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Greetings – you guys do very nice work! I am considering getting TryMee and Increase – just want to know if the purchased comes populated like the demo? Or if there is an option?

Thanks much Ron

Hi, Ron. Thank you for being interested in our themes. Hope you’ll have a chance to try them in action :)

In fact our HTML templates replicate the demo reviews except the images used. They were replaced with grey placeholders.
The template has a brief functions’ description – a “Site Template Help” which is meant to be a guideline in your elaboration.

As for the WP themes – we provide a demo content in each download so that our customers could manage their sites quickly and easily. The demo content concerns posts, pages, menus and image placeholders and replicates all the pages exactly as they are on the demo – with all shortcodes and snippets. Some of our themes have sliders’ import files – also with some sample images. Sidebars and widgets should be configured manually. WP themes have very detailed instructions so that even a newbie could easily work with the theme.

Our support guys are ready to assist you should there be any problems or questions.

Hello, I would like to know how the speed slider is changed


Thank you for contacting

To edit slider animation speed, you can scroll to the lines where your slider is (in the file of your page where it is located), for instance, in the initial index.html file it will be 488-507. Then edit parameters, highlighted on the screenshot, depending on what exactly you need. Please keep in mind that all values are in milliseconds. See the screenshot.

Thank you!

Template is easy to use and modify. Best of all its a great looking template with loads of features and HTML pages with examples from sliders, lightboxes, blogs, and galleries to responsive 1,2,3 and 4 column layouts.

Even better is the support. Lightbox didn’t work on my server and the support team went all out and adjusted the JS files so that it would. And in less than 36 hours with time zone difference. I couldn’t be happier!!

5/5 stars.

Thanks for your feedback!

We do our best to provide quality products and helpful customer support. Thanks for using our products!

Hey guys, I submitted a personal ticket on your support page last week on Thursday and didn’t get an answer yet… I didn’t even got a confirmation that my ticket is being reviewed or something like that. Can you please check the status and give me some sign? That would be great!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for contacting!

Please check your spam folder, as the support team has replied to a ticket several days ago. If you do not have it there neither, please submit another ticket and let us know about it here so that we could check whether it ever came through.

Thank you!

Nope, it’s not in the spam folder unfortunately. I submitted a new ticket right now.

Thanks, the support team has now responded to you.

Hey Folks,

I’m not what you would call a web guru, but I am having a slight issue when it comes to editing the template. The live view is great, but when I open it in Dreamweaver (CS 5 [I know, it’s old school]), it interprets the page far differently than it appears live.

I was wondering if this was an issue with editing a Bootstrap site using an older version of DW, or if there may be a fix you know of to solve my issue. I could edit as is, but it’s a far slower process than I’d prefer considering I need to put together an entire website using this template.

If you could get back to me as soon as you can, that’s be great. Thanks for the hard work so far. The template looks great. With some luck it will really jazz up our old website into something great!

Thanks again!

Thank you for contacting and your feedback!

As to Dreamweaver – in fact we do not guarantee compatibility, and we would advise you to use a regular code processor (like Notepad++ etc) to edit it. In fact you do seem to be the first one to ask about Dreamweaver for this template. Also you mentioned Bootstrap, please note that this template was not created using this framework. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Thanks, that is disappointing about Dreamweaver. I am not an expert. If I need to buy new software, what would you recommend for WYSIWYG editing?

Hi again. In fact there is not much we can advise here, as we use none of that. Appreciate your understanding.

Thank you!

Hi. I’m trying to locate the code for the “back to top” button on the bottom right of each page. I want to change the button color. Please tell me where I can find it. Thanks!

Thanks for contacting!

Please check the background-color value for the following elements:

.shortcode_slideshow ul.shortcode_slideshow_pager li.current a, .shortcode_slideshow ul.shortcode_slideshow_pager li a:hover, .cmsmsLike:hover,, 
.table th, 
.tour li.current a .arrow_block, 
.tour li a:hover .arrow_block, 
.togg .tog:hover .cmsms_plus span, 
.togg .tog.current .cmsms_plus span {
background-color: #f7773b;

This should be around line 70 in your initial css file.

Thanks, hope this will be helpful!



When the customer use the contact form and click on send, the mail is sent but there is no message to tell to the client that the email is sent like ‘your email is sent, thank you, we will answer you in a few hours”. The problem is that the customers click a lot of time on the send button because they believe the message is not send and my client receive dozen of the same emails. How could we solve that please ?

Thanks for contacting!

Please submit us a support ticket so that the support team could take a look at the issue and help you out – submit now.

Thank you!