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Could we possibly have some styling for the html5 input type controls, like DATE, NUMBER, RANGE etc ?

hi! im searching for a good template with nice html5 audio player. i want to buy thrue story but, audio post not working in firefox & opera can you fix it?


How can I create a database to make the gallery work? There’s a guide for it?

Hello leeuima, I am sorry but there isn’t a specific way to create the database and use it in all cases. It would differ from one to one and I wouldn’t be able to provide support for all of them because after all, this is a static HTML template not a dynamic one. Thats’s why I used a simulator and not an actual database.

What should I do them? I’m completely lost

Hi again! Nitrox – why you do not answer to my question?

Audio Entry – not working in firefox opera

will you fix it or not? I’m still waiting for resolve this problem. I can’t buy template with not working feature that I need so

Hi nitrox. Not sure how contact page works, I have changed form action to action=”contact.php” and $_POST[‘to’] to post to my actual email, but there is still no response from it. In your .pdf the html structure for contact form looks much different from the actual one.

Hello pcbus, the form in the documentation is the contact widget not the contact template, they should both work. The structure doesn’t matter as long as the fields are there. Did you check the spam folder? Are you sure your server has the PHP “mail” function enabled? some hosts disable this function by default.

Hi nitrox. Thanks for your reply, not sure what do you mean by “the form (..)is the contact widget not the contact template” I was not asking whether contact form is a template or a widget, also don’t get what you mean by calling it “they both”. I’m afraid I also completely miss on “PHP mail function” – can you please be more specific?

Hello pcbus,

You were saying that the HTML structure for the contact form that is written in the documentation is different from the actual one, I am just clarifying that the code in the documentation is the “contact widget” code and not the “contact page template” code.

The contact.php file uses a PHP function named “mail”, if this function is disabled by your server, the contact form will not be able to send out emails. You can contact your web host to ask them about this information or you can create a PHP file (using any text editor) with the following contents:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Upload this PHP file to your server (anywhere), then run it in a browser. This file will list your PHP configuration, use it to find out if the mail function is disabled on your server.

I want to change the slider to fade instead of slide but I dont know where to do it. I just want the fade optio and the timer so I can slow it down. I tried very hard to find it myself but couldn’t find it. Thanks S

Hello onebluefox ,

Check the updates log on the “Item Details” tab, here you go :)

<div id="home-slider" data-fade="true">

Also check this comment:

Nitrox, I have several questions that I have posted here and have emailed you, as you requested, but have not received answers.

I’ve updated the preview to demonstrate that you can use linked buttons in the home slider.

Click the buttons in the home slider.

What is the code to use? I copied your code from the preview and inserted it into my index. Is there something I need to change in a style sheet? If so, what is the change.

No, there isn’t. Just the HTML code.

hey I want to make the main menu static..How to do that?

If by ‘static’ you mean a single level, just delete all the sub-menus and the menu will not open.

I purchased this item but the assets folder that came with it have different photos than the demo? I was hoping that it would come with the graphics I saw in the demo.


I don’t think themeforest would allow me to include these images in the downloadable file due to re-distribution right issues.

Thanks for the heads up souldisco, working on it

Hy Nitrox, is it possible to start with the dock hidden? ( how ) thanks Marko

sorry no line number in the main.js 1.0.2V… and i canìt see the 1.0.3 v in the download..

If main.js is minified (one line) , delete it then rename main.src.js to main.js and make the changes to the code.

sorry but if i change the this.hidden = false; into this.hidden = true; then it doesn’t open again. can you tell me what to do ? thank you?

