is out of town and might be a little delayed in replying! It’s also a weekend!

Hello, I’d like to purchase this template, but first, I’ll like to know if this works well on other mobile devices like Android phone, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Is there any way I can test this? Do you have a link to an already deployed version I can check on an emulator? Thanks.

Hey there, first off it’s a theme, not a template, secondly, it does work on the devices you mentioned! As long as their firmware version is up to date! Please check the compatibly in the item description at the bottom!

Hello, can it run on desktop browser? who will it look like?

It’s a mobile template.

so it will not running on desktop browser? i like the simplicity, and i consider to build simple website using this template

If you like how it looks on a desktop site, be my guest, but I have to specify this again, it’s a mobile template, it’s made for small screens! :)

Can you point me in the direction of the support document?

Please don’t forget to rate the item 5 stars! It helps us a lot! :)

Ahhh gotcha, I downloaded the installable file! Thank you very much!

No worries! Common mistake! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)

is it phonegap build ready?

PhoneGap F.A.Q Page , first question! :)

is it difficult to solve the tablet problem? :)

ok . thanks !

I love this theme and really want to buy it but but trouble things is it seems not support tablet. any advice?

Just an awesome mobile theme! is it ok to remove it?

Can you explain how it synchronised with a desktop site? Do you provide a script that will forward desktop users to desktop site, mobile users to mobile site?

4 month and no answer….

Also is quite confusing: http://c.alex-v.com/Rvd8

I’ve opened a support ticket, but just wondering if anyone else has this issue? When the menu length is longer than the page content, the menu actually shows below the content when it isn’t supposed to be showing…

That is, when you click the menu button, it expands the menu, but when it should NOT be expanded, but is longer than the page content, the bottom part of the menu shows.

Thanks, Gary

FYI for anyone that is seeing the menu extend below the content per my post above. I did receive a very quick reply to my support ticket.

The solution is to do one of the following:

1) shorten the menu ;-) 2) make the body content longer 3) add a minimum height to the content container

Since 1 and 2 might not be options or may vary over time, I chose #3.

In the style.css file, line 524 (or around that, I may have made some other edits) look for the class for ”.container”.

Add a line like this: min-height: 375px;

Upload that style sheet to your theme’s root folder.

I played with some settings there and found that 375px worked for my droid and ipad on a somewhat lengthy menu. Your value will change depending upon the length of your menu.

Hope it helps.


Can you set a homepage for the mobile theme that is different than the site’s default homepage?

Hey there. Extremely sorry for the late reply! Please send us a message through our support page by selecting the WordPress icon and you will get an answer today!


iwo Purchased

Hi, great work. Can I use this template with some other first desktop theme and some switcher plugin?


Thank you for your purchase!

This theme requires its own WordPress installation, and you will receive a mobile detect/redirect script for free if you visit the support form.


Just a quick question is it possible to make this theme bilingual?

Can you please be more specific?

I just bought this theme thinking that it was a Mobile version to work in conjunction with already desktop version I have LIVE already, did I misunderstand your theme?

Can you please respond to me? I just bought this theme thinking that it was a Mobile version to work in conjunction with already desktop version I have LIVE already, did I misunderstand your theme?

I just want to confirm you received my email through your profile?

We reply to all messages, currently we have a tone in the inbox! We’ll get back to you, don’t worry! :)

ok, thanks!

I’m not seeing CSS Classes under Screen Options, How can I fix this?


Thank you for your purchase!

Please open a support ticket and I will take a look. However, this is not something related to the theme, it’s related to WordPress.


Is it possible to make the menu bar static so that it’s always displaying at the top of the screen, like in DuoDrawer?