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How do I change or add pictures, links, on the AD area on siedbar?

If you are going to use google adwords, fill this https://cl.ly/30c417b8fd0a and use our plugins to place the ads on the sidebars.

Alternatively you can use html or text widgets to place still images or text links.

Regards, Luis.

Hello, is there any options for STKit? I want to add API key to google map and there is no place to add it and change map style?

I made it by myself. Your support is terrible. :-/

Hi, sorry for the delay. As you probably now know STKit doesn’t have the option to put in a Maps API Key because it’s not required just for showing the map using the shortcode. I don’t know how you handled it but you can do either 1.Install a plugin that lets you add stuff at the beginning/ending of the page, like a script tag or 2.Use the child theme and the hook it from your functions.php file.

Regards, Luis.

I have some issue: How can I put the stick post back above the header like the demo?

Hi, just make sure that you have at least 4 sticky posts and mark this option in STKit https://cl.ly/826db9406969

Regards, Luis.

I changed the colors from header, also the colors from menu of the sidebar but the problem is that the changes only appear on the smarphone and not on the computer. This is very strange. Now when I open my webseute on my the computer, everything appears blank.

About the desktop not showing your new colors might be a caching problem, make sure you don’t any caching plugin enabled during development (note that some hosting providers are adding their own caching solution and needs to be turned off or at least purge the cache when you make changes).

About the blank page.. it’s difficult to say what’s happening without having a url to check. Can you provide one? Are your logs revealing anything?

Regards, Luis.

Hello, I have question about place, where to add google maps API in STKit. Could you answer please?


nelinfo Purchased

Нi, Luis! WordPress 4.9.3 with the theme of the design Truemag when updating a theme on WordPress 4.9.8 – on the site a white screen Your suggestions? Denis

Hi, here everything runs fine with Truemag 1.3.10 and WordPress 4.9.8. Can you turn on debug mode and check your error log?

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

Maybe from there we can have an idea of what’s happening.

Regards, Luis.

I love the post a quote feature, however, there’s no way that I can see that allows you to attribute a source or author to the quote. Is there another way to do this aside from writing their name into the quote rather than say underneath it?

Well you can add a break line like https://cl.ly/57eb9e4826e1 and will show like https://cl.ly/a92a99e3f77f

Is that what you are looking for?

Regards, Luis.

Thank you. Yes, this will do for now. One feature suggestion would be to have a name/author box to input this automatically for the quotes in case someone wants to attribute an author/source as is often the case with quotes. I really appreciate your help here! Thanks,

the adsense tab is blank in the admin area? How do I add my adsense?

i had adblock plus exension activated.. I turned it off, now I can see the tab content.

I am still having a problem though—- I place ad widgets, but they show up blank. I have checked in multiple browsers

Have you added your adsense id via theme panel? https://cl.ly/bd3713b6491e

Can you please provide a url for us to check?

Regards, Luis.

Hi, It is impossible to deleat the widget( ST Subscribe) on the AD Siedbar. Its just terrible, I tried sereval times and does not work. Please let me know What I need to do to remove Freedburner from my page!

Hi, just delete the widget https://cl.ly/37aef1b107a9 can’t you? If you also want to completely disable feeds on your site here’s a manual on how to do it https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-disable-rss-feeds-in-wordpress/

Regards, Luis.

Добрый день.

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Hello, Is your TrueMag is compatible with Wordpress 5?

If not, is there a plan for an update?

Best Regards