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@ eric_city. Were you ever able to mount a media player on the bottom? If so, how do you make that happen?

Thanks MJ


Can I add the filter option available in Classic Gallery to the Metro Layout?

Please advise.

Hi lenrox,

No, unfortunately. Filtering is not supported by the gallery layouts.

hi, I’m still waitingI have a bug on loading Photo gallery

must refresh the page to make it work

hello I just bought twice template unfortunately the problem still exists in the portfolio it displays not properly could you please tell me where this located the error


hi, i want to change nav bar top…? where i need to chane code..

hi, i want to change nav bar top…? where i need to chane code..

Hello ismailoman, the nav bar is designed to be at the bottom, there is no option to change its position.


When I click on the Contact ink in the menu, the Map doesn’t show up. I need to reaload the page to get it appear. I’m using Google Maps API to display my map in a div. I load the main.js file just before the Google Maps API (with then my init function). Any idea ?


Even when including the MAP Js in the contact page, the same thing occurs. Will try to figure out how to deactivate the template ajax loading

There is an option to disable ajax loading in the main.js file, right at the top of the file.

Here we go ! Thanks for your help. it works like a charm now :)

(I’m using google translator)

I have a problem.

I am using simple menu. Without the sub menus.

To leave the home and go to a page like “portfolio-single”, and clicking again on the Home menu disappears. The background images are also not charged.

The address of my site is: “”

The problem occurs when “home”> “portfolio”> “move-Brazil” (or any other link)> “home” (or any other link from the “menu”). After that the menu disappears.

Can anyone help me?


Hello rolldigo,

I followed the steps you provided but could not reproduce the problem. Which browser/version did you use? (try adding ajax class to your links to avoid page refresh)

Hi actually was just a div that I had not closed. I took your advice and comment from another validei the file in W3C and found the error there.

Thanks for the quick response.

Hello! I Remember i see the WP theme truestory – how i can buy it?

Hello souldisco,

Unfortunately, TrueStory for WordPress is not available at the moment. I am sorry for any inconvenience.


I bought your template and got information from my Customer and also check it that in file scripts/jquery.easing.js is a Trojan.Script

Could you check it? The same information is also on your website Here is a link to print-scren to your website:

Could you check it and fix ASAP?


Hello mesje,

I checked the files on the server and the packaged files and I couldn’t find any problems (especially jquery.easing.js). What is the name of the antivirus software that you are using?

P.S. (Please post via the account that you used to buy this template)

Best regards

Hi nitrox

About virus/malware, please read some articles about it. It’s connected with plugin which you used. Any soulutions, idea? – it’s my antyvirus software but I also got information about it from my client.


Hello krissofo,

I’ve checked the files on my server and the package files but couldn’t find any problems. I will double-check and contact my web host to see if they can explain what you have encountered.

Best regards

Hello nitrox, I got a problem and need your help. When I go to portfolio-classic-1-w-filter.html, there is a small vertical line on the top right corner of the last item in filter bar. It too small to see it, but I think it is really a problem. Two columns, three columns and four columns with filters have the same problem. Could you help me about this? If you can not find it, tell me, I will email you. Thx.

Hello willy_wx,

Try placing the same code on the list item itself and set its height to 100%: <li onclick="window.location='blog.htm';" style="height: 100%;"> </li>

it’s awesome!!! You are so great!!! You saved me, man, thank you very very much.

Let me know if you need any more help :)

Beautiful template! Question: in the metro and masonry galleries the item titles are underlined but nothing happens when you click. You can click the eye icon though which opens the item itself. How to make the text to do the same?

Hello nagypeterendre,

Use an external document and set the iframe option to true. You will also need to specify the iframe URL.

You can also use inline content instead of the iframe, if you prefer.

Please check this documentation:

Best regards

Thanks for the reply! Let me ask another one. I want to replace the logo with one that is independent from whether the dock is up or down. basically I want to position it where the logo is now, but it would have to exceed the top of the dock (hence cannot be inside where the logo is now). When the dock is closed, it still stays there in the same position. I guess it will need to be done with layers or something, but I could really use some help how to get it done.

Hello nagypeterendre,

Use this CSS code:

#site-logo {
    position: fixed;
    top: auto;
    bottom: 50px;
    left: 30px;

This will keep the logo fixed at the bottom of the screen regardless of the dock position.

