Discussion on Truemag - AdSense WordPress Theme

Discussion on Truemag - AdSense WordPress Theme

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I would like to seek some help about the issue that we are experiencing on the latest version of your theme Dizzy.

The issue is even though we add social media links on the author’s profile. Here for example- https://cl.ly/d0ee599f8541 it doesn’t show all social media icons in the Author Page:- https://cl.ly/e2070e226051 as you can see we have Instagram in the profile but not showing in the Author Page.

Another issue is we want to request to remove the Google Plus icon permanently since Google Plus is already removed by Google.

We hope to hear from you soon and can you please CC this email support@wpdude.com to your reply.

If you need anything like a WordPress login please let us know.

Thank you in advance for the help.


I am using Truemag with the latest version of WordPress 5.2.2 for my blog www.Flyboyzblog.com. I keep all my plugins, themes, and WordPress up to current release levels.

I am experiencing a problem which just started a few days ago.

Every time I create a new Page in the backend, it inserts that page into the breadcrumbs in the published blog posts. This happens even though the new Page is still in Draft mode and contains nothing other than a Page title.


Mike O’Neill mike@oneillny.com

When we can have an update of this theme? I’m experiencing lots of update issues with this theme for more than one year.

I hope you can help me with something I’m trying to correct on the CSS of your TrueMag theme. I’m not using a image logo, simply text on the top header, it looks good on the home page (https://catholicmasses.org/) but when you go to any other page and scroll down the page the links come go over the name of the site, it doesn’t happen when you land on the page but the header changes when the reader goes down the page and the menu items go the left cutting into the logo. How can I customize so the menu items don’t float over to cover the logo when the page moves down and the header remains on top? (go here for an example and scroll down past the fold and watch the header https://catholicmasses.org/latest-catholic-news/)

Hello Is there a product refund?

Hi, The featured images for each posts on my homepage are blurry. I have set the right size, but they are still blurry. But older posts dont have this problem. If you look at my website homepage (www.craftsbyria.com) from page 1 to page 4 the images are blurred, but from page 4 onwards, they look ok. Would you be able to recommend some checks that I can do to identify the cause and fix it?

Thanks, Ria.


Ria, we have checked the issue which was reported by you. You use too small images, their resolution is around 365х235 px, that’s why they are blurred.

Best regards, StrictThemes team.

after 1 year of NOT answering comments or updating. its safe to say this item is NOT supported.

Hi, even though I change the primary and secondary colors in Theme Style menu, they do not change at all on my site. Also, the font code I copy/paste from Google is not changing the fonts at all.

Please help.


Please provide us with some screenshots. It will help us to reproduce the issue.


Hi, where do I upload the screenshots? Also, any plans on updating your theme to be compatible and current with the new WordPress?

You can use Google Drive or any online services for screenshots. Now we are currently checking the theme being compatible with new WordPress version. Do you have any issues?

Hello its giving error: I couldnt install theme. Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in / public_html/wp-content/plugins/stkit/functions/global.php on line 2601

The issue was fixed. We updated our STKit plugin please try to install theme again.

Php version 7.2, WP Version :5.4.2, STKit Version still 1.9.6. I tried to update but there is no update. I download theme files again and install. But im getting same error. I am not happy to buoght this theme. I want refund money. Im trying to install it stolen my time and my visitors. Very bad support its taking long time . Refund money. I didnt have any problem with other themes. But im bored to try install this theme.

Hello! Current version of STKit Version 1.9.7 there is a fix of the issue. Please try again. Thanks

installed the them and it’s giving me a fatal error


I have two problems with my install of your Truemag theme.

The first is in the control panel where I have this error:

Warning: The URL http://strictthemes.com/repo/?action=get_metadata&slug=stkit&checking_for_updates=1&installed_version=1.9.7 does not point to a valid plugin metadata file. HTTP response code is 404 (expected: 200) in /home/httpd/html/XXXXXX/wp-content/plugins/stkit/assets/plugins/update-checker/plugin-update-checker.php on line 210

The second has to do with changes in wordpress 5.5 where every post with a picture attachment is showing this error:

Deprecated: wp_make_content_images_responsive is deprecated since version 5.5.0! Use wp_filter_content_tags() instead. in /home/httpd/html/XXXXXX/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4773

Please help.



Hello, I’m trying to update to PHP 7 but the ST Kit plugin is incompatible. Will you be able to update this sometime soon? Thank you!


dr83 Purchased

Hi, i got message in wordpress ’’The Envato Market WordPress plugin requires TLS version 1.2 or above, please confirm if this hosting account supports TLS version 1.2 and allows connections from WordPress to the host api.envato.com ’’.

I’ve been in contact with y service provider and they say that they’ve checked server and my site allows connections with api.envato.com?

I see too that Theme was update on 25th June and I have version 1.4.2 which si most likelt old, how I can check which is the newest theme version? Changelog is not changed from 2018.

Hi, Sorry to contact you but sadly there are not so many options to customize the site and I have some questions.

1.- I cant see changes I already made (I removed cache, history and nothing shows), is this a commond issue?

2.- There is a way how to change the structure of the homepage? I would like to have primary sidebar on the left and secondary sidebar on the right, content in thee middle.

3.- How it works the menu (it looks like mega menu but I cant find the options to make it look like your demo sample).

4.- I also wanted to have a contact formular but I also cant see any options about contact.

Thanks for help.


mmwanda Purchased

How can i remove the banners “(468×60) or built in Responsive Adsense banners” in my posts. See. https://business-plan.co.za/southafrica/2020/12/24/bed-and-breakfast-business-plan/

Hi I was trying to install TrueMag just now, but the message shows up

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme installation failed.

Anything I can do?

I like a lot of your themes. What are the differences between Truemag, Grimag, Apemag, etc? Is there a comparison of all those themes side by side somewhere, so that I can fully assess which ones benefit my goal?

Still trying to update to PHP 7, but ST Kit plugin (version 1.9.7) is incompatible. After updating my site goes blank. Can you provide us newer version of the plugin?