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Hello! I have 2 questions.

1. Is it possible to have more then 1 image in a project/page. 2. Is it possible to disable the + on the homepage images and always have them link to the post/project?


Hello boudewijndanser,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

1. A page or single post can have any number of images. Currently, a standard post shows a featured image automatically. You can disable it from theme options and insert any number of images manually using HTML markup. A ‘Gallery’ post format can have any number of image attachments. This post will show a gallery slider on single post view.

2. Yes, it will be required to edit a couple of templates to remove lightbox link and add a permanent link. I will provide you that change.


Hello! Thanks for the quick reply. I just bought your theme, it’s awesome! Tweaking and filling it now, will probably post some comments/ questions soon.

Good stuff!

Hello boudewijndanser,

Thanks for the purchase.

Feel free to drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com for any query.


Hello there!

The theme is nice, well coded and documented. Thumbs up! I have no questions.

Hello Anderson,

Thanks for the kind feedback and appreciation.


And its live! http://www.boudewijndanser.nl Will be tweaking the rest of the week.

Hello Boudewijn,

Nice to see the live implementation. The illustrations are great.


If there were other people wondering how you can have a different size thumbnail then the images in the gallery… 1- Fill your gallery, save the post. 2- Upload an image for your thumb under media. 3- Go to your post, select the uploaded image as featured image.

And your ready!

Thanks for sharing the tip. :)


Hi Sharma, it´s possible to have: - content centered in the middle (fixed width)? - side-panel on the right side (all pages, blog, etc…), and still responsive? - Create a top-menu with (logo – menu – search)?

I will be grateful for any help on this 3 questions Thanks

Hello moctezuma,

Please find my answers below:

1. Content area can be made fixed width. For that, open style.css file and look for the following code inside section 3. STRUCTURE :

.container { position:relative; width:100%; margin:30px auto 0px; text-align:left }

Change width:100% to width:1000px (ar any value you want).

2. Side panel can be made on right side by making some changes to the CSS . But there are some complications. Basically it would become more like an RTL version. After shifting the panel to right, the submenus should open in left side. Similarly the masonry items should float in right side. In alignment to these things, footer notes and secondary area should shift as well. So that’s close to an RTL version (and a big modification).

3. Top menu can be inserted inside header.php file. You can add the markup just after the <body> tag. This can be any div, menu call or custom markup.

If you need help related to CSS , or locating particular code, feel free to send me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Hi Sharma,

Question, how can I add a soundcloud social button next to the fb, twitter etc. Also, I have 2 tracks and when i hit play on the player, both player (tracks) start playing at the same time, how can I fix this issue? I will be very grateful if you can help me :)

Thanks Best regards

Hello chachan,

For social buttons, are you referencing the social icons widget, or the social sharing buttons that appear on single posts?

For the Player issue, kindly send me the URL of that particular page. I will check it.



Nice theme!

Can i divide the page in thumb with different sizes? Take look at the following link, maybe with an image i can explain to you what i mean in a better way.


It’s possible make this?



Hello JP,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

Such layout is possible if you provide pre-calculated images. The theme supports three type of grid widths—small, medium and large. You will have to calculate the dimension of provided image.

For reference, the image sizes supported are 220px, 340px and 560px. So, if you provide 220×300px image for one post. Other post with large grid should have 560×600px image. By doing so, two vertical rows of small grid can accommodate with one large grid. It all depends on the dimension of provided images.


Hey love the theme! I’m having an issue uploading it to wordpress, though—every time I try and install the zip file WP tells me “the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Forgive me but I’m new to this—What am I doing wrong?

Hello kitwilliamson,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback.

It will be required to unzip the download first. Next, look for the folder named ‘twin’. This is the actual theme which you can upload to the ‘wp-content/themes/’ directory of WordPress using FTP . You can also ZIP this ‘twin’ folder and upload using WP admin.

Before uploading the theme, kindly go through your_download_zip/documentation/index.html file. You will find some helpful instructions and steps for theme installation and configuration.


Is there the availability to change the theme color? To have a dark theme? Just curious. Client likes black..


Hello Phil,

Background can be changed using WordPress’ Background feature. You can access that inside Appearance > Background. For individual sections as dark scheme, it will be required to edit style.css file. If you need help in locating particular selectors for CSS , feel free to ask me.


I cannot seem to get my vimeo video to show up on the portfolio. Can you explain to me how to get it show up.

Hello victorhuang20,

While creating a video post, you can re-check if the following things are done:

1. Provided a video URL inside Post Format Options > Video URL .
2. Assigned a post format ‘Video’ from the “Format” panel.

If these are done and still the video is not showing, kindly send me your WP login and URL at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will fix it.


Hi Sharma

I have installed your twin theme. It really looks great.

I am using it for a portfolio for my drawings and motion graphics work but I am new to websites. What I want to do is have on the landing page a selection of images which, when you click each one, goes to a a page that contains other images related to it.

eg: say there is an image on the landing page called “Children’s Drawings”. when you click on it, it opens a page on which there are many drawings of children.

Can you tell me how I could do this?



Hello Lindsay,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback.

