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Hello and thank you for creating such an awesome website template. I am still currently working on developing my website using this template, but there are some bugs that have not been fixed yet.

The Portfolio Masonry layout page and Portfolio Metro layout page do not load at all in Google Chrome. You can see the navigation bar, but the content does not load at all. In FireFox the content loads but I don’t think the layouts are loading properly.

Is there anyway that this bug can be fixed quickly? I would really loved to use those layouts for my portfolio.

Thanks again for all your hard work and time. I really appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work _ .

Lots of love and respect, -Kay

Hello Kay, There could be broken images in your list, if not, could you please send me the URL to your website?

When I went into the code, it seems that there aren’t any lists for photos, thus no content is showing up. The code in the file reads as such [<!- MAIN WRAP ->
<!- #page -> <!- #background -> ] So now the question is, what code do I add in to create lists so that content does show up? Is there documentation on this?

OK, I have uploaded the website. It is at

It seems that you can see the content once it is uploaded onto the server, but you cannot see any content load locally. Why is this? here is a link to a screenshot of what this page looks like when it is previewed locally in GoogleChrome

Let me start by saying this is the best theme I have seen yet! The code is clean and easy to follow. And your ultra-creative navigation menu is AMAZING! Here’s the only thing I’m having an issue with:

My parent pages do not link to anything <a href="#">PARENT</a> and/or <a>PARENT</a> works perfectly for providing a category for the child pages. Everything works great except when navigating on the iPhone. The mobileMenu drop-down menu is overridden by the iPhone’s spinning wheel navigation pop-up. Is there a way to differentiate from ‘linkless’ parent pages and their ‘linked’ child pages for the iPhone’s spinning wheel navigation pop-up? Or a way to disable the spinning wheel and only use the drop-down menu? When i test run the site on full size browsers scaled down to the iPhone dimensions, the mobileMenu is a clean, easy to navigate drop-down menu – no spinning wheel pop-up comes up. The pop-up spinning wheel only comes up when I’m on an actual iPhone.

Thanks again for such innovative work and much appreciation in advance if you can help with a solution…

Hello optinaut, Thank you for the nice feedback and for notifying me about this. I will add a fix as soon as possible.


Checking in to see if you have a fix for this issue…


Anyone experiencing this issue too? Any idea on a workaround?



I already posted that item some time ago… with no feedback up to now. Can you please doublecheck:

I´m working on getting the template into a TYPO3 surrounding. Almost everything works fine so far. The only problem I have: in normal view (with the navigation items on the bottom) it works. But when I resize the page up to the point the navigation jumps to the top (with dropwdown) it looses all the navigation items. Dropdown is empty. When I resize it back to normal size, the navigation on the bottom is gone as well. Do you have a workaround to solve that problem? I can also send you the login data for the page (password protected at the monment). Thanks 4 your help!

Kind regards Alex

Hello 9punkt2,

Sure, the login data would be much of a help. It sounds like you have a js error in your code but I cannot be certain until I see it.

When I look at the site on my phone, the text under each slide on the home page has a pale blue background. How do I change that color?

hi, have the following problem: I linked a photo gallery from the menu. When you click on “Gallerie” in the submenu of “Fotografie” is just the loading signs and not more. If I then click on Refresh, then it loads the gallery.

I have no idea why, can you help me please? Here is the link:

Super urgent! If i have categories of a gallery, listed on the menu… when i go from one to the other, it shows only the one that was clicked first…. then , if refreshed only it will show correct content. need help please.

Could you please send me the URL?

hi nitrox. solved it… i disabled ajax on the galleries… but i have major issue… the back button .. when pressed the content doesn’t refresh and the screen stays black. I have read somewhere in this tread the same thing, but i can’t find it …. is this easily solved? ill send you the url right now. thank you a lot.

Hi Nitro, I realise this isnt your only concern in life, and you already surpass many with respect to the support youve given through this forum, but just wondering if there was a date for the next version in you mind ? Im specifically interested in..

In the portfolio/gallery pages, where you can filter on categories, is it possible to navigate to the page and have one of the filters set already…for example, if you have ALL, WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, CHILDREN as the categories, can you add a querystring parameter (for example) so that when the page loads, its filtered on WEDDINGS by default, rather than ALL ?

But im sure everybody else is interested in their bits too :-)


Hello Ta,

The WordPress version has been taking a lot of my time recently, so I wasn’t able to add new features but the next update for the html version should be up in the next few days.

Hi, thank to create this nice theme, i have a problem to set the startAt property of the home slider, i tried to make change on main.js , add startAt property to flexslider init, but it doesn’t work, can you tell me where can i set to make it works?

Why not trying to change the index value?

where is the index value to change?

Great! nitrox . not gonna make wordpress version?


It should be available very soon


have you figured out yet what the issue with that ajax_loading function could be? (our email 2 weeks ago)...

regards, Leo

Hi, nice theme, congrats.

I try to set the contact php in line 3 with my e-mail in the field ‘’.

But don’t works :(

Can u help me?


How I can add a new icon to the list (I need a Vkontakte icon –

Hello :) I’m trying to make the homepage – accordion – work in IE7. There’s some javascript bug. Can you please help? Thank you !

edited – got it working, sorry !! :)

I have to convert this to wordpress. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

hello I have a problem on the logo position, I do not want to be fixed, but I want it out of the footer, thank you


I’m having one problem with the entire theme. I have everything setup at

When submitting the form, everything works, but I get no email. I host my own servers and everything is setup properly to accept ‘mail’ and etc.

Just confused as to why I’m not getting anything after the form is submitted?

Please if you can reply asap, I have the site up and it is live, and people are being directed to it for services.


Hello alwaysg2, I have just tested it and I received the mail in my inbox. Did you try searching in the spam folder?


I guess I forgot to add the hidden email input, within the form. Once I added that, everything kicked in.

Thanks for the quick reply! Your themes are beyond great!

Hi Nitrox, I would like to use home-showreel.html as front page for my website. I remarked that it works fine for Vimeo iframes only. If I switch the movie source to a YouTube frame , the navigation dock has display bugs when it overlaps the YouTube frame.

Could you please look into this issue. Thanks.

Try adding “wmode=transparent” to youtube embed code.

it fixed the issue.. Thanks a lot.

Hello All,

The WordPress version is now available on ThemeForest. Here is the direct link:


Does pricing page available or any element available of pricing? If yes then I can buy to create my hosting site using this theme.


Is there a way to get the colorbox items to start off in a slideshow. I went through the code and seen that you changed a bunch of things around.

My site is I wanted to have my portfolio items as a slideshow, rather than having a client click on the left and right arrows to see all the pictures.