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There’s a mysterious ‘blinking’ on the last word of the last item of the main menu. maznah-premium.com try to hover the main menu and the “BUY” word blinks once when hovered, once when it goes back. How to solve?

Hello nagypeterendre,

Append the following CSS to styles.css:

#main-nav > ul > li > a{
    white-space: nowrap;

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Is there an easy way to insert captcha on contact form?

Hope to hear from you.


Hello CooloNL,

It depends on the plugin that you will use, but in general, it should be straight forward. Let me know if you need any help,

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Can we change the LOCATION on MAP? If yes then how??

Hello, I want to update my logo, the problem is that his height is 110px

I use the simple menu closed.

(my site: www.rodrigogomes.net)

I wonder how I do, since the menu is not adpta the height of my logo.

Thank you so much.

Hello rolldigo,

You can change the header and menu height from 80px to 110px by appending the following CSS:

height: 110px;

#main-nav > ul > li > a{
line-height: 110px;

Or just change the logo height to 80px :)

Best regards

Hi, I’m having a problem with the contact form.

He is sending OK. But the text does not come with special characters like ‘ã’ ‘õ’ ‘ç’ ...

I stated in the php utf but not working ….

Below I leave the link to the page: http://www.tupiniquimdesign.com.br/contato.html and the link to download the php files and html [link removed]

Can you help me?

Hello rolldigo,

I have tested the files you sent me, they work fine with characters like ‘ã’ ‘õ’ ‘ç’. I tried Arabic characters and even Chinese characters and they all work.

I wonder where is the problem? Should I configure something on my server? Can you give me a clue?

Is there anyway at all that videos (from vimeo for example) can play at a larger size when launched from the gallery section.

Ideally a video would play at a much larger size filling the screen, leaving the navigation at the bottom of the screen.

I’ve tried different settings using the colorbox plugin, but no success.

Thanks for a great template.

hi. love the template. when i download and preview some of the galleries and portfolios on my computer, they don’t render correctly. this is is before i change anything. am i doing something wrong? happy to send over a screenshot. thanks for your help.

Hi nitrox!

I’m an expectator of your theme, and I think is amazing!!! Only a question: Why you force to reduce the width of page? Your design in fullscreen it’s very clean and beautiful. (it’s only my opinion…)

I’d change… #page.layout-right, #page.layout-center, #page.layout-left { width: auto; }

In my opinion, if this theme were for wordpress would be a best sellers. I would purchase it if it were for wp… No doubt! Please consider it.

Well done!

Hi, first of all: compliments for your theme… I downloaded it but I contact you about a problem with contact form. I edit “contact.php” writing my test mail but message doesn’t arrive

Why? Thank you very much

Are you nitrox alive? Do you support last purchases? :)

is there no more supprot or what happened? ON the accordion slider, my images seem soft. What size resolution is the max the window can handle?

Hello!!!, I just want to know how to activate the Masonry Portfolio, I have been trying to do it with any luck, can you give me a hand!!!!!

Is there a possibility to set the menu status to closed for some pages?? I´d like to build some pages, where the user do not see the menu until he clicks on the button.

Hi! I’m using the TrueStory home slider template local together with the sticky Mp3 Player. Unfortunally the theme tries to load a new page if I skip the tracks. it changes the url from ../house.html to ../house.html#/player1?catid=0&trackid=8 Is there any posibillity to prevent the template to try to load another page??

The contact form is not working. It shows success message, but never receive an email.

Contact form is not working on this page… http://www.kevhri.com/contact.html.

And form on sidebar is also not working.. http://www.kevhri.com/blog-marketing.html

Can you please let me know solution?

Hi there Nitrox. I keep getting a ‘stylesheet is missing’ message – can you help me out?

Sorry to be clear when I install the template it says it’s broken because of missing style sheet

Is TrueStory still supported? On the portfolio page, none of the gallery pages are working.

Is it WordPress theme ? I m getting StyleSheet is missing error.