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My hosting says I have to use authenticated SMTP. How do I authenticate through the contact form?

Hello, this template is beautifull, i send you comments for the compatibilty with ipad. One problem: on the “template-clients.html, i lost the possibilty to hide dock or i lost the hide dock. An idea? Thanks

Hi, another possible bug…everything (ie, ajax loading) works fine when all the html pages are at the root, eg,, However, if you start having subfolders, eg,, then the ajax loading doesnt seem to work. NB, i did change all the links in the page in the subfolder to have ../ in front of them.

Adding ’../’ was a correct move, now you just need to set the ‘site_location’ parameter in main.js file.

Hi! I just bought this ite, and it’s great. Just one question. How do I make the dock be visible by default? I’m running test in my hosting and the dock is hidden from the start, I have to click on the arrow to make it appear.

Could you please try another browser and see if the problem still persists? If it does, please use W3 validator ( and make sure you don’t have any HTML code errors, if your code is valid, please send me the main.js and main.src.js files.

hi! I just did it, and it seems to be in order, no errors were found. But, now I have some other troubles. When I publish the page, a very weird error appears. Also, I validated the css through the css validator and it gave me back several errors :( Anyway, where can I send you the .js files? Regards!

Send me a message via the contact form on my profile page.

Awesome work man!

Just curious about the social icons in the footer? I can’ even see these icons anywhere and I’m wondering how would I add a new one for Yelp???

Hello Latif, They are vector icons from an icon web font, you can find it in folder Fonts/TS_Fonts

Nitrox, thanks for the theme its awesome but its not working, the masonry portfolio on chrome doesnt load and in firefox it doesnt see correctly

Hello pepeguayo, the gallery templates use a PHP file to retrieve entries which requires a server with PHP in order to run. Try using xampp for tests, it’s a local server.

Hello, where can i create my icons to change the social icons in the footer? Thanks ( , use it to edit the SVG icons file.


Hi! The theme is beautiful, but I would like to know how to edit it. When I open the html files with compozer, all of them show gray. And I cannot use WYSIWYG.

What is the best way to edit theme? And the easiest?

Thank you in advance.

I just found how to edit it using Notepad. It is great! I only have one question. How do I change colour and font?

Thank you.

Use one of the skin files in styles/skins folder, to use a skin file, add the following code to the end of the page head tag:

<link href="styles/skins/SKIN_FILE.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Changing the font is straight forward, use font squirrel ( to generate your web font and replace the current font files with yours, or add your @font-face rules in the fonts.css file to use both fonts (current and new)

i still waiting, when the audio post start working in firefox & opera? You theme is the best for my Music site! I waiting!!! can u make changes a little bit faster?

Hello souldisco , this issue doesn’t occur locally nor on a local server, so I have to debug on the live server which is a lot slower, I am sorry :(

Is there anyway to change the Twitter feed to do a keyword search instead of logging in? For example, any tweet that had the words “Lake Fun” would show up?

Hello brade11, yes there is, but the feature is not implemented yet. It will be an awesome addition for the next update :)

I’ll be looking for the next update :)

Hi, great template. How can I get the images to load bigger on a mobile or allow a zoom function?

...Can you explain in more detail. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Hi, have been playing around with this for a few hours. DO I add the class to the wide image or to the wide images link?

You should add the class to the link, not the image itself.

Because i use “use_page_ajax_loading : false”, i can’t click <button class=”color ajax”> How can i do? Thanks

Hello webwatts, use JavaScript:

<button class="color" onclick="window.location='portfolio-classic-1-w-filter.html';">


any way to remove the thumbs in the home slider and just leave the arrow navigation??? I try with CSS but leave me with a bug when a i change the slide…..

thanks for your time sir

greats from colombia

Hello simonbeat, remove the thumb img elements from the HTML code or add the following CSS rule to the end of the styles file:

#home-slider .nav-link > span > img {
display: none !important;

The CSS method works really great but I want to know how to make the HTML method…..Can you please me tell me what line i need to erase in the HTML code to delete the thubms navgation??

thanks again

Hi Nitrox! I have a problem with the mobile view in iPad/iPhone. In the top dropdown list appears some ”?”. Can you help me please?


Hello orx9, change the main.js file encoding to UTF-8

Works Great!! Thanks!!!

Did you use a CSS preprocessor? If so, would it be possible to get the sass for this?

Hello Vocino, no I didn’t use one.

How do I slow down the slideshow? Also can it be set to “fade” instead of “slide”. Thank you.

I found the answer to how to slow down the slider. so thanks!

Still need to know if it can be made to fade instead of slide.

Hello onebluefox , please check the update log (3/2/2013)

Nitrox, when I try and use an anchor, the page always loads the top of the page, not the anchor, both when anchoring from the same page and an outside page.

How can we use anchors to access specific parts of a page?

Hello alitraeps, That’s how the template works, it’s not designed to load parts of a page.

How can I anchor a section of a page?

Great template!! I have a problem with the portfolio grid. It doesn´t look like in your preview page. It has just on row of pitures on the left. Screesnhot:

Can you tell me, what is wrong and how to fix that ?

It won’t work if you are running it locally, you need a test server for the PHP file to work.

Thank you! I´m an idiot! Checked the site with Xampp and all is fine :)