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Really great one and finally a theme which can be use for something outside of websites for artists and photographers …

Good luck with it.

Thanks Massix :-)

Really nice theme Idonez! Once I have a client this suits, I will surely purchase it!

Hi Nice theme works well. One problem when the pictures change on the slider a horrible black line appears around the pictures and text in IE8 . Can this be fixed?

Hi, telsaleman
Sorry I don’t have idea for bug on slideshow transition images on IE8 , It’s because jQuery cycle have not compatiblity with this browser

Hi, i have one BIG problem on IE o this site:

This is screen from IE 7 .0:

Elements aren’t be in a line (sorry for my english)

How i can repair this?

I have idea:) in css style change:



display: inline; float: left;

Thanks for your correction :-)

Very nice theme. I hope we see a Wordpress version soon! Keep up the great work!

I agree, a WordPress template would be very welcome. Do you have plans to convert this to a WP template?

Thanks :-)

Thank’s for comment, I’ll consider to make WP version later :-)

Nice work,

But in IE 8 , The Home page transition make a bad line around the picture. Its there in demo site also. But looks very bad on my site.

Please open it in Firefox and IE and let me know if there is any ways to solve it.

I have one idea, if you have problem with pictures in IE, you can change “fade” to “none” in script.

agree with you :-)


i am interested for purchasing the template and car pictures included in this one (car with glass tinted in black).

Where i can found these cars pictures and others in the same style ?

thanks !


All car image on my demo, It’s only for demo purpose because I don’t have license from cars brand, I can send you image on demo, but it’s your risk

Also the Search Doesn’t work !


Search form doesn’t work since it’s only HTML template not a CMS :-)

Did you ever find a solution for the black border on the images in the slider in IE?

I sent you a private email but no response – i will try this and see if i get a response.

I that there is a problem with the img-slide-large slideshow – noticed that the after the images have flashed through their first sequence, on the start of the same repeat flash sequence, the pics are all then distorted and small. this is happening in Firefox and IE. Also i have to refresh the pages for the thumbnails to show up, sometimes they appear and sometimes they dont.

Please help!


I have send your reply, but I think It’s blocked I think the problem is because “jquery.cycle.all.js” on your theme using old version please update with new version on this link :

Download it, and extract first, after that replace your old ””jquery.cycle.all.js” with newer version


thanks for sending me the js file but unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem. i previewed the site in Firefox and IE and the same problem occurs. here is a link to one of the pages that is having the problem.

thanks, Patty

Hi, looks like a lovely theme – quick question… the services page has an example table, does this fill the whole width on a page if there’s no column on the right?

Yours, Chris

Thank you for this great template! I need to make some changes and i was wondering if you can help me.

On the index page i want to add the exact same car but in different colors so when the slide fade out will give this nice color changing effect. So far so good, no problem at all. The problem i have is that i want to change the “pageslide a” to match the appropriate color of the car.

This i could not figure out. Any help would be great appreciated.

Thank you

Any plans on releasing a Wordpress Theme for this one?

Any plans on releasing a Wordpress Theme for this one?

Hey Indonez,

Great template!

I’m having trouble in the contact form. It is not sending the email to me.

I’ve configured the sendmail.php file, changing the mail and subject items, but i’m not receiving the emails sent from the site…

Do you have any idea how can I fix this?

Best wishes

Mario Lellis

Hey Guys,

Can anyone help with the post above?

It is the last thing I need to fix to finish my site…


Avast ALERT ! Trojan horse.