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Can I get some support please?

Hello, may I know what kind of problem that you wan to ask?


When clicking on a product, I get page not found, you can see here:


ok please contact me from my profile page with your site login, let me check directly at your site.



How to i slice the PSD ’s to fit the design… I want to change the logo, and therefore need to slice it in the design.

Any advice?

Hi, the recommended size for logo is 140×49px. so you can crop your logo in logo fix size.


Can I change the background ? I would prefer for it to be white vs. textured… thanks. Sarah K

try to add the following css code in Theme options => styling options => custom css :

#wrapper { background: none;}


Hello, are you providing support?


Yes of course :)


Great, can you send me your e-mail address by private message?

Already fixed directly at your site :)


Thanks! :)

Hi Indonez. Have you solved the permalinks problem already? Can you send me the solution?

Best regards,

Hi, I have fixed your site and replied your email regarding your question.


FINALLY , a good theme for someone who is NOT a coder :-) i LOVE LOVE LOVE editing it , it is super easy to understand. the documentation would have been better if they were written – but i got it … and i didnt even use it for a dealership ….. i would welcome your feedback on how i did …. i wanted to move my jooml;a website to wp original website : www.delmarvalocksmith.com new website with this template : http://delmarvalocksmith.com/temp/

please tell me what you think ? does it look more professional before or after the change ? anyways – thanks for the great theme :-)

Wow nice looking and more professional with your new site (WordPress), try to add space above your “We Serve The Delmarva Area !” section and align your text to left, just my suggestion :)

Thanks and congratulation :)

Hi Indonez, Could you please tell me the solution to the permalinks problem in regards to showing a 404 error when clicking on a product in the showroom page. Cheers.

I will fix this issue soon, if you need quick fix, just contact me from my profile page.


<head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Language” content=”en-us”> <meta name=”GENERATOR” content=”Microsoft FrontPage 5.0”> <meta name=”ProgId” content=”FrontPage.Editor.Document”> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=windows-1252”> <title>New Page 4</title> </head>

hi , its me again … just wanted to ask 2 last questions but before that let me say thank you for doing such an amazing job with this template ! if i could i would rate it 10 stars …. i just enjoy editing the site and ( because im not a coder ) I’m learning new things everyday !!!
I bought MANY themes here ! this one is the best by far ! would love to get your input or improvement suggestions – http://www.delmarvalocksmith.com
so my questions are :
1. because i used this template for a locksmith and not for a car dealership – is there a way to make the dealer links not say the word dealer ?
for example :instead of  http://delmarvalocksmith.com/ dealer_detail /dover-de-19901/

can i change it somehow to say :
for example : http://delmarvalocksmith.com/ location /dover-de-19901/ ?

its not crucial but it would perfect things further .. :-)

2. because im not a programmer ive been playing for so long with attempts of trying to add a Google plus 1 button  , face book  , and linkdin  , to top home page ….

i keep messing things up …. any suggestions ?

thanks for your respond – I will look out for more of your products !



1) if you want to change the dealer_detail slug, please open post-types.php file that located in functions folder of tucana theme, find and replace “dealer_detail” with “location” and regenerate your permalink structure.

2) just contact me from my profile page with your site login, let me help you for this, but please upload your social icons first at your site.


Hi, i’m sorry for my english.

I detect an error in search page result of wp tucana template.

Near the date of any results of the query there is this code: $disable_postmeta = $data[‘disable_postmeta’];

To solve this problem is sufficient to add php tag <?php $disable_postmeta = $data[‘disable_postmeta’]; ?> in line 36 of search.php

Thank you for your good job!!

The theme is amazing!!

See ya!!

Hi, if you need quick fix, please open search.php file, find and remove the following code :

$disable_postmeta = $data['disable_postmeta'];
I will fix this issue soon.


Theme Updated!

Please redownload the theme

1.1 Version (10/15/2012):

  • fixed 404 page for single product post type
  • fixed search result text

Hi Indonez

Great theme mate!

I don’t know if i’m the only one with this issue, but on several article pages like articles, slideshows or dealers, i’m missing the “use as thumbnail”-button. So, i’m not able to create a slideshow or link images on the dealer-page. You got an idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

*edit the “use as featured image”-button. I’m sorry, i’m using worpress in another language.


Hi, did you tried to deactivate your installed plugin first? if you still have a problem, just contact me from my profile page.


Hello Indonez,

I would like help to the following problems, First, I do not know how I could add the new category that I created from Products>Product Categories to Appearance>Menus so that it will be shown in the Showroom menu on webpage. Second, can I add a child menu in Showroom? How?



Please go to Appearance => menus menu, at the top right of the page, please click screen options button and check product categories option, now you can include product categories in your main navigation.


I have tried to change the Body Font colour to #1a1a1a and although it is shown as saved in Appearance>>ThemOptions>>Styling there is no effect in the front end. My site is at www.sella-car.co.uk Regards Steven

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

replace #000000 with your color.


Thanks for the update Indonez. Adding the code in the CSS section worked fine.

This should be really simple. Does ANYONE have the answer to this query. I also sent a 3 point query via your profile enquiry form and have had no response yet … I am trying to get this Tucana site in a working condition and need your help fast as the documentation is severely lacking in all but the obvious stuff.

I have a Page Cannot Be Found problem when I click the Product title in the Showroom page. Someone else has clearly had this problem before but for some reason you have not published the solution.

Right now I have a client with a live Car Sales site where buyers cannot see details of the Cars! Not much use really ;-)

Regards Steven

Hello, I have fixed this issue in latest version (1.1), so please update your tucana theme, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


Hi Indonez … I have updated to 1.1 … I switched to another theme and back .. I have cleared out cache and still you can see there is a Page Cannot Be Found problem if you go to http://www.sella-car.co.uk/showroom/ and click on the link

Does anyone at INDONEZ even read these comments??? 12 days and NO ANSWER – Shocking! We are your current AND future customers and advocates.

The showroom issue has been resolved so for the sake of other users of this Theme I will repeat the fix here. I am using WP 3 .4.2 The fix was to switch Permalinks to Default and SAVE and then switch back to my Custom setting / postname / and SAVE . Now how dificult would that have been to publish for all others to see? Regards Steven

I also submitted the following 2 issues via your profile area but have had no reply

1. How do I hide the Gallery and Showroom links 2. I have no need for the Dealership section in the Home page (when Show Latest Posts is selected) ... Is there a simple way to Edit this out 3. I tried to create a Tucana-child theme but when I selected it via Appearance>>Themes page I found the top menu git screwed up. Do you NOT support Child themes? I am using WP 3 .4.2 Regards Steven

Hello again Indonez, thanks for helping me about the previous issue.

I have here another issue, how can I separate the “7A SeriesWheel Loaders” in the title..Also can I be able to make it a Wheel Loaders > 7A Series like in my Showroom Menu? http://dynacoolcars.com/?products=hl780-7a


When you visiting the actual product page, the category name will be displayed as the title, for the next question, did you meant you want to include the product items in main menu?


Hello, I also have the issue with the product details permalink… as several people have requested can you please just tell us the code to edit to solve this. I’ve done some custom edits to the site and I don’t particularly want to have to waste more time re-downloading, editing and updating a theme for one issue.

Thanks a lot