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How do I fix the dock from showing two entries for certain buttons on the Iphone? Look at mobile version for an example.

Here is a screenshot:

Any help?

That’s not a duplicate link, you have a child link “contact” under the main link “contact”. They both have the same label and thus appear as duplicates, and the same goes for “coupons”.

Hi, is a really nice work! I would like to know how easy is to set up the template for someone who is not a web developer like me. I know basics of html5 and cs3 but i’m not a programmer. Thanks a lot :)


Amazing template, congratulations on the css-awards feature!

The accordion homepage is beautiful, however, not in windows/chrome. It’s jerky and somewhat messy. Not sure if this extends to other webkit browsers.

However, it’s beautiful in other browsers, and I still see the same issue on your live preview.

Do you have any optimization tips? (I’ve already updated to your latest release).

Thanks, James


I´m working on getting the template into a TYPO3 surrounding. Almost everything works fine so far. The only problem I have: in normal view (with the navigation items on the bottom) it works. But when I resize the page up to the point the navigation jumps to the top (with dropwdown) it looses all the navigation items. Dropdown is empty. When I resize it back to normal size, the navigation on the bottom is gone as well. Do you have a workaround to solve that problem? I can also send you the login data for the page (password protected at the monment). Thanks 4 your help!

Kind regards Alex

Hi. I have a bug with the slider when in fade mode. Reproducible here : Basically, the first slide (wedding pic) fades in fine. The 2nd pic (DJ Stand) doesnt…it just appears quickly. Then the third slide (purple) fades in.

So its like the ODD numbered slides fade in, but EVEN ones just flip/appear.



Actually, it seems either the latest version has fixed this, or CTL-F5 to clear the cache. Thanks :-)

hi, can i add bootstrap to this theme, will the theme elements break? i just need some of bootstrap components, wondering if i can use them without damaging the themes awesomeness :)


No, it shouldn’t. Make sure not to import jQuery twice, and out of curiosity, which elements are we talking about?

Hi your theme is great and I’m using it to create a joomla 3.0 template. But I’figuring a problem: in some conditions after clicking on a link the page load but the “opacity” propriety remains to 0 so the page is not visible, the only solution to see the page contents is to frefresh the browser window.

You can test yourself here:

after the home page loads click on the “Multimedia Link” and wait fpr the page load than click on the link “Produzioni” you will see that the page will be load but the opacity will remain to 0. This appens only with the ” Produzioni” Link. Please can you help me?

Many thanks

Hi again, I found different problems concerning the navigation, for example the browser back button seems not to work properly, when I click it it loads other pages from the previous one or show the loader without loading the page. Please check yourself:

please help thanks Fabrizio

hi, we just LOVE the layout! How is the blog working? Is it compatible with Wordpress?

Thank you :) No, not yet. This is just HTML, the WordPress version is still under development.

OK, and when will it be available?

Love the theme. What’s best way to upload it?

Hi Nitrox,

There was a previous comment about the iframe google map not loading properly on Firefox and you replied Try adding the following styles inline in the iframe tag element: <iframe style=”width: 100%; height: 360px;” ....

The problem still persists, do you have a solution?

Thank you

Hi Nitrox,

I’ve discovered a weird behavior (bug?) when you switch from Portfolio (masonry) to Home (slider). It stuck on the second slide, only a page-refresh will fix the isue. Can you help me out on this one? Thank you in advance.

Could you please send me a URL to your test server?

I’ve send you an email with the link of the test server. It happens to all the pages switching back to Home (slider).

Hi Nitrox, is there any way to load the links on the internal pages with ajax? same way as the links in the dock working?

Hello laurian3000,

Add a class ‘ajax’ to any anchor or button to activate the ajax functionality.

Hi Nitorx, I’m confused how to use the new feature introduced in 1.0.6 “Linked ajax portfolio items together to create a next/prev Colorbox navigation”

I already updated all files specified in the change log, but I don’t see it working on metro & masonry galleries. even on your live preview theme they are not linked.

Should I change something in the ajax_portofolio_entries.php?

thanks for your time

Hello laurian3000, Yes, you do need to update ajax_portofolio_entries.php. Looks like I missed this one out of the change log. Sorry for the delayed response.

Hi Iyadmn, can you please give me a tip how you linked your pictures in your gallery at to create that NEXT->PREV effect?

thank you

Hi Nitrox, How do I add content for the home page slider other than text and some buttons on the left? Even if just text but center aligned / formatted etc. I want to use it for something like “latest products/news”.

Also, the name description of all the CSS classes is something I really miss from the documentation. Like “class name – the big text on the homepage” etc. So that there’s no need to search the code in the typography page etc.

I have a big problem with contact form…... :( doesn’t work…

Hey Nitrox, nice work on the template! I have some issues on loading background images on different pages. Eventhough I’m specifiying an image within the background div, it doesn’t always load when opening a page. refreshing the page however fixes the issue temporarily…

<div id="background">
<img src="assets/backgrounds/background01.jpg" alt="Image" />
</div><!-- #background -->

Any Ideas?

Thanks LEO

Hello leo242, Could you please pass me the URL to your web site?

Sent you an email from your profile page 5-6 days ago…

Hello leo242, I sent you a reply, sorry for the delay


I bought the TrueStory template and I’m almost ready to go. I’ve amended everything to my needs and now I have a few final issues to resolve:

1. The social media buttons are not working. For example, I would expect the Facebook icon to post my website link on to the users Facebook wall or at least redirect to – (I’m unsure of what the functionality of these buttons are supposed to be exactly?) The same applies to all of the other social media icons. I’m guessing that I have to make some kind of activation somewhere?

2. The contact form is not working. I’m not sure if this is necessarily the template issue or it could be a server issue with the php or files not being in the correct directories but I thought I’d ask anyway. Every time I try to send a message I just get the error message. My email alias is set up correctly as I have tested them with the auto-reply function.

My URL is

I am using the latest version of Chrome to do the majority of my testing and I am running Windows Vista.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Ross.

Hello Ross, You should add the links manually, change the ’#’ to the URL you wish to link to, for example: Facebook link:
<a href="LINK_TO_YOUR_FACEBOOK_PAGE" class="icon facebook">Facebook</a>

For the contact form, open the contact.php file and set the e-mail which should receive the messages.

Best Regards

Hi Nitrox,

I have uploaded the files for the portfolio-masonry and the associated Ajax portfoilio PHP file that came with the template. I cannot get the masonry gallery to work. It doesn’t load. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I didn’t change anything major in either of the files with the exception of file names that are related to the images itself. Please help. :)

Hello yunglee, Could you please send me the URL to your website?

It works ok now. Question for you: Are there any restrictions on dimensions for the images? I noticed you used 680px width for most of your images.

No there isn’t. I found that 680 is optimum for the load speed but you can use higher resolutions if you wish.