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How can i setup my page like the frontpage?


Hi, you just have to set the page template to “Frontpage” under “Page Attributes” and make sure that page is set as your home page

Regards, Luis.

Hello, Could you explain me the function “st_mediaelement()” in stkit/functions/global.php

Because this function I can use the plugin When I want add a media with the button “add media”, the popup to upload a media is boken and go on the bottom of the website. cf:

When I comment the function st_mediaelement, I can use this plugin.

Best Regards

Hi, st_mediaelement is a replacement for wp-mediaelement, HTML5 <video> and <audio> shim and player. The problem you are facing is only related with the styles though.

We are making changes in STKit and this is one of the functions that will be affected so go ahead and remove these two lines by now

When we release the update the problem will be fixed.

Regards, Luis.

Perfect, thx!!


I have a couple questions about the theme.. 1) How to show or hide the banners between the articles and top & bottom? I tried to hide them in the theme panel, but it didnt work… even when i deleted the urls… There a more functions that don’t work in the panel.. like the Adsense panel (where you have to put the id, it only showed up when i changed my website language to russian, in english i dont see this…)

2) How to modify sticky posts? I tried to put my posts as sticky, but the demo posts remained even when i “unstickied” them… I had to remove all demo posts.. even then my sticky posts didnt show up…

3)How to set frontpage template and change the website title? Because when i set a page template to “frontpage”, the website name becomes “Truemag” instead of my website title..

4) How to use the googlemaps shortcode? because it gives me errors (doesnt show)

5) Why the widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, etc.. dont update themselves instantly? I added 10 articles, recent posts shows me only one.. and yes i checked everything in the widgets panel, everything is fine, all settings are good..

And there are more “small” problems like this… I tried to contact you few times (on twitter, facebook, themeforest) & via the Support account on themeforest, but nobody helped me….

Could you please help me out? Thanks


1. Banners between articles are managed via “Appearance->Widgets” ( ) and top/bottom article ads can be enabled/disabled from “Theme Panel->Post” ( ) Just use the checkboxes.

2, #5 and probably #3 I’m guessing are related with a caching issue.. It all sounds like a plugin or a higher level caching solution is taking preference over your changes. Can you check that? Also note that some hosting services like bluehost use their own caching system without you having to enable it and can cause issues like this one.

4. We are aware of this and a fix is coming with the next update of STKit. In the mean time you can embed the map like we used to do in the past .

Please be patient, we do our best to reply all the requests as soon as possible.

Regards, Luis.


Could you tell me if it’s possible to move the icon of the menu on smartphone? cf pic ↓↓↓ - NOW: - WISH:

if not, can we use an other “mega menu” plugin without trouble with the template?

Best Regards

Hi, try this code:

Put in “Theme Panel > Style > Custom”
 * Change menu position on mobile
@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) {
    #logo { float: left; }
    #menu-select {
        float: right;
        margin: 0;
        top: 2em;
        right: 15px;

It should do the trick

Regards, Luis.

Nice !

how do I get those boxes at the top of the theme? all 4 or them?

Set this option to “on” and then set at least four posts as sticky.

Regards, Luis.

How do I get those boxes at the top of the theme?!! I really want those!!

Set this option to “on” and then set at least four posts as sticky.

Regards, Luis.

Hi StrictThemes and thank you for your work. We are having troubles with post view counter, which is being resetted randomly without our intervention. Do we need to renew the support to obtain help with this or can you point us to the right direction, so that we can do that by ourselves? Thank you in advance.

Hi, try increasing php or wordpress memory limit:

/** Memory Limit */
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');
define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M' );

You can also start logging your errors to see what’s happening, maybe a plugin conflict? Are the counters reseted when a specific action is taken? Try to isolate the problem before we can start fixing it. Oh and check you are running latest plugin, theme and core versions!

Regards, Luis.

Hello, as said @KnowQuams there is 4 posts on the top of the demo. You said we need active the options sticky posts in the admin panel.

But when I stick a post, it’s displayed in “highlighted recent post” part not in the sticky post” part.

What the difference between “highlighted recent post” and “sticky post”?


Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure it’s work correctly, Sticky or not, my post stay on the blogroll and not on the top of the website.

That sounds really strange, send me an email with url and user/password so I can have a quick look.

Regards, Luis.

Done, check your site now. You needed to add a page with Frontpage template selected and set it as your homepage in wordpress settings.

You also needed to set at least 4 posts as sticky.

Regards, Luis.

Hi, I selected to hide the meta info on posts, but now I have a blank space on my page. Is it possible to make the post to expand cover that blank space?

Hi, add this to your custom css via Theme Panel:

.single-post { width: 100%; }
.single-post .single-post { width: 0; }

you may need to make some adjustments depending on the breakpoints.

Test it and let me know.

Regards, Luis.

