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Good use of unique fonts and web styles, clean look, well done.

Thank you!

Nice work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you!

Good work! Only This file seems to be missing: demo-content/theme_options_demo.txt

Thanks! Actually found out I didn’t need the file. It would be nice if the Active page is highlighted in the menu. Then visitors know on which page they are.

You probably did not define a menu, therefore you have all the pages showing as menu items. If that’s the case, you can change line 931 in the style.css file to

nav ul li:hover a, nav ul li.current-menu-parent a, nav ul li.current_page_item a {

Let me know how it worked! if you have more questions plz open a ticket on http://clapat.ticksy.com/ and provide the url of your installation.


Thanks I made the ticket

Thank you!

Hi There!

Thanks for this super theme! its awesome!

One thing though, the ‘show more works’ button stopped working all of a sudden…


Thanks in advance!

Plz open a ticket on http://clapat.ticksy.com/ and provide access to your installation. Thanks!

Is the secion below the header only setup for 3 items, or will I be able to add more?

Are you asking about the portfolio template(s)? Plz give us more details. Thanks.


I bought your theme but my menu doesn´t work. So it shows all available pages. If I categorysize them in a custom menu and I click the box “primary menu” nothing happens. What is my fault? I hope you can help me soon, because this site has to go live soon. Here it is: www.edel-one.de

Thanks a lot!

Plz open a ticket on http://clapat.ticksy.com/ and provide access to your installation. Thanks!

I´ve sent you a message and a support ticket many hours ago. Can you plz look about the problem. The website have to go live in short tim!!!!

I responded to your ticket. Thank you.

Hi, I can’t find where to set a new three-columns porfolio, which could find my pages…

Hello, if you want to create a three columns portfolio page, you need to select ‘Portfolio Three Column’ template in your page attributes. Thanks.

Thank you very much

If you are satisfied with our template, please do not forget to rate it. Thanks!

Amazing theme, but how to divide in 3 columns the home page content, like in the template? Now if I use the 1/3 button in the editor, the right 1/3 goes under the center 1/3. Help please!

ok, found


Is this theme localised and is it tricky to make a site fully multilingual with it? e.g. – http://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang


The theme is not localised (yet). Using wordpress in the language of your choice will do most of the job. Thanks.


1. Does it have a sticky menu 2. Can it work with Visual Composer? 3. Does it work with the latest version of WP?

Lastly can I see an example of the 3 different menu options. I’m not crazy about the one in the demo.

Hello. the navigation menu is a regular, static menu; it works with latest version of WP; we’ve only tested the plugins integrated with our theme. The menus (headers) are an option in the admin panel – so you can change it as you wish. Thanks.

I keep getting Wordpress Fail Upload error (Please Try Again) while uploading it on wordpress 3.8.1

is there an update i should get?

Thank You

Hi, the theme works with WP 3.8.1 Have you tried to upload the install-able .zip file or the whole package? Thanks

Hi i keep getting “Theme install failed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet can you help?

Hi there, make sure you install the theme folder not the main archive (you can download both from envato). Main archive contains also documentation, demo data, etc


Thank you

hello, i have a problem, my web page is runnig well on pc but when i try to see it on a mobile it redirects at www.mobile.mydomain and its not working, it says Sorry, the website mobile.continentaltowing.net cannot be found., can you help me please

The theme has nothing to redirect to mobile either. The server looks for http://mobile.continentaltowing.net it’s a server setting. why did ,htaccess had that line included?? Who added it?


i don’t know I think godaddy add it automatically, but i have another domains in same hosting account and the other ones are working correctly Im still with the same problem I can not see my webpage in any mobile device

Hi is it possible to add a youtube icon in the social media buttons?

yes It is a pre sale question, but I don’t understand the purchased badge, should I click on anything before asking? And another question I have is: can you link a portfolio page inside a portfolio page to have more levels of structure?

Also I need to know this questions before buying it because for me is really important those aspects. thanks a lot

It requires a small modif. We can help you with that.

Can i change the page’s font?

Hi there, yes you can change it. Thanks

Hi, how i can put my instagram? thanks

Hello open a private ticket on our forum (clapat.ticksy.com) and we will help you.

Is there a way to add Instagram as a Social Link with the other pre-existing ones

Hello, requires some custom work or you can try a social media plugin. Thanks


flcz Purchased

Hello! In the archive there is no file: demo-content/theme_options_demo.txt



flcz Purchased


Hello! In the archive there is no file: demo-content/theme_options_demo.txt

Please send me at damcar59@gmail.com

Thank you!

Hello, sent!