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Hi there, you wrote earlier that you are working on a WP version of truestory. Do you have any idea yet when you are about to publish it? Would be a perfekt match for a Projekt I´ve got coming up..

Thx, Kay

Hello kayserkay, probably by the end of March but hopefully earlier.

h0147896325p [PURCHASED – 12 hours ago]

(I use Google translation)


I have already started customizing my different pages with my own content, but there is always this recurring problem: the menu is hidden when opening the site.

How to make the menu is automatically displayed when someone comes to the site?

I would like to display the menu automatically when you open the site because it is not clear that we must rely on a small link to view it. Everyone is not devin ;-)

Thank you for the help appreciated.

nitrox [AUTHOR – 3 hours ago]

Could you please send me the URL of your website?


There is an error on your website:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 (Not Acceptable) 

Go to line 1950 in main.js and make sure to add these lines:;

so the code would look like this:

    if($.cookie("ts-hide-dock") == "1"){

How can I anchor a section of a page? I’d like to link from the same page or from another.

Hello Alitraeps, the template cannot work this way, if you need to anchor a section of the page, you will need to disable ajax loading.

What is the simplest way to disable ajax loading for a single page?

Looks great, cool layout. Great idea. Good luck with sales!

Hi Nitrox

Im thinking of buying you’re theme, but I have a few questions if thats allright with you.

- On my iPad, it seems "laggy" is that a hardware issue?
- When you update the theme, especially for bugs, how do the customer (me in this case) get informed about it?


Hello Kraam,

Yes, it probably is but I am not 100% sure. All template updates are logged on the template page on ThemeForest.

Thanks for the quick reply! Hope to see more work from you in the future!

Hi Nitrox,

First of all, thanks for this template. You did an awesome job! However, we find that a fresh loading of the site will take between 5 to 7 seconds. Any tips on making this faster?

Regarding my comment above, I forgot to mention that the slow loading time we observe is when accessing the site with a mobile device (iPhone4, 4S and 5)


I does take a relatively longer time for the first load because of the fonts, images, scripts … etc. You can reduce this time by removing the fonts and files that you don’t need.


How do I change the black circle for loading? I’d like to keep the white squares, just a circular picture instead of the black circle

You can unset the background color from the CSS

Nitrox, do I assume that the page loads all the images in the home slider, before displaying the 1st image? If so, the total size all all images will slow the loading. I also noticed that the code is written to take the full images for the Flexslider. The Flexslider images are only shown at about 500 px wide, so I am not sure why they are loading images that are 900 px wide. it seems overkill and another reason pages load slowly. Am I correct in this calculation?

You will need higher resolution images for screens with high DPI (mobile and tablets)

Hey Nitrox,

Not sure if this is just me but let me know what you think:

I changed the slider to data-fade=true, thus making the home-slider fade. However, when I do this, the “full-screen caption” and the

Hello yunglee, This has been fixed in v 1.0.6


I tried to make the footer smaller by changing the height in styles.css but nothing changed. How do I make it smaller?

Try clearing the cache, also don’t forget to set the line height for nav menu items

hi, is there an issue in the contact page, whereby in the javascript, where its looping through the pages, it just gets a value of ‘undefined’ for whatever is put in the website textbox (which i note isnt a type=input, its a type=url..

“& website= ” + website.val();




var website = form.find(“textarea[name=’website’]”);

to be

var website = form.find(“input[name=’website’]”);

Nice template! I just have one problem… The contact form isn’t working, I need to use port 587, can you give-me a little help in this case?


Hi, Amazing temp. Just one thing that is not really working for me… the portfolio – masonry. It will only work if refreshed the page.. otherwise will be loading forever… what can I do to solve this? Thank you!

Hello Nitrox, could you help me out please. The gallery – masonry works when I type the url directly, but when i click on gallery it won’t load… so its the button that is not allowing to load somehow….. what do i do? thanks.

FOR ANYONE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM…. i fixed myself. safari is not opening the gallery w/o refreshing. you have to input the entire address for the link on the button to work.

