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great theme saurabh! good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot, Jack.


Really great work. I like it. Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot, Pete. :)


Love this theme! Would like to use this to update our photo site, but I must know, is the homepage able to be one long page of photos, instead of paging over to a second page with just one image. Can say, 3 times the images be loaded on just one single home page?

I love how you can select the image, or another separate link.

Hello davidjohn610,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

The home page can have as many items as you want. I skipped the last image to second page for showing pagination. If I have more images and items, I can show them on next page (or all in one page).

In order to demonstrate this, I have removed the pagination for a while. Kindly check the Home Page to see all posts on one page. :)


SOLD !!! Love your work, second theme of yours that I have bought. Keep them coming friend!! :)

That’s great. :) Thanks for the purchase and kind appreciation. I hope you will like the theme.


Great work dude!! love your style. Good luck with sale :)

Thanks mate. :)

Is there a HTML 5 version?? Don’t like WP so much.

Nice work!!

Hello ttbinc,

Thanks for browsing the theme. Currently, HTML version is not available.


Great theme. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks a lot, mate. :)

Very Nice Job , Congrats and wish you good luck with sales…

Thanks very much, Bedros.


Hi SaurabhSharma,

Love the theme. Just setting it up now and have found that the small lightbox preview when you click on an image on the front profile page is distorting the photo. When you then click the expand button to see it larger it’s fine. So it’s just the small lightbox. Any idea how to fix it?


Hello acode,

Thanks for your kind feedback and appreciation.

The prettyPhoto modal box has default dimensions of 500px by 344px (unless we override them inside the JS). If you wish to change these dimensions to some other value, say 800px by 600px, this can be done inside js/custom.js file, line no. 86 onwards:


        animation_speed: 'fast',
                default_width: 800,
                default_height: 600,
                rest of the parameters

As shown above, add the default_width and default_height parameters just after the animation_speed. Save the file. The modal box will open with these new dimensions. if you find any difficulty, you can drop me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Hi, I’m having problems setting up the menu on this theme. I try to save the menu structure but when i view the site i get this message ‘Navigation Menu not configured yet. Please configure it inside WordPres’ , but when i try to set it up it just won’t save the menu. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hello neilrosiak,

Recently I have come across this issue (on other themes) when a navigation menu theme location will not save. This happens rarely, and the fix is to re-install the theme. But you need not do that. Kindly drop me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, along with your WP login. I will check and fix it.


Great work!

Is there a HTML 5 version??

Hello molinafelix,

Thanks for browsing the theme. Sorry but HTML version is not available currently. Recently, a nice full screen Photography template is released in HTML category ‘J Doe Photography’. You can check that out.


Great theme. Just a question regarding the photo mosaic, are these able to link to pages instead of popping up as a gallery when clicked?


Hello lealouise,

Thanks for your kind appreciation and browsing the theme.

The photo mosaics are populated from featured images on Posts (not Pages). The posts are linked through the title name that slides in from the top of the mosaic thumbnail. So, a user can either navigate to the permanent post (using that title link), or open the image in lightbox by clicking on the image. In either case, pages are not linked, but posts do.


hi i can get the demo content xml file ?

Hello 2stroke,

Kindly drop me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, I will send you the xml export.


Hi; Nice work.. I would like the images to link to the posts instead lightboxing them. Would you let me know how to get this done? I’m about to purchase your theme and I need a reply to this before I do so. Thanks MKP

Hello kpince,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

Currently, the images show a sliding title which is linked to the permanent post. If you wish to have images linked to permanent post, it will be a minor tweak in the code, which I will provide you. :)


Hi just wanted to say thanks for the great theme, however I seem to be having an issue with my images for the blog posts. I have set the featured image and assigned the page to the image radio button. but I can only view 5 images max on the home page? Is there something that I am missing? I look forward to hearing from you

Also would it be possible to have access to an xml export from your layout structure? thanks

Kind Regards,


Hello Rich,

Thanks for the purchase and kind words of appreciation.

I assume you are using default blog page as Home page. If so, the post per page setting might be set to “5” posts. You can change that inside WordPress Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most: option. Change this to 10 or 15 and save the changes.

If the issue is different than what I could figure out, kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, along with your WP login. I will fix that at your end. I will also send you the XML export on mail.


I just want to say that Saurabh gives excellent support with his themes! You won’t regret buying one of them! :)

Hello Lorenzo,

Thanks for having a look at this theme, and for your kind recommendation. It is very much appreciated. :)


HI Saurabh – I’m very interested in your theme, but I have a few questions for you.

I can see that featured images make up the pictures on the homepage. Are these defined by category? In other words, can I assign the homepage image posts to a category that shows up on the homepage only and not in the blog and vice versa?

I’d like to have a homepage with portfolio images and a blog that doesn’t bump the homepage images – only adds to the blog page.

Ideally the homepage pics would be a custom post type instead of a standard ‘post’.

Also, how difficult would it be to have the homepage picture and the title go to a lightbox instead of having the title go to a post page?

Great theme – I’m very interested. Thanks!

Hello RichKent,

Thanks for browsing the theme and showing positive interest. Please find my answers below to your questions:

1. The Home page uses a “Portfolio” page template for showing the mosaic of images. These images are shown from the “featured images” of the posts from a particular category. This category ID can be selectively provided inside the page options panel for this page. i.e. If you create a category for portfolio, you can use it on this page selectively.

2. In the same way, the blog page uses a “Blog” template which asks for a Category ID (or IDs) for blog. Here you can provide only the Category ID of blog. So the home page and blog page will be separated exclusively.

3. The posts are in standard format with 8 extra custom post formats for audio, video, gallery, etc. (not custom post types).

4. Home page titles and pictures can be restricted to lightbox only. That is a minor tweak inside the portfolio template which I can help with.

Since you asked about Home and Portfolio not being mixed, I would also like to mention that these separations are only when we are using the templates. On archives, categories, search, etc. all posts will be shown (Portfolio + blog).

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. I would be glad to respond to your queries. :)


Perfect – I figured it was built that way, but wanted to make sure.

If you can help me with #4 I’d appreciate it -

4. Home page titles and pictures can be restricted to lightbox only. That is a minor tweak inside the portfolio template which I can help with.

Post the tweak here or you can PM me. Thanks again!

Hello again,

You were real fast. Thanks for the purchase.

Kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the file.


Hi, Just purchased this theme and I have a question. I would like the post to show a gallery but on the blog page I would like to show a single image, can I do it?

Hello swnfirm,

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will suggest you appropriate fix to do so.