Best regards

Hi, I bought the “True Story” theme yesterday and now i have a problem : i can’t install it. Wordpress says me the theme is endommaged. What can i do ? Can you give me solution ? I’m waiting for your return. Thank you very much.

Oh no ! Is it possible to transform an HTML5 version in wordpress ?

It is possible, but unfortunately it will take a considerable amount of time and effort.

I understand. Thank you very much.

Hi there, i’m looking for some support with respect to the HTML5 video skin and Colorbox.

First, the HTML5 skin does not display properly when viewed within Colorbox.

Second, the HTML5 video skin does not support subtitles, which can be added by adding “tracks” to line 1201 of main.src.js:

features: ['playpause','current','progress','duration','tracks','volume']

My project really needs this functionality.

For an example, visit and click on “Mao’s Story”.

Thanks for any help.

Hello stephenpiscura,

Captions are not supported by this skin, please remove .ts-player class and try using the default skin.

To fix the display bug inside ColorBox, modify skin.css line 21, change:

#colorbox *{
background: none;


#colorbox #cboxContent{
background: none;

Thanks very much, nitrox, for your quick and helpful reply. Your change solved the Colorbox display issues!

Regarding the subtitles, i ended up changing the following in main.js:

  startVolume: 1 ,
  videoWidth: "100%" ,
  videoHeight: "100%" ,
  audioWidth: "100%" ,
  audioHeight: 36 ,
  features: ['playpause','current','progress','duration','tracks','volume']

which took care of displaying the English subtitles automatically on playback, which is what i needed.

I then just hide the wonky button in the skin like this:
.mejs-captions-button {
  display: none;

So it seems like we’re in business! Thanks again!

Was looking through the footer icons, and noticed there wasn’t one for Instagram, or I am overlooking need one badly :)


Unfortunately, the Instagram icon is not available by default but you can add it and add other icons using, the JSON file is included in the package. Please let me know if you need any help.

Best regards

hi on 1.0.5 and 1.0.6

I have a problem with the contact form. I can send the form and I also receive the eMail with the original form.

I added a new row for an additional fied “firstname” in the same way as “name”. I added the “firstname” in the contact.php in the same way as “name” (at all the different positions). Whatever I try the first name does not appear in the eMail.

As I set the firstname as “required” too, the second thing that I recognized is that when firstname is empty, the form refuses to be sent but the curser doesn’t jump to the firstname field and it’s also not highlighted as the field “name” does when its left empty.

Could you please send me a link to the contact page? And if possible, send me the PHP file in an email.

Hi, I recently purchased this theme and was unaware (my fault) that it wouldn’t work with Wordpress? Really unfortunate, is there still plans for a Wordpress version? thx

Hello lildragn,

I am sorry but there isn’t any plans to develop a WordPress version for this template anytime soon.

Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you.

Best regards

Ok np, I’m so used to WP I’ll have to read through the doc first for gallery updating and such :) So no installation is needed? Just copy the files to my server correct? Thx

Yes, but the template will still be static.

Where do you set the width that the navigation expands to, when hovering the main menu? I’ve tried changing #main-nav > ul > li > ul { width: 150px; which was the closest number to the current width, but didn’t have any effect (plus my open menu width is 208 px). Basically, I want to shrink the width of the open menu columns (but not by decreasing the padding between the main menu items).

Hello nagypeterendre,

The menu expands to the widest menu item so you will not be able to change it from the CSS.

Open main.js and look for var submenuWidth, override the value of this variable as follows:

var submenuWidth = Math.max.ap...
submenuWidth = YOUR_VALUE;

Best regards

Hi there – could it be that you got a bug with your loader?

The template is great – good design and very nice grid / code. However, when I developed a site that has got a table inside a tab (with images), it looks like the loader loads the page, then it pops out to a “loading” position and never ends. When I refresh the page it sometimes working fine. I saw in the code that you save / read cookies for caching purposes – could that be an issue? I hope you could help


Hello eranbs,

Thank you for your feedback. I will look into this as soon as possible and will update the code if necessary.

Best regards

I found a resolution… if I turn the ajax to false, it is working well. I can’t explain why though :-) Cheers