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Is anyone else having issues with viewing the site on an iPad? The site will load but the images will not, and I cannot get to all the pages. I have the latest update so I am not sure how else to fix it. Any suggestions?

Hey I love the template! However, I am having issues with the contact page and the blog page. The contact page upon submission flags an error and ask me to try again. The blog error flashes an error code 405 and says the http verb something…it’s a weird error. I have doing everything to fix it. can you please advise. thank you very much!

Can you please send me your website address ?

Hi, what happened to the WordPress template for truestory? I had seen it previously, but then after I tried to install this one, realized it wasn’t the WordPress template.

I have problems with the contact form. It always says that the email cannot be sent. Can U help me?

Can you please send me your website address?

I have a problem with the charset. I use this template in german language and need chars like: äöüß ecc.

So I changed the charset in the header to: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=html”>

But the messages that I got via contact-form still have the wrong charset. How can I fix that?

Hello studiocreation, I apologize for the latency. Try changing the file encoding of the php file as well.

Thanks so much for a superb website template! Used it as the basis to create the JeffBroadbent composer site. Check it out here. It has received numerous positive comments.

Good work, I am glad you like the template :)

hello! I get your wp version for this templeate and I can see the portafolio page mobelespacios.com/interiorismo/

Could you help me?


Is it possible to manage/edit the blog-section with wordpress? Has anyone experiences with that?

Having some issues with the contact form. Doesn’t seem to work! Need help.

Can you please provide more information?

do you have WordPress template for this template

Unfortunately, the WP version is not available at the moment.

If anyone has the wordpress verion can you contact me? I’m willing to purchase it from you. It use to be available, and I can’t find it anywhere. [removed]


If anyone has the wordpress verion can you contact me? I’m willing to purchase it from you. It use to be available, and I can’t find it anywhere. [removed]


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Hello everyone i have purchased this theme, i am having issue on homepage slider, it is not showing full images, it is showing cropped version of all slider images.

Here is the link to view the website http://christomlindesign.com/ Do any one having solution to solve this issue.

Hello Christomlin02,

I apologize for the latency.

This is because the slider will try to fill the browser with the image while maintaining its proportions. Cropping must happen in a way or another.


please check the issue whenever slider move browser scroll bar also move with it into the screen.

what is the problem and how to resolve it.

Thanks Kundan Kumar

Please check the following picture on following url this happen in chrome. http://illuminatidesigns.in/id.jpg

Hi Nitrox, i’ve a question. how to make internal page link (with anchor text) without reload the entire page (preloading)? Thanks

<a href="#internal-link">LINK</a>

Hi Nitrox,

Great work! i still haven’t bought the theme because i am more interested in the Wordpress version. Can you please tell me when it’s going to be on the market? And if i buy this theme, can it be easily converted to Wordpress?


hi, i have purchased the TrueStory – Fullscreen HTML5 Template. I am getting issue in the menu on Firefox Mozilla. That my last menu item disappear when i hover on the menu and when it expands.

Any help would be a great regard.

Help please!