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awesome work! Good luck :)

Thank you louiejie :)

Much appreciated :)

Still plenty of viewing problems on iPhone.

Can you please tell me which iPhone do you have, version of the iOS and the issues you found?

very nice, any change I can see the documentation before buying so I can see if we could incorporate this in our CMS?

ok so there is no weird partial ajax loading, it only looks that way?

The ajax loading is actually an implementation of a HTML5 feature and it’s very easy to disable. If you want to disable it, let me know and I will assist you.

thanks, but other templates that work like this loads a content with just the clean html and not any of the rest so opening a link separate would just have some extra clean html content ( which is lot harder for me to replicate than one that loads the full content as you do. ) will put this on my list to buy

Hi, loading the site on an iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1) last nearly forever. Seems as if the loading does not work correctly. Do you any fix on that? Cheers, Michael

I will try to get my hands on an iPhone 5 (or any iPhone to be precise) and look into this

wordpress version ? it will be great

wow, very nice work

Thanks :)

there will be more work within this framework, ajax to me are the most perfect sites.

Awesome work man! good luck with sales

Thank you :)

Good Luck with sales…

Thanks designthemes :)

Is ajax load or html link (to know if the SEO work)?

well, technically, sure you can but could you please tell me why would you want to do this?

because my site actual is one-page, and i just want to push this template without change anything

ummm, I wouldn’t go through converting it into a one page template instead of transferring the old data, if I were you. But if you want to go ahead and do that, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Best template of the year so far.

wow, quite a strong sentence! I loved it, thanks :)

Just bought it, did a test integration and it works on our system. That loading part is very nice, which html5 feature is this.

history.pushState, it’s actually a javascript API

First page looks nice but the rest of the demo site not functioning. Scratch that… now working.

Great news :)

Great Template!! Comes there an WP version too? Is there any chance to have an prev/next arrow on picture view with masonry gallery? to go faster to next picture?


Sure, just assign the same group to all images and you are done.

Truly creative theme. GLSW.

Thank you :)

Thx for this nice template!!

Offline the portfolio-masonry, portfolio-grid and the portfolio-grid does not work correctly. In firefox the images are left aligned and in chrome its always loading. Is it a fault or only a offline problem?

Best regards

It’s an offline problem. The gallery loads entries via an ajax call to a php file. Try using a local server like xampp, I am using it.

nice work, but it too slow… ;( portofolio gallery… load load but doesn’t work…

Online or offline?

Any plans for a WordPress version…? and possible timeline.

BTW – Excellent Theme – You’ll be making lots of sale

Yes but no timeline is set for now.

Ouch ! Perfect design !

Can’t wait for the WP version ! Will you make it WPML ready ?

Thanks :) , yes, WPML is becoming a standard rather than an option.

Very good news! Thanks.