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Okay…I figured out what the deal is. The home page portfolio doesn’t seem to support video—the post only show up when I associate a featured image with the video post.

How can we enable video to play in place or from prettyphoto from the home page portfolio template (home page)—just like it does on the blog.

Essentially, I want the home page portfolio template to work like the blog template—but not have the titles and excerpts visible.

Hello houmedia,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback.

The portfolio template only shows featured images. All other post formats like audio, video, gallery, aside, link, etc are supported on blog. I restricted portfolio template for other post formats because the mosaic style may not work good with formats like aside, link and audio.

An intermediate solution could be using the blog template but with content part hidden. For that you can add these CSS styles at the end of style.css file:

.b_item { border-bottom:none }
.b_content { display:none }

There will still be a drawback of navigating to permanent post (if the content part is removed). For that, you can email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will suggest appropriate solution. (And possibly that will be included in update too).


Hello! I was wondering how i can get rid of this line next to projects. http://www.boudewijndanser.nl/voor-games/bling-bling-games/ Is it some kind of setting / feature or…?

Thanks! Still loving the theme btw!

Hello boudewijn,

If you are asking about an empty box just after the post, that is for comments. I think you have disabled comments on that particular post. By default, comment box should hide when comments are off (and this is a bug). Right now you can fix it by adding the following rule at the end of style.css file:

.single #comments { display:none }

I will further update it with a fix. My apologies for this inconvenience. :)


Is it possible to put in a custom logo?

Hello James,

Thanks for browsing the theme. Yes, you can place custom logo by providing logo URL inside theme options, or by directly replacing logo.png file inside images folder of the theme.


Thank you SaurabhSharma for your reply and for the detailed directions regarding mobile devices, I will try this!!

Hello, Love the theme. I see that any logo can be put in but is there a way to change the size or can it only be the one size?

Hello genaMperry,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback.

Logo can be of maximum 160px width and any height. The width is limited because side panel is 165px wide. There is no limitation to height, but width is limited to 160px or below. Let me know if your logo is horizontally wide, or has some other anatomy. I will try to suggest appropriate size.


Thanks for the reply and I notice how the height didn’t matter. My logo is horizontal wide and that is what I wanted to adjust. With the logo being that wide, it is very hard to see it at all. If there is anything that can be done please let me know. Thanks again.

Hello genaMperry,

Kindly send me your logo.png file at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will try if that can be placed above main container, and not in side panel. I will send you the fixes accordingly.


Quick question, is there somewhere in the css where i can change the orange color that’s displayed on the search bar?

Thank you!

Hello urudrew,

The orange color is a .png image for search icon. You can find it inside twin/images/search_ico.png. This image can be edited inside PhotoShop by creating a new layer just above it. If you find it difficult, feel free to drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com, with the color HEX value you wish to show. I will send you the file.


That’s great! I can do that, thank you!

Okay, hopefully this is my last question…thank you for all your help so far! My blog is looking great :)

I’m trying to use google web fonts for the main post headings, it requires me to add this link to the blog pages:

<link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pacifico' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

i tried adding it to the index.php file and the header.php file but I don’t know how to properly do this without getting a syntax error. I was thinking I would see some html head tags somewhere where I could paste it but I’m not able to find anything like that.

Thank you!

Hello urudrew,

That code will go inside header.php file. Open / edit this file and look for the following code at around line no. 21:

<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=PT+Sans+Narrow:400,700|Droid+Serif:400,400italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Just after this style-sheet call, add one more call. i.e. paste your code after this line. This won’t give any syntax error.


Hi, one question, if I right click on an image at the home gallery, I can download the image with “save target as”... Is it possible to disable this? Best regards, David

Hello Bulli,

Right click and “Save image as” works on every site, and this can not be prevented. There are some plugins and techniques that allow disabling right click. However, I would not recommend this for two reasons. First, many users use right click for navigating in another tab. If you disable this, they will find it annoying to browse the site. Secondly, if someone wants to steal an image, he/she will do it anyhow by looking at the source code. :) The best way is to upload medium quality (low resolution) images that can not be used directly for print purposes. Or you can watermark them.


Hello Mr. Sharma!

I’m working with a client on your slick theme and I’ve ran into some trouble.


If you look at that homepage there you’ll notice some of the images have extra space to the right. I tried changing the featured images out to resolve the issue and it appears that these boxes are stuck in a fixed width but not fixed height for some reason.

Could you please help me remedy this situation?

Hello adoiron,

The grids are available in three widths—small, medium, and large. On normal desktop resolution, you can have a combination of medium + medium + small, or large + small.

For the ‘Brad Meltzer’ post, you can either set it’s grid to medium (inside post options), or change it’s publish date to more recent one so that it appears before the ‘Kristin Van’ post. Either changing the grid style or publish date will solve alignment issue.


