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Hey Nitrox,

How do I link the images on the flexslider to a link of my choice? I know you have created button classes to do this but I want my users to be able to open a new link when they click on an image in the flex slider.

Wrap the image in an anchor tag.

the download page still has the 1.04 package can you please update it to 1.05

Is it possible to add new fields to the ocntact form? I’ve attempted doing so by changing the contact.php, contact.html, main.js and main-src.js but I still cannot get the additional fields to be pushed into the POST data sent to the contact.php form. What am I missing? :)

Did you add them to the “dataString” in main.js?

Hi Nitrox,

Another question: I’ve added an FB like button to a few of our pages. It’s working fine when loading the page for the first time. However, if you navigate back to it – say from the home page – using the dock, the button does not show. You can check out our WIP here: Any help is much appreciated.


Suggestion: Nitrox, can it be created a print.css stylesheet that will remove the dock , the sidebar and page background images when sending the page to the printer?

in IE the background image overlaps with text and other images. in Chrome, the backgroud is removed by the browser print function, but dock overlaps the page content.

thank you

Hi, Another question: Why the website in contact form aways is “undefined” when I receive the e-mail?


Hello Thiagops , This bug has been fixed in v 1.0.6

In Chrome, the Masonry Portfolio only opens if you press F5 or minimize. With only page name or entire address.

Great! You know when it will release? Thanks!

It’s already available, please re-dowload

Thank you

Hi Nitrox, congratulations for this template. I have a little question. There is the possibility to configure prev-next button into the photo gallery (when I zoom the photo)?

I wait your response. Thanks

Yes, just add the same group to all items in the portfolio. I’ve done this in v 1.0.6

Ok Perfect. Thanks

Hey Nitrox,

How can I link the client images on the Client Page to their related website?

I try to add the code to the code but its not working.


Just wrap the images in an anchor tag.

Hey Nitrox, the anchor tag doesn’t work at all. Also, do you know what may be happening here

The images suddenly are not loading anymore.

Using a translator Hi nitrox I see you’ve already completed the 1.0.6 version but you have not even uploaded? I downloaded the file and still 1.0.5

I wanted to tell you that I have succeeded in doing what the groups in the gallery (with Next and Previous buttons), but wanted to know if the version 1.0.6 you can perform several different galleries with photos (eg several galleries each grid with different pictures) is it possible? This is the website that I set up to test, I make 5 galleries with the same method grid but I have made some changes in the html of the gallery (so avoid ajax) and then, I can repeat the galleries:

Thanks for all and congratulations for your new update (fixed contact form and many ajax for portafolio) I hope to download it soon. Thx so much

Version 1.0.6 is available now, please re-download.

I am thinking about purchasing this template, but I have a few questions about it before I do. Does it support hashtag navigation and act as a single page app that will dynamically load the page content into a master page with the dock navigation on it?

I am looking to implement my own JS to pass viewmodels to a portfolio-single page in order to load content dynamically as well. Without actually seeing how the template is constructed, its hard to speculate whether this is possible without tearing apart the template. Is there any glaring reason why I would have conflicts or issues doing this that you might know of? Thanks for the input… Really nice, clean template

No, the template doesn’t use hashtag navigation, but it uses an HTML5 feature that is far better than the hashtag. It’s the history.pushState feature that allows you to achieve the same functionality of the hashtag (ajax) and maintain a SEO friendly URL.

Great theme, would you consider making a wordpress version?

Yes, I would, but when? I cannot give an exact date right now

Hi Nitrox How goes everything I hope fine…. Im trying to change the arrows icons from the home-slider… I change this line…

”#home-slider > span > span:before{ content: ”\e052”; }”

Where I can find the list of icons with their respective number to know what are my options?

You will find a page named icons_ref.html in the package. It contains a list of all the icons and their respective codes and class names.

Sorry Nitrox I forgot How change the duration of the transition of the slides

thanks again for your time..greats

Using a translator

Hi Nitrox

Now I have the last version 1.0.6. In 1.0.6 load correctly the galleries (masonry,metro and grid) on tablet and smartphone, great job!!!

1º Yet with 1.0.6 the contact form is not working properly. If you change the line:

$to = isset($_POST['to']) ? $_POST['to'] : '';

For this line:

$to = '';

works correctly and send the email. In the Blog file, only need remove the hidden line of “to”.

2º Please, Can you add to the documentation an explanation of lines of code as do groups in the galleries? What need write in the php and html files? I read the link ( and have tried in various ways but can not get the groups to work with 1.0.6

I read this in the web of, i tried this but not found:

<!doctype html> <head> <script> jQuery(document).ready(function () { jQuery('').colorbox({ opacity:0.5 , rel:'group1' }); }); </script> </head> <!--These lines would be similar to the ones in the php file--> <a class="gallery" href="image1.jpg">Photo_1</a> <a class="gallery" href="image2.jpg">Photo_2</a> <a class="gallery" href="image3.jpg">Photo_3</a>

Thanks in advance and hope not to be heavy :)

Just add an attribute “data-group” to the links, to group two colorbox links, give them both the same group name:

<a href="1.jpg" data-group="my_group" class="colorbox">Link one</a>
<a href="2.jpg" data-group="my_group" class="colorbox">Link two</a>

Hi Nitrox. It works perfectly. Thanks again for the clarifications.


I’m still having problems on the Ipad and Iphone. Some of the buttons are showing up twice from the dock at the bottom. Is this fixed?

Just updated to 1.0.6. Tried the home slider with fading again and got mixed results…some images seem to fade fine, others change almost instantly without any fading.

To add to the above, ODD numbered slides fade in fine…but EVEN numbered slides just appear quickly with no fade

Hello roy_huntley, could you please send me the URL to your website or test server so I can debug this?

as an addition to data-fade=”true” behavior:

I think is better the text to slide left as it does now, then to be the fade effect of the full screen image , and then the next text to slide right.

Now, in Chrome and Firefox I see that text is sliding left, then next text is sliding right, later the image is changing with no fade effect, almost instantly as Roy_huntley specified.

Hi Nitrox, I would like to use the Home Accordion page as a events page where i would like to add 5 posters for the next upcoming events on my site.

How can I make the next event active to be displayed as extended with the “fullscreen-caption” displayed , same as having the mouse over.

line1441 /* handle mouse actions */ $(this).mouseenter(function(){

Can you please suggest how to develop a class for this purpose

  • same as for toggles elements

    Option 2, will be to have the date displayed on each image with of the accordion, for all next events, in order the visitor to understand the timeline of the upcoming events :

    but line:1420 from main.src.js $(this).find(”.fullscreen-caption”).hide(); is hiding everything I want to display there.

    thank you in advance for your support

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