For your requirement, you can make use of the ‘gallery’ Post format. For example, create some posts with ‘Gallery’ post format and place them inside a particular category—Children’s Drawings. Next, create a new page and assign the ‘Blog’ page template to it. Inside page options, provide the category ID of Children’s Drawings category.

Finally, you can set this page as front page inside Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays > A Static Page. Set this page as “Front Page” and leave posts page to none.

You can find more information on using blog template and gallery post formats inside your_download_zip/documentation/index.html file. If you find any difficulty, feel free to drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Hello Sharma Congrats on a very simple but sophisticated theme.

I just have some questions: 1/ Can a slider be placed somewhere on the homepage off to a corner….perhaps the top right corner (not large) but always automatically playing a slideshow of images. 2/ Can a separate page be added to play a full screen video? 3/I’m totally new at making a WP website…do you have videos that show how to setup. What kind of customer support do you have if I get stuck somewhere along the setup?


Hello bronco7777,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. Slider is supported using ‘Gallery’ post format. It will appear only within the theme’s layout frame. For example, on blog page you will see various post types (video, gallery, audio, etc). The gallery slider can appear at any of those places. Not beyond that.

2. A video can be inserted in a separate page. But that will show full screen only when a user choose to do so by clicking on ‘full-screen’ button of the video player. (If such button is available on player, like on YouTube or Vimeo).

3. Screen casts are not provided. The theme comes with a detailed HTML documentation file containing necessary steps for theme installation and configuration. Screen shots are included to help understand better. If you go through it, you will find it helpful.

All support is provided via comments section (here) or through email. You can send me email from my profile page message box any time. I try to respond within 12 to 18 hours.


Nice clean layout but where is the portfolio? – No categories? No filters? Please elaborate on how to have multiple photography categories on this.

Hello celticdancer,

Thanks for browsing the theme. You can show portfolio items using a portfolio page template. This template shows only image based items. If you have different post formats (audio, video, gallery), you can make use of a Blog Template

You can see an example of category archive here. The theme doesn’t support filterable portfolio. You can create multiple pages, assign a template and provide different category IDs inside page options panel.


Hi SaurabhSharma,

This is an nicely designed template, however, it would have been awesome if it was responsive. Are you planning to release a responsive version of this site? I’m very interested, but would need to make sure it works on the iphone and ipad.

Hello minaret2008,

Thanks for browsing the theme and kind feedback. I will try if a responsive version can be made. If it goes without losing any site elements and aesthetics, I will definitely release it.


I am absolutely LOVING this theme, so easy to use, so well designed…thank you! I do have a quick question, pretty sure I’m doing something wrong. I’m trying to create a sub-menu…to do this I’ve gone into categories created my main category link, set the parent to “none” then created a second category and set the parent to the main category link but it won’t display when I save it. I also went under Appearance and tried to set the sub menu there but it only adds my sub-menu link as a new top level category. Pretty sure I’m missing something else I’m supposed to do.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!!

I figured it out, it was so easy I missed it….to create the sub-menu just drag the category to the right.

Great documentation, should have read it more carefully the first time!

Hello urudrew,

Thanks for the purchase and kind words of feedback. It is very much appreciated. I’m glad you solved the problem.


Although I am super happy with this theme (I have searched through MANY ), unfortunately there is one big drawback for me, I didn’t realize its not responsive on ipad/iphone, this is 30% of my visitors. The pictures just get stacked on top of each other in one long column.

I realize I overlooked this before buying, I would happily pay for the upgrade if you ever do decide to make it responsive! In the meantime I was wondering if there is any way I can duplicate the css so it is picked up just by mobile/tablets, then fit the images in a fixed container like another buyer suggested….I still don’t want to lose the responsive feature for visitors on a computer, its a long shot but thought I would ask.

Sorry to be a pain, thank you in advance!

Hello urudrew,

Currently, the container is fluid in width. So it shrinks according to the device width. That’s the reason, all masonry grids will automatically stack below each other if the width is less.

This fluid layout can be changed to a fixed width inside style.css file’s section 3. Structure:

.container { position:relative; width:100%; margin:30px auto 0px; text-align:left }

Change width:100% to width:1000px (or any other value). By providing a fixed width, it will not shrink on mobile devices, and the masonry items will still remain at their respective places.

If you wish to target this fixed with for mobile devices, that can be done by adding different media queries at the end of style.css file. For example:

@media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {
- Your mobile pecific CSS -

For the responsive part, I will definitely consider this for next update.


Just sent an email, but maybe someone who has figured this out could answer as well. Im trying to do exactly what boudewijndanser did, making the images go to the post links rather than the prettyphoto launching. http://www.boudewijndanser.nl

I have changed the code in the format.phps but it is still doing this.

Hello Michael,

That was a minor customization inside core files. I have sent you an email for that.


First off, BEAUTIFUL THEME . Second, is it not possible to categorize a post as both a portfolio and a blog. I’d like for some posts to appear both on the home page portfolio and on the blog—but in the ones’ I’e tried they only show up on the home page. Please advise.

—take that back, it shows up on both blog and portfolio page, but I can’t get more than one post to appear on the home page. i’ve checked settings>reading and the theme settings. Thanks in advance.