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I´d like to know where/how I can set the show menue/hide menu status. If possible, the standard should look like as if I´m hovering over the button “show menue”.

Kind regards Alex

Hey there, Is there any chance true story will be released as a wordpress theme again?

Also, you know the grey linen background? Is it possible to have it not switch from the photo background; i.e for the new page to just come on top of the current background.

If I were to change the background to the same image as the last one would it look like there was no page re-load?

Hi I have problem with the contact form I receive no email.

that does not answer the question? it’s been 2 days

Hi, amazing theme! Problem is that our client is wondering if the bottom navigation could be put at the top instead?

Thanks for letting me know

Hi, you can put the scroll arrows in the gallery grid once you click on a photo?

Hi. The Twitter feed no longer loads tweets since Twitter updated their API. Do you have an update for this?

Thank you!!!

Hello i sent you email but no answer

I am having some trouble with my site see link the home page appears but when you switch to another page the screen is blank unless you hit refresh. Please Help!!! is their a way to fix this?

Thanks Aaron

Hello, I have run into an issue with an otherwise awesome template. I can only get to links accessed by clicking the menu. I cannot go directly to a link entered in my browser. If I do I just get the textured background. thanks, jes

I am also having some of the same problems as others describe where I must refresh page to display. Some pages will show up if I refresh, some will not… but they display fine if I click to them through the main index page menu.

Really liking this template. Thank you for the great work.

Has anyone had any luck getting subtitles to work with mediaelement.js-powered <video> within this template? So far, the <track> tag displays nothing and actually seems to break playback. Also, line 1197 of main.src.js doesn’t include ‘tracks’ as a feature. Adding it here doesn’t make a difference. I get the sense that the template wasn’t designed with subtitles in mind, but i’d be happy to find out differently.

Hi there, my contact form is not working. It always says that it is unable to send the message. I have setted up the contact.php right. What is wrong here?

I fixed it! There was an erroy in the ‘to’-Field

How do we change the theme color?

Hello, ist it possible to use a widget to show only articles of one or more categories?

Truly Creative Template!!! :)

Hi, I have a problem with the page home-showreel.html, I replaced the vimeo iframe with the youtube iframe. With the explorer browser, the navigation menu (opened) positions itself below the video. We tried to act on the z-index but without success. How can we force the positioning on explorer?


How can I put left side bar with the page on the right?? (Instead of picture on the left, I want to put side bar)

Still having an issue when resizing the site down to phone size. The home slider images disappear.

Can you at least tell me where in the CSS I can prevent this from happenning? A little support would be nice… I asked about this issue 3 flippin months ago, and did not hear a dang thing from you! :impatient:


Is WP still in works or is it available?

Is anyone else having issues with viewing the site on an iPad? The site will load but the images will not, and I cannot get to all the pages. I have the latest update so I am not sure how else to fix it. Any suggestions?

Hey I love the template! However, I am having issues with the contact page and the blog page. The contact page upon submission flags an error and ask me to try again. The blog error flashes an error code 405 and says the http verb something…it’s a weird error. I have doing everything to fix it. can you please advise. thank you very much!

Can you please send me your website address ?