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Hi Nitrox. is there a way to script the main.js to reveal an home-accordion slide(image) at the page load ? I mean same way as when moving mose over an accordion image, but when page is fist time loaded?

at line 1440 in main.js /* handle mouse actions */ $(this).mouseenter(function()

I would like to use the home accordion page to display some events posters on our website, and the midle picture (#3) to be reavealed at the page load. (this will be the active event poster). then when moving over the other pictures to have same functionality as it is now.

On left will be 2 past events , on right 2 future events

I will appreciate your input. thanks

i have a probleme with the menu because external links dont open :

<nav id = “main-nav ”> </nav>

The site don’t open, it’s try to open into the current page. please help me to resolve this problem

thank you

How do you make the text of the caption bigger on the home slider

Hello, I got a problem, i hope you can help me. When I’m in “Portfolio Metro Layout”, and then go to “Portfolio/classic/without filters/1column” the page collapse. I tested this in Chrome, Mozilla and Explorer. I thought it was me, but it happens y your Live Preview too. Please if you can help me with this I’ll appreciate it. I love this template by the way !

Hello blass98, which version do you have?

Hi, I tryed the last one, but it happened the same. You can test it here…

Hi, I tryed the last one, but it happened the same. You can test it here…

Hi -

I’m having an issue with external links in the navigation menu in IE. It tries to open within the site itself.

You can see the issue here:

Navigation Menu: About us -> Ryan Galletta


Hello KingCookie,

You need to add an attribute (target) to the anchor element for the link to open in a new tab:

<a href="LINK" target="_blank">Link text</a>

Hi nitrox-

Unfortunately, adding an attribute (target) didn’t fix the issue.

When the link is clicked… instead of navigating to the external site (and/or to a new tab), the site just display “loading…”

Can the navigation be put at the top?

Hello simonkincaid , unfotunately not. It can only be placed at the bottom.

Where does you PHP apply to? contact form?

hello, I’m going to purchase this nice template. My question is: how I can protect the images? I’m afraid that all visitors may save/copy the images of my projects. In some other templates the images are protected (I do not know how, but they disabled the “save function” of right click… How You may solve this?

Hello cumenda ,

Protecting images online is nearly impossible, you can make the process a little harder for people to save the images by placing a transparent layer over the image or by using the image as a background for an element instead of using the IMG tag, but still anyone will be able to get a copy of your images.

Can you please help me solve the below URGENT issues. 1. How do i add a row on top above every page. I added div tags but its not working properly because its scrolling and I don’t want it to scroll 2. what do i need to alter to have the text on the home page come in at the same time as the image. 3. when i click and go to a page the page is not loading properly. I have to refresh to have the content show up

With the twitter feed, how would I have it so it shows tweets from a twitter list instead of one user?

Hello cjsoul ,

This feature is not yet supported.

Hi nitrox,

great template, thanks. In the Accordion home page is its possible to fade out the images which are not selected/expanded? This way the focus will remain on the image which is selected else it looks a little crowded. Pls help. Thanks.

Hello gagan0212,

I will keep this in mind, thanks :)

Hi, Thanks for making a note of it, but I was wondering if there is a way to do it in the current template? Also is it possible to have thumbnails in the Colorbox? thnks

Hi there! I have a problem with contact.html. Everytime I try to send email it goves me error message. I did everything as it says in Documentation. I have put my email address in contact.php

Hello DellDellmon,

Could you please send me the console log?

I’ve sent you an email to your inbox. Please help me with that. I need to fix it as fast as it possible. Thanks!

Email sends only when I type my own email in the “email” box that I put in contact.php file. If I put smthng different it gives error.

Hello Nitrox,

I’ve just purchased the template and wanted to let you know about a couple of issues I saw in the live demo . I noticed that the menu flickers in Safari when the fullscreen background transitions, do you plan on fixing it in future updates? and a couple of times the classic portfolio gallery collapsed on the live demo, will this be more stable in the future. Either way they aren’t massive problems, (I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise) no site is perfect it seems with all the various browsers and devices, just wondered whether you were aware of them and were in your development plans. Looks great, I will rate it when I’m up and running. Many thanks.

Hello nitrox, I have problems with the images. I can not view thumbnails, both in the portfolio items, both in the classic portfolio page, where I link all portfolio items. always show me a question mark! Thanks

Hi Nitrox, I remarked that HTML5 video via Mediaelement player is no longer working since some template version update.

can you please check the Video Entry at

I need to upload an mp4 video on our websiste and don’t understand what is wrong with the script

thank you

working, pls ignore my post

Great site and excellent response time you have been more than helpful, Thank you. I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate the page loading feature to speed up page transitions because I get a 1-2 second dely and it seems the feature my not be nessary for most pages of my pages are low content and shouldn’t even need the loading graphic but it executes regardless. It seems it the animated graphic has to cycle all the way threw once it starts. I’m thinking if I eliminated it my pages will transition faster. I’m trying to maximize my page speed. Any Idea on how to do this?

hello I have two problem !!!!!!