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Fantastic theme, bookmarked! Do you foresee to implement an upgrade to this theme so that the photogallery goes to top when pressing NEXT after a portrait image?

Right now I experience the scrolling to be quite… annoying, but overall I love this theme guys :) http://pinword.orange-themes.com/gallery/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet-consectetur-adipiscing-elit/

thx Marco

Hello Marco,

Thanks for your kind feedback and browsing the theme.

Sorry if I couldn’t understand which photo-gallery you are referring to. Is it the Home page Mosaic layout, or the prettyPhoto lightbox gallery?


Hi Marco, I love this theme , it’s look simple and beautiful!

I have used the reference of “documentation” to change the setting of language, firstly, using “language option” to change the “languages- country.PO”, then I renamed and uploaded, unfortunately, I have realized that the “permalink.0 Comments” of First Page had not changed. Secondarily, I put the code of relation of “Read full Post\”>Permalink”” into ZH_TW.PO of current used. But, there was not any effect of these changed, I want to ask these are two functions(Permalink and comments) is it not to connect or correctly into language file? Furthermore, the “text”(Permalink and comments) of display is default English only. Finally, how should I do to change these setting if the text of display is English only?

Hello mrhopeland,

The text strings you mentioned are available for translation in the .po file. However, if you wish to change theme manually, that can be done inside functions.php file, at around line no. 234:

function Twin_small_meta() {
printf( __( '<a href="%1$s" title="Read full Post">Permalink</a>', 'twin' ) ...

And the comments text appears just after this line. You can edit these strings and save the file.


Hi, great wp template by the way. I’ve noticed when I click on a blog, there’s no date below the blog title as demonstrated in your demo (e.g: ‘MAY 15, 2012 by SAURABH in AUDIOS , BLOG with 3 COMMENTS ’), so why isn’t there a date showing on my blog?

Hello mrunlimited2009,

Thanks for your kind words and appreciation.

Can I have a look at the live site?



and..is there a way to change text ‘Permalink’ into ‘Read more..’. Thanks!

Hello again,

It seems that the post meta are set to hide inside Appearance > Twin Options > Blog > Hide Post Meta. You can uncheck this option and save the settings.

The text “Permalink” is set inside functions.php file, line no. 234:

function Twin_small_meta() {
    printf( __( '<a href="%1$s" title="Read full Post">Permalink</a>', 'twin' ) ... 

Change the Permalink text to your desired one and save the file. :)


Thanks for your sharp reply, but I have un-ticked it and it’s still not showing. I think I’ll just make my own date on my blog posts using PHP , I’ll google and see what I get.

Hello there,

Kindly send me your WP login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. There could be a minor setting. I will fix it.


It’s ok, I has been resolved. I had the “Check to hide post meta on single post view.” box ticked on a few posts. Thanks.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I will cross check if anything is wrong inside the settings.


I love the theme and purchased it. I’m still setting it up, but was wondering is there a way for the static images on the home page to be linked to a certain gallery? (for example, if there is a creative image and you click on that image, it brings you to the CREATIVE gallery, if you click on a Wedding image, it takes you to the wedding gallery , etc…).

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hello Sean,

Thanks for the purchase.

The static images have two link options. One for the lightbox and another for the permanent post. When hovering on the image, a title pops in from top. This is the link to permanent post.

You can make use of the “Gallery” post format and create posts. For example, create a post named “Wedding” and set it as gallery post format. You can add image attachments to it (as described inside the documentation).

When you will view this post on Home page, a title will pop up on image hover. This can be used to navigate to the actual gallery post. If you wish to have this click event on image, I will change that for you. You can drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Is this theme wpml-ready?

Hello eukally,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

The theme is translation ready using .po and .mo files. I haven’t tested it with WPML . But you can translate it using poEdit software and .po files. All message strings are appropriately enclosed within translation functions.


is ti possible to add a “more posts” button at the bottom of the blog so more post can be loaded instead of having to load page 2, 3, 4 etc?

Hello enterhiro,

I have tried with Ajax loading of posts using infinite scroll (before releasing this theme). However, I got some issues with lightbox and other effects not triggering live when the new items are being added. i.e. the items load well but the effects doesn’t work as expected. So I decided to keep a normal pagination.


ah i see that’s a shame :(( i wanted the infinte scroll

Sorry to disappoint you. The theme was planned for infinite scroll completely, until I figured out that the audio player and gallery effects do not trigger well with live loading.


Hi SaurabhSharma, very nice theme – bevore purchasing I have two questions: Is it possible to change the backround site colour from white to blue? And is it possible to attach different galleries to the pictures on the start site? Best regards, David

Hello Bulli,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

Background can be changed inside style.css file to any color or image. For the galleries, if you use the classic portfolio template (as shown right now on preview), you will only be able to show single images. But if you use the blog page template and set it as Home page, you can show set of galleries using the gallery post format.

For example, check this Blog Page. This can be set as home page and with gallery posts.


Really really loving this theme…a lot!

Would be even better if there was Pinterest integration ;)

Do you have any plans for this?

