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hello nitrox

how to open a link to a page without other larger image


how to open a link to a page without other larger image

I really love your template and i’m enjoying working in it so far. I do have a small issue I need to resolve however. On the flexslider how can I control the slide show speed without creating a new issue with the customized controls. Thanks in advance for your help.

I loved your creation, I’m allowed to buy it for I have a problem on class = “colorbox overlay” I do not want to enlarge the image by clicking … but open a window, I reviewed the lines of code tried to removed the image magnification (()) it works when I disable class = “colorbox overlay” while I do not want to remove (( class=”content-overlay ))

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello graffitybranding,

Remove class “colorbox” and use a span element instead of the anchor element.

Hi Nitrox, I resolved the issue with the show speed in flexslider by going through the comments thread.

However, I am having another issue and one which I have found no clear answer on the threads. I have the most recent version downloaded but when I go to some of the pages from the menu, the page does not load properly. I have to refresh the screen in order to have the content show up. What do I need to do??? Please help!

Hi Nitrox what is the optimal image size (dimension) for the home screen slider. I feel like I’m sizing the images wrong. Part of the image get cut off on smaller screens and the Image does not adjust properly. Also what is the recommended file size limit for the home screen slider images?

Hello ajens,

There is no recommended size for the images, you can use any size you want.

Does anyone know how to disable the loading screen (circle, square animation) I feel it would seed up my site.

Hello ajens ,

The circle only indicates that the page is still loading, you can speed up your website by using web safe fonts, removing JS and CSS files that are not important to you, using smaller images or images of less quality, however, these are not the only factors that affect your site speed.

hey Nitrox! Thanks for this great theme (once again!).

Couple questions for you though. The buttons on the home page slider (index.html), how to I get them to not load via Ajax? I notice on my contact page (which loads reCaptcha library), that the reCaptcha does not load due to the ajax loading of the page. (unless you can tell me how I can get that to work…)

Question 2… regarding the <h4><span class="slider" /></h4> text boxes… where can I modify how far out into the page they go? I’d like them to extend a little further and right text align…

Thanks again! ~K

hey @ajens. You’ll have to do some serious tweaking, but if you open up main.src.js and look in the ‘page’ section near the bottom of ‘load’, you should be able to do some damage there

Also: finding that the default slider does not work on mobile devices

I do not run the video with Internet Explorer 10.

Can you tell me if you have to put in some special way to work?.

thank you very much

Are we not supporting this theme any more? I’ve tried getting in touch with you through the comments, and have even sent you a message through your profile… ? :mad:

3 Months, and no response. Thanks :|

My twitter plugin isn’t loading anymore.

Hi there, how come the entire page flashes like its reloading when the slider changes? Really spoils the experience ? Using an iPad

Hallo, best regards for this wonderful theme. Is it provided an homepage with Youtube video in background?

Thank you

How do I set the area occupied by an image in the colorbox window? i.e. I want it to be fullscreen or at least full height. It seems to be stuck at a fixed height (there’s top and bottom empty space). I tried to edit the “jquery.colorbox” file according to the colorbox FAQs, but to no avail.

Hello nitrox, thanks for the great template. I want to ask you how i could set up a share of fb button for each photo. i think the script im using [ <?php if(function_exists(shareonfacebook)) : shareonfacebook(); endif; ?>] should be placed in the ajax_portfolio_entries.php but it doesn’t work. can you help me on this? thanks, anna

Hello, Hello, I have your truestory theme for wordpress, I see the page of the theme is not available now. I had problems to make run the theme and I still can use it. Can you tell me how to fix the theme and use it because I don’t want to pay for another template and then can’t use it.


Hi There,

Is the wordpress version going to be removed forever or just temporary?

Hi! Great theme but… is it me or you had a Wordpress version available on themeforest which is no more?