Thanks so much Mr. Sharma that worked perfectly!

I do have another question, hopefully just as simple. I have a post which I want to link directly to another website. Obviously I can have a post be a “link” post but I want to cut out the extra step of clicking the link on the homepage and being brought to the post page. How would I do that?

-Thanks again

Hello adoiron,

The Home page uses “Portfolio” template, which is mainly for image showcase. If you wish to make full use of Post Formats, I would recommend using “Blog” template on Home page. By doing so, the “link” post format will let you directly click on the link.

Portfolio template is basically for standard posts as it only shows featured images from it, whereas a Blog template will allow you to show audio, video, links, etc.


I kind of have the same question as adoiron. I would like to have a few text blocks in my portfolio overview and link the to excisting pages in my site. The blog layout isn’t really an option for me, is there an easy way to do this, or do you know of any plugins? This is what i mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n304lzr7t4tl0jc/twinPortfolio-Tagline.jpg

Hello boudewijndanser,

That can only be done by adding one more template that looks like portfolio template, but works as a blog. i.e. images linked to permanent post.

Or the existing portfolio template can be modified to remove lightbox effect and link images to permanent post. If you wish to do that, kindly drop me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will help with that.


Hi, I´m very glad with your theme but some questions left: - is there a possibility to link the images on the home site to different galleries? For example, when u click on a wedding picture u only see wedding pictures: http://www.foto-kale.de/ or link to the blog articel wedding? - At the “angebot” (services) site I use the Blog template as a portfolio page, is it possible to link the Image to the blog article, actually you can only get to the blog article if you click the headline. - last question, again at the “angebot” (services) site, can I get rid of the “Permalink · 0 Comments · Edit” line and disable the “Leave a reply” function in the blog article? sorry many questions :=) thx for your great support!

Hello Bulli,

Thanks for the purchase and kind feedback.

1. When we click on any image on portfolio template, it will show a gallery of all available images on that page. i.e. images from other porfolio items on same page. If you wish to show a gallery, it will be required to use “Blog” template with Gallery Post format. When creating a post with gallery post format, you can attach multiple pictures, and they will appear as slider on blog template and single post.

2. On Blog template, images can be linked to permanent post, and post meta information can be removed. Comments can also be made hidden. For that, kindly send me an email at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the files.

Other buyers have also requested for a portfolio template that allows linking to custom page. I will try to add that in future update.


By far one of the most simplest (in a good sense) design I’ve found. I have some questions if you don’t mind answering them.

1. I see only single image posts in the demo. How does the theme handle gallery posts? Do they show up in the masonry layout? and if so, what happens in the lightbox?

2. I saw your comment regarding fitering portfolio items. If I create a page with the category ID, is there a template I can set so that the page shows its posts the same way as the masonry layout you have in the demo? fitering/sorting the images is a big plus…

3. Is there a standard layout template for the blog? Just a simple wordpress list down by date type.

4. Is there a limit to the number of images that show in the masonry layout? How does it handle loading a lot of images (lets say 50-70 images)

Thanks in advance.

Hello dominicqwek,

Thanks for providing kind feedback. Please find my answers below:

1. Gallery posts are shown in form of a slider inside blog pages (masonry grid), and on single post. Gallery thumbnails are not linked to lightbox. A gallery can be created by adding image attachments to a post with ‘gallery’ post type.

2. Filterable portfolio is not available in the theme. But you can use a portfolio template for any number of pages. Each page can have a different category ID inside page options panel. Portfolio template will show only image posts, whereas a blog template can show all available post formats.

3. As mentioned in #2, there are templates for portfolio and blog. Each of them can be used any number of times for any category. There is no template for displaying posts in plain format. You can use post list short codes if you wish to show a plain list of posts.

4. There is no limit to the number of posts being shown. You can set “Post per page” inside page options panel when using a portfolio or blog template. If the number of posts is more than posts per page, a next/previous link (or paginated numbers) will appear at the end of page. Paginated numbers will appear if using WP page navi plugin.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions. I would be glad to respond.


is this theme responsive ?

Hello liontamere05,

Sorry, but the theme is not responsive yet. I will try and add that feature in next updates.


Hi -

Can I ask a particular question that will determine whether your theme is suitable for me? I’m a photographer and have for the last 3 years been taking a portrait-shaped picture every day.

Up until now I’ve been posting these on FaceBook but would like to have my own website to showcase these pictures (over 1,200) by month. This would mean a portfolio page which I can have a key image for each month and then when the viewer clicks on the key image a lightroom type gallery opens up to enable the viewer to scroll through 30 images for that month. Each month would have its own image and each gallery approx 30 images. The pictures are all portrait shaped (NOT landscape) and it is important to me that the Portfolio page looks clean.

The alternative is a blog post for each month again with the ability to contain a 30 image gallery to scroll through.