/* - handle state change - /

show: function(){
this.hidden = false;
    this.element.stop(true , false).animate({"bottom": 0} , {duration: 600 , easing: "easeInOutCubic" , step: this.stateChange , complete: function(){
  $(window).height() - template.dock.header.height - template.dock.footer.height);
} ,
hide: function(){
} ,
this.hidden = true;
this.element.stop(true , false).animate({"bottom": -(this.header.height + this.footer.height)} , {duration: 600 , easing: "easeInOutCubic" , step: this.stateChange , complete: this.afterStateChange});
stateChange: function(){
    / update bottom margin of the page while the dock is being shown or hidden /"padding-bottom" , template.dock.element.outerHeight() + parseInt(template.dock.element.css("bottom")) + ("fullscreen") ? 0 : 35));
} ,
for(var fn in template.dock.onStateChange){
    if($.isFunction(template.dock.onStateChange[fn])) template.dock.onStateChange[fn]();
afterStateChange: function(){
    for(var fn in template.dock.onAfterStateChange){
        if($.isFunction(template.dock.onAfterStateChange[fn])) template.dock.onAfterStateChange[fn]();
} ,
beforeStateChange: function(){
    for(var fn in template.dock.onBeforeStateChange){
        if($.isFunction(template.dock.onBeforeStateChange[fn])) template.dock.onBeforeStateChange[fn]();
} ,
/ ===== header ===== */

awesome theme! love this gonna buy it. Better than that synergy because it cause many problems now even it’s design goes bad now. Hey i just went to site i mean main site. it got a virus/Trojan on file. it’s automatically downloading i am glad i got kaspersky. Kaspersky says ” HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Objects covered by this classification delete, block, modify, or copy information, and disrupt the performance of computers or computer networks. ” I think you should change the code. It will be safer to browse your main site.

When will be the version for wordpress?


How can we remove the next slide and previous slide controls on the main page?

Hello alitraeps,

Unfortunately, there is no direct option for this at the moment.

Hi all. Firstly, give Nitrox some slack…hes gone well beyond the effort that many authors do to answer your questions and provide javascript tweaks to suit your needs, as well as answer some fairly basic questions – if you want to know what size images should be – take a look at the sizes of the images supplied! Theres no need to be rude.

Here are some suggestions to make this already great template even better/more complete…

1. We have styles for text boxes (eg on the contact form), but it would be great to have some styles for other form controls, like drop down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, and the html5 specific controls (range/spinners).

2. How about an option of where to have the dock/menu. Eg, TOP or BOTTOM.

3. ‘bug’ fix : When you click on a menu link on the ipad, the menu stays expanded, whereas it would be good if it collapsed automatically. I know you could use non-ajax page loading to achieve this, but it would be good if it worked with ajax page loading.

4. Can the accordian be used on a non-full screen page ? Eg, often sights use a slider/according as part of a home page which has other html on it as well.

Hello roy_huntley,

The points that you mentioned are very interesting, thank you for your feedback and support. I really appreciate it :)


you can easily hide the next slide and previous slide with css …. just go to line number 2423 and add the label to display the value none, then to line 2427 and add the same value. to remove the numer navigation go to the line 2509 and again adds display: none.

cheers from Colombia

Hello simonbeat, Thank you for your contribution, greetings from Egypt

5. Bug : Slider, when using data-fade=”true”, if you click on the little circles on the top right to jump to a slide, then the text no longer slides in/out….it just disappears

Will be fixed in the next update, thanks for reporting the bug :)

Hi Nitrox Is there any way to change the menu position to the top and leave the footer on the bottom?

Hello simonbeat, I am sure it can be done, but unfortunately, not without tweaking the Javascript code and CSS.

Simonbeat, thanks for the advice, it worked just as you described. Nitrox, I write software/hardware documentation for a living and would be willing to help you with some additional documentation to help other users.

Hello alitraeps , that would be great!

What are the options to control the timing homeslider? There should be 2 times, one of the duration of each slide (data-autoplayduration = “3000”) and another from the duration of the transition. Can you tell me please how change the transition time?

Hello simonbeat,

Open main.js and scroll down to lines 2538 through 2542 and change the duration from 1000ms to the value of choice.

You also need to scroll down to line 2561 and change the duration from 1000 to the desired value.