Hello studioMio, this has been fixed in 1.0.6, you don’t need to input the entire address.

Hi Nitrox,

I remarked that there is a bug using the ajax button class on the front page slider.

It looks like the button loads the page only at the 1st push, then if you get back on the same slider by returning using home button, or browser back option, the button doesn’t react anymore until the page is reloaded.

<button class=”color ajax” data-href=”portfolio-classic-1-w-filter.html”> View our work </button>

you can test on your hosted template, by pressing the 1st page “View work button” then press the return to Home button on the Dock.

It doesn’t happen with onclick events as in this example:

<button class=”color” onclick=”window.location=’portfolio-classic-1-w-filter.html’;”> Validate now </button>

but this event loads the page and the dock and I would like to stay with ajax.

Do you have any suggestion how to fix this behavior?

Hello laurian3000 ,

Please download update 1.0.5

Thank you for reporting this bug.

Thanks, 1.0.4 is still online when I’m trying to download it; should I wait more time?

1.0.5 is now available, please re-download.

Hi, how I can make the homepage slider is not responsive and looks the same on PC, tablets or cellphones. thx

Remove the media queries from styles.css file

Thank you Nitrox

Hello nitrox First congratulations on the great design. I’m interested in buying your design, but I wanted to consult you before some doubts.

In the gallery “grid” when the image is enlarged, is this already implemented in the code the next and previous buttons to cycle through the different images? Is there another button that displays thumbnails?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I misspelled something, I used a translator. A greeting from Spain

Hello iyadmn ,

I used colorbox to enlarge the images, you can link all the images together by adding the same group to each one of them. Please check this link:

Thanks for your answer. I’ll buy it now, I hope there is some explanation of how to do it in the documentation accompanying the web besides me colorbox raisins. If there is no explanation in the documentation, if there is a lot of work, all your buyers will surely appreciate this step.

The gallery is very good but the vast majority of people (web users) prefer to move from one image to another and to see an explanation of the picture at the bottom with a small letter (see this example [link removed] enter in one of the image and see the top menu (for move in the pictures of the gallery) and the bot information (with small letter))

Thanks for all Nitrox

Hello iyadmn, thank you I will surely keep that in mind :)

Hi Nitrox, is there any guide how to connect the database with the portfolio (masonry)? Thank you in advance.

Hello Visual24, I am sorry, there isn’t. You will need an implementation of a back-end and this is outside the scope of this template.

Hi Nitrox, is there a way to have different folder pictures sources if I would like to display them on different galleries pages using the metro/masonry/grid layouts?

I mean I want to have the gallery1 page that will get the files from folder1 /full&resized and a different gallery2 page loading from folder2 /full&resized

How can I declare to use two diferent ajax_portfolio_entries.php files in the main.src.js file

or manually in the body of the page but to be displayed using the metro/masonry layouts


Cool, I can’t wait to see that feature available . My project is locked about that 2 galleries missing option.. thnks a lot for having it in your consideration.

PS.Also thnks for the fix with ajax links in 1.05. everything is fine now.

One last question: if I want to use Ajax loading on the links posted on internal pages, i.e. Archive widget on the sidebar:

Direct Links

  • <aa href=”history-medieval.html”>Medieval Fortress</aa>

how can i correctly do that? <aa class=”color ajax” data-href=”portfolio-classic-1-w-filter.html”Medieval Fortress</aa> ?

or is ther a smarter way to use a switch in the main.js to make all <aa href> links to use ajax loading?

< aaa class=”color ajax” data-href=”portfolio-classic-1-w-filter.html”> View our work </aaa>—>”

You can search for ‘a.ajax’ and replace it with ‘a’ in main.js but I don’t recommend that.

Hey Nitrox,

Not sure if this is just me but let me know what you think:

I changed the slider to data-fade=true, thus making the home-slider fade. However, when I do this, the “full-screen caption” and the other content does not appear on the slides.

Hello yunglee, this has been fixed in v 1.0.6