Would your theme be suitable? Is there a different way that you might suggest to do this?

Also, I’d like to be able to offer my book for sale – is it suitable for simple e-commerce?

I’d really appreciate your help in confirming this – Thank you!


Hello Martin,

Thanks for browsing the theme.

As per your requirement, this theme may not be fully suitable. On portfolio template, you can show post images from specified categories. Clicking on one image will open light box with a series of all images present on that particular page. That will not work like category thumbnail and individual images for that category. The theme also doesn’t support e-commerce.

I can recommend two things. Either browse for more portfolio specific templates inside the wordpress/creative/ category, or you can browse one of my e-commerce theme XING. This theme supports WooCommerce. But still, the gallery part is shown using a ‘gallery’ post format. In this, you can attach multiple images to a particular post.

You can check example of grid post format on Blog Page. And individual post here. On Blog page, the gallery post format may show 30 navigation bullets, which I can help in hiding.

Kindly let me know if I you have more questions. I would be glad to respond.


Thanks for the prompt and comprehensive response! One thing is clear – you offer freat support! Cheers

You’re welcome, Martin.



how do I disable the function that when I click an item and it pops, that there’s no possibility to click prev/next. That you just zoom on an image and close it again. No looping through the other images on the page in the popup.

This will probably involve some JS hacking, but if you point me where, I can do this myself (I guess/hope ;) )


Hi SaurabhSharma,

thanks for the reply.

But I don’t want to hide the controls.. I want to change the behavior so that no array gets built if no specific gallery gets hooked up to the image. Let me explain.

I edited port.php so I can hook up a gallery to an image (nextgen) and that works well. e.g. this is the output then: <a data-rel="prettyPhoto[testgallery]" href="ref-to-image.jpg" class="" rel="prettyPhoto[testgallery]"> <img src="image.jpg" alt="LINKED GALLERY" style="visibility: visible; opacity: 1;" /> </a> so when clicked upon this img, lightbox shows big img + rest of testgallery. But, if no gallery is set. <a data-rel="prettyPhoto[]" href="ref-to-image.jpg" class="" rel="prettyPhoto[]"> <img src="image.jpg" alt="ONE IMAGE" style="visibility: visible; opacity: 1;" /> </a>

it stills makes it possible to prev/next with the other images on the page. And that’s not wanted behavior.

And I want to disable that, so if the argument prettyPhoto[] is empty, no gallery gets built in the lightbox..

okay, after I wrote this down, I got an idea. Instead of adding no argument when no gallery was linked, I put in data-rel=”prettyPhoto[no_gal]”

and in custom.js $s(“a[rel=’prettyPhoto[no_gal]’]”).prettyPhoto({ hook:’relxxxxx’, etc.. });

ugly, but it works, cause I changed the rel it hooks upon.

Still interested in what you think is the best solution..

Hello Tom,

For no gallery, simply use data-rel="prettyPhoto" i.e. no [] brackets. And inside custom.js, you can add this rel as:

$s(“a[rel=’prettyPhoto’]”).prettyPhoto( ... );

I hope this will work.


Hi! I may have overlooked it but is there a way to:

1. Set the size of the images in the gallery/post? (I upload 900600 and it gets scaled to 640426) 2. Is there a way to adjust the compression? I get the idea something is compressing my images….


Hello boudewijndanser,

The maximum width of single posts is 640px. So the images are scaled/cropped down to 640px in order to fit the maximum width. This image size is set inside functions.php, at around line no. 52:

add_image_size( 'size_640', 640, 999 );

And is called inside content-gallery.php, at around line no. 10:

$img_src = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $image->ID, 'size_640' );

If you wish to change the size, that can be done by changing the former code 640, 999 to something else, like, 900, 600. But still the single post will have maximum width of 640px, so I would not recommend changing this size. :)


Hello! Thanks for the (always) super fast replies! I went ahead and changed the sizes anyway, since i dont display anything on the right. And i can always copy the original files back. :) Now i have 200+ more of portfolio image space to use. Still need to tweak some of the sizes though. http://www.boudewijndanser.nl/voor-games/vliegwinkel-actiesite/ Thanks again!

Hello boudewijndanser,

The width of single post can still be increased. The current width is 800px. You can change it by adding this rule at the end of style.css file:

.single .entry { width: 960px }

And the image widths can be changed as I mentioned in earlier comment. Also be aware that it will be required to regenerate thumbnails after changing images sizes. The new size come into effect only for newly uploaded images. Old images will still need regenerating thumbnails.


What font/typeface is in this theme? Thinking about the one in the menu and in headlines?

Bought these theme recently, and now want to make matching businesscards.

Thanks in advance. :Peter

Hello Peter,

The font is “PT Sans Narrow”. You can download it from google.com/webfonts.


Thanks a bunch!

Nice work by the way with the TWIN Theme.