“Pinterest Plugin” is great…however unfortunately it does not work with the lightbox effect or the single page images generated by TWIN :(


Hello Carley,

The theme has built in pinterest sharing. You can check the single post. Just after the post content, there is a social sharing section.


Hi Sharma,

lovely theme, thanks for your beautyfull work. Is it possible to set the slider autostart to false?

Reguards Mattia

Hello Mattia,

Thanks for your kind words.

Slider can be set to manual start by changing a small setting inside two files. (I hope you are referring to the gallery post type). If so, kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the fixes.



I have bought your theme and I have it running on my site. I would like a way to change the default post grid width. Is this possible? How can I change this in bulk across all my posts (I have nearly 200, too many to do manually)?

Also, is there a way to set the maximum width the masonry portion of the theme can use, but stay responsive?



Hello Dan,

By post grid width, do you mean the grid columns that appear inside masonry, or the single post. In either case, a default width can be set in core files. Right now, the default width is set to ‘small’. You can drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will suggest appropriate fix.

For limiting the masonry container width, open style.css file and look for the following rule inside section 3. Structure:

.content { position:relative; margin:0px 0px 0px 205px; width:auto }

Change this to:

.content { position:relative; margin:0px 0px 0px 205px; width:auto; max-width:1200px }

Where, 1200px is the maximum stretching limit. You can change this to any other value.


Thanks for the reply! The masonry container width is exactly what I was looking for, I’ll email you about the other issue.



I’m using the theme for a blog. I’m having problems with the featured image not resizing. It’s overlapping over the post title, this happens when set to standard or image. But in gallery its fine. Any ideas why? Thanks!

Hello gabyan,

I think the images were uploaded to media library before the theme was installed. (WP thumbs do not get re-sized for old images). For that, it will be required to regenerate thumbnails. You can find more details on this topic inside your_download_zip/documentation/index.html file’s section 21. Frequently Asked Questions > 2. Why images are not appearing properly on site.


That worked, thanks, the images needed to be regenerated!

Another question, How could I centre the main container. When i click into a post there is too much space on the right hand side. I couls set a width for the masonry columns.

Hello gabyan,

Open style.css file and look for the following rule inside section 3. Structure:

.container { position:relative; width:100%; margin:30px auto 0px; text-align:left }

Change width:100% to width:1000px. This will limit the container width and make it center aligned. You can also target it ‘only’ for single posts by adding the following rule at the end of style.css file:

.single .container { width:1000px } /* Applies only for single posts */


Perfect, its centered now! Thanks!

How can I link the featured post image to the post instead of it opening up in pretty photo? It’s in the format.php

<?php if ( $img ) { echo( ‘ ‘);}?>

Also is there a way to centre the featured image? I have some posts that have 300px images so there is a large space to the right.

Thanks in advance!

Hello gabyan,

Inside format.php, and other formats as well, change the following code:

<a data-rel="prettyPhoto[group1]" href="'.$big.'">


<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">

In order to center the featured image, place the following rules at the end of style.css file:

.grid_thumb { text-align:center }
.grid_thumb img { margin:0px auto }

I hope that will help. :)


The link is coming up not found. The url it produces is this: category/news/%3C?php%20the_permalink();?%3E

This is what I have here: <?php if ( $img ) { echo( '<div class="grid_thumb b_thumb" style="height:'.$img_height.'px"><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>"><img src="'.$img.'" alt="'.$title.'" /></a></div>');}?>

Hello gabyan,

Kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the corrected file.



Great template, Question, How can I replace the logo? I have not been able to figure it out.


Hello chachan11,

Thanks for your kind feedback. Logo can be replaced in two ways:

1. Replace twin/images/logo.png with your own logo. Keep the name of logo file as logo.png.

2. Upload your logo to the media library and copy it’s URL . Next, navigate to Appearance > Twin Options > General > Custom Logo URL . Paste that URL in this option field and save the settings.

Any of the above mentioned method can be used to replace the Logo.


Thanks for the quick reply,

And I have one last question, how can i make the homepage where i have all the images to be static and not reorganize themselves? the same goes to the blog section. I need to change these since on mobile devices they look a little weird. And one last thing, how can a make the social links to stay in solid color and not change color when i hover on top of it.

That would solve all my problems,

Thank you so much Best regards

Hello chachan11,

For your first query, I think you are willing to disable masonry on Home page and Blog page. If you do so, the grid blocks may not appear properly in browser. They will simply float and drop in a random order because all of them have different heights. If you wish to test it, open twin/js/custom.js file and look for the following code at around line no. 238:

itemSelector : '.mason_item',
isAnimated: true,
columnWidth: 1,

Delete these lines and save the file. The masonry will be disabled.

For second query about social links, open style.css file and look for the following selectors inside section 9. SECONDARY AREA > Widgets:

ul.ss_social li a.twitter:hover  { }
ul.ss_social li a.pint:hover { }
ul.ss_social li a.rss:hover { }

Delete all these hover state selectors for social icons. They will now only remain in solid grey color.