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Great work! Good luck with sales :)

Fantastic work as always , congrats ! :)

Trololo :D:D

Good job! :)

Awesome template Enabled, good luck with sales mate! ;)

I have five toggles on a page. How can I do that?

Check the instructions! :)

Having issues with the twitter feed, it only shows your twitter posts (yes I changed the twitter username in tweetable.js and line 40 on custom.js) and made sure it was uploaded to the hosting space. Am I missing something?

disregard my last post. browser was just being janky.

Hey, I just bought your theme, one question. How do I remove this grey box surrounding everything? I want the page to go edge to edge.


There is a padding around the main container! A 10 pixel padding! You need to remove that! :)

Great! I actually figured that out after a few hours of trial and error. I did have one last question though. Is there any way to enable the menu bar at the top? It’s in the screenshot for “3D image slider”, and also under the TrollerV1 screenshots.


Troller V2 Doesn’t have a top menu like Troller V1, it has the 2 icons to deploy the sidebars. The screenshot refers to typography elements not the menu! :)

Very nice theme. Advances and developments in the usability of mobile sites are a major interest of mine. Thank you for helping to improve the field!

I am having trouble getting the autoslider to slow down. Right now it is cycling every two seconds. I have played with the roundabout.js, but to no avail.

Thank you in advance.


Disregard the request, I figured it out.

For others – the answer was to change the value on line 117 of the custom.js file. “autoplayDuration: 2000”

Thanks again for the great template!

Glad to hear it got solved! Happy you like the product! Please don’t forget to rate it 5 stars! :)

I want to buy this theme but I need the menu to be static, meaning it stays on top even when scrolling down the page so I do not need to go up to the top to access the navigation… this is a feature i see missing from most of your items, that I would like to see implemented.

Hi, Having trouble with the twitter feed, whatever i change the default username to it doesn’t change in the webpage, assuming i only have to change the “username”, any help would be appreciated.

Please edit the custom.js file for that! :)

Thank you

Awesome Work. I was wondering if the left and right menu could be touch slider enabled for mobile devices. It would make users functionality much easier instead of having to look for the close side bar button.

Also how can I add a close side bar button into the side bar header area instead of the main content area that are on the left and right?

Thanks Again for this awesome template

Yes, you can implement that, but that will work properly only on an iPhone and a handful of Androids. That’s why that method was not implemented! Compatibility is maximum this way.

Does it take over the entire theme?

It’s a template.

does it use columns shortcodes?

No… How can it use shortcodes if it’s a Template? :|

eh, my bad, i worded it wrong, does it have any column css styles?

also, “I want to buy this template but I need the menu to be static/sticky, meaning it stays on top even when scrolling down the page so I do not need to go up to the top to access the navigation… this is a feature i see missing from most of your items, that I would like to see implemented.”

if i buy this template, any chance you would help me with that?

There are CSS containers for all the elements presented in the demo. As for the navigation, you are asking for fixed navigation. I avoided using this feature because it won’t work on version equal and lower than iOS 4.1, Android 2.2, RIM 6, Windows 7.5(r2) ... so a fixed navigation is quite a bad feature to have because it will perform bad or won’t work at all on the listed OS’s :)

How easy is this template to use? I like the look of it but I am not a coder. Thanks

It’s not difficult, it requires basic HTML skills to edit it! :)

Another question: Are you likely to create a WP version for TrollerV2? Thanks.

Yes, but there is no estimated date on it’s release! :)

Great Theme! I’d like to make a request. I want you to add Search box sample.

Good luck with sales.

It’s a template, not a theme. Thank you! :)

hi you can add button search please. i need but I do not.

It’s a template, so a search button will be useless! The WordPress version will have a search button but there is no update on when it will be released! :)

Where can i buy it theme with this template?

There is no TrollerV2 theme. Yet. :)