Hi there,

my website is

i have set the front page with the latest post. i want to remove the adv bar below my most recent post. Can you please let me know how?

Sorry if this question seems stupid, but i really do like your theme format and functions hence i bought it and thought id try to learn it all myself :)

The plugin would handle which language has to be shown depending on the user’s preference not the translation itself. As far as I know the options are:

1. Make a post for every language and separate them by categories. I don’t recommend this method as you will be serving everything mixed up making it weird to navigate the site.

2. Make two sites and keep both updated to look the same but one in English and one in Chinese, clean but hard to maintain.

3. Use a plugin that “clones” the post for every extra language, firstly write your content in your main language and then handle the different translations with the functionality the plugin will give you. That way you will be serving only the available content for the user’s selected language. I recommended this one because it’s much easier to manage and maintain. There are many plugins out there free and paid.

Regards, Luis.

Thank you very much for your recommendations. It has certainly helped me. Absolutely love the theme.

You’re welcome, please if you think we are doing well rate us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, it only takes a minute and it really help us out. Thanks for your support! :)

How do I add “page-level ads” to this theme? Do I have to edit the source code? If so, where? Thanks.

Hi, if you followed the video it will probably work but if you are not using the child theme you will loose your customizations when we roll the next update.

If you don’t want or don’t know how to use a child theme you can also install this plugin that will inject the code wherever you want without loosing your changes between theme updates.

Regards, Luis.

Great, thanks. When are you expecting to roll the next update?

Not in the next days, anyways you can stay on an old version until you fix that.

Regards, Luis.


Psiklou Purchased


I bought your theme. I could install the parent theme. But when I try to install the child I get the final message:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

This theme requires a parent theme. Checking if it is installed…

The parent theme could not be found. You will need to install the parent theme, Truemag, before you can use this child theme.

Theme installed successfully.”

then in the main themes page:

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete.

Name Description Truemag Child The parent theme is missing. Plea se install the “Truemag” parent theme.

Hi, please delete that child theme and download this one instead: it should work fine. Otherwise please let me know.

Regards, Luis.

I am trying to add Adsense on “Ad sidebar 1” but the ad is not appearing when I am on a desktop computer. It appears fine on mobile phone. I can’t fine it there is a problem with the theme or with any of my codes.

All other ads work fine.

I am having the same problem for “Ad Sidebar 3”, which is supposed to show ads at the bottom of the page. I can see ads on mobile (iPhone 6) but I can’t see it on my notebook. But if I minimize the screen on my notebook to look like a mobile phone screen and refresh the screen, the ads appear. For “ad sidebar 2” I have no issues.

Sorry, I think I have found the problem. I was not using the ST Adsense widget. I was copying the Adsense code on the HTML Code widget.

Nice, now I see the ads below the menu and the color seems to match the logo .

Regards, Luis.

Another issue: I now have a breadcrumb appearing together with the title of the posts. I don’t know where this came from:

You can hide the breadcrumbs when editing/creating a post

Regards, Luis.

i have lost the top four sticky posts from my homepage (like the demo site)? how do I get them back ? how do I pick which posts are sticky at the top. my site is

i should add…. i have already checked the box for the stickeys to be displayed on the front page (blogroll menu) and i have at least four posts set as sticky

Hi, if you have 4 posts set as sticky they should appear. Have you set your front page?

Hi. I just purchased this theme and installed it. How can I import the demo content?

Hi, don’t use a text widget.. use HTML widget that should fix your problem. More info here:

Regards, Luis.

Thank you so much. It worked with Custom HTML widget

I am using amazon affiliate banner to my site: But the problem is banner’s are showing in half size.

I set the width 100% of the header iframe, but still facing the same problem. Please check it on mozilla browser as well

I did take the screenshot using Mozilla Firefox. I revisited your site and for me is looking good and

Regards, Luis.

thanks, I myself solved the problem earlier. Actually the problem was that I used text widget to set up ad code, and site was automatically removing size attribute from the iframe code. Later I I have used customized html widget to set up ad code. and it has solved the problem.

Hi Thanks for the great theme, would you help me Ho to make 2 columns in blog roll, I want blog page different from the home pages.

Hi, that would require you to make a custom page template. If you are familiar with the WordPress theme API and you know a bit of coding you should be able to do it. Here you have some more info about page templates:

Our templates have a lot of comments in the code so you will figure out easily “what does what”. Have a look at template-frontpage.php to see how we built the front page.

If more questions come up during the process please feel free to ask me.

Regards, Luis.

Hi How to make a custom page template??

Look previous message please.

How can I remove ad or banner from specific pages or category ?

Hi, for doing that you will need to find a plugin that manages those conditions for you (showing or hiding widgets/sidebars depending on the page loaded) or create your own rules with a bit of coding. Remember to use a child theme if you go for the coding method, that way you won’t loose your changes when we update the theme.

Regards, Luis.