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Looks nice, good luck!

Thanks :grin:

Thank you ;)

Looks nice (But, the Dark and Clear views Look the same).

Yes… I had to make some changes to the files before approval and the preview links stop working. I’ll bring them back up in the next hour or so. Thanks!

The theme clear preview is back ;)

A beautiful theme. Congratulations! :)

Thanks ;)

Anyway to get rid of the white border around the dark site? Also, can you use a big image as a background?

Yes… You can do both with the theme Control Panel. Cheers!

Great work!

Thanks :grin:

Thanks. I think the same way :grin:

Hi! Is it possible to deactivate responsive mode?


Yes, but the theme looks good even on small devices :)

Sure, will check it asap :)

This theme is awesome!

Thanks! I’ll be releasing some video tutorials today ;)

Hi Pirenko. Great work as usual, I am thinking of this one for my own site.

What size graphic logo can i place at the top? What is the best size for photographs in posts and portfolios?

Regards. Mike.

You can use any logo size in width (I recomment to keep it in an acceptable height). If you resize the window you’ll see that when the menu is about to overlapp the menu it shifts down so you can use any logo size ;)
About the images size there’s no special recommendation. If they are small the theme has the option to stop scaling the whole centered content at a certain point (so, once again, flexibility is the word).

Excellent design, love it! Will be using this one for a project soon for sure :)

Just checked it on the iPad and notice that the timeline blog has some problems in vertical view. Scrolling is slow and there is a huge space below the posts and the next posts don’t load. In horizontal view all perfect. Something to check?

Cheers! Tom

Yeah… I’ll fix this today. Thank you for your feedback!

Done… Fixed that glitch :grin:

Indeed, excellent!

Hej Pirenko, great theme! Just one Question – what about SEO?

The content seems to be loaded by Javascript?! I get this ||| loading sign, everytime I load a page… So I don’t know if you load page content by means of JS or not… Just to make sure that Google loves this page as I do ;-)

Perhaps you might have some comments on it…

The symbol you see is just a loading image :)
I have other themes and this is not an issue… Content is loaded normally like any other page. You can see it after the page loads by viewing the page HTML.
As for SEO itself I always recommend the Yoast Plugin. It’s really the best thing in the market for this.
Thank you for your interest ;)

Thank you for your reply… You’ll have a new customer in a few minutes :-)

Great ;)

I’d like to buy this theme but i need to know if is possible to put videos in portfolio gallery?? Can i change slider from homepage to a vimeo video??

Sure, yes. Let me know if you want me to set sample pages for this. Thanks!

Please post in Demo site gallery a vimeo movie example.

Here you go: http://www.munto.net/twisted/portfolio-vimeo/
I only added one post for you to see how it works. Thanks!

Ahhhh YEAHHH Pirenko $TRIKES again!! Looks like another masterpiece (and GRT on mobile too!) Will look forward to your videos and put this on my list of next theme to get!!

Hello my friend :)
I’m glad you like it. I already have set up some videos here: http://www.munto.net/twisted/video-tutorials/
You also know my support, so what are you waiting for??? :D
Thank you for your kind comments!

GRT Vids and again just Very straightforward/easy to Build and has All anyone could want!! First project I get for this to purchase, will DO Pirenko!

Thanks ;)

Her there Pirenko,

Lovely looking theme. Few questions

a) Just trying to find out how easy it would be for a newbie to WP to change the top nav to a different colour along with the body and footer. It seems like it only has one colour throughout?

b) If I want to move the slider up ahead of the slogan would that be included in the main theme structure

c) If I want to create a traditional blog with a date block to left, a rectagular image and then add some text… possible without too much code?

d) Finally, adding a full width slider (edge to edge) like the revolution… do you know if itll work without breaking your theme

oh and I tested out your theme on my Ipad and the accordion doesnt seem to work on the demo pages. Just worth a check

Cheers… and Im really considering this for my own portfolio so im praying its not a nightmare to do on your theme…easy for a newbie?

Regards Andrew

So would you be able to guide me on the CSS for changing the header and footer backgrounds or is this beyond the realms of your support?

I used to use Rapidweaver but im making the transition to WP but Im not too sure how ill adapt and if I can learn it quickly enough to make it effective. Anyway, thx again for your swift responses.

Yes, I can help you with that CSS code. Just send me a private message if you buy the theme. Cheers!

then its a done deal. Ill purchase it in the morning as its midnight here in the UK. thx for info and offer to help steer me. Im sure once I get going ill be able to figure most things I need without pestering. Im definitely keen on the blog idea I suggested so ill mention that too.

Cheers and good luck with the theme

For some reason I’m unable to change the default logo? Everything else seems to work fine for me but this?

What happens is I click the upload button, upload my image, choose “insert into post”, and then the text and elements on the upload screen go to all white?

Here is a screenshot:

http://screencast.com/t/HsXtsmvjR (this is what the screen does after I click “insert image into post”) http://screencast.com/t/0GUl4i2i (this is what the default logo field looks like after I close that dialog)

For now all we want is a text based logo and we’re unable to remove the default. However I know that I could remove and replace within theme editor but was curious if anyone else was having the same issue. Please advise.

Also, it seems that the intro text and excerpt want to align wierd and get cut off. I’m using the same font and font sizes as default setup too btw.

So far I love the theme but would appreciiate any feedback on this.


No worries. Do you have an ETA for the update to be pushed live?

No… I think in about 12 hours maximum time. It’s currently on queue. Thanks!

OK great, thanks!


1) Can you tell me where to find the image classes for the icons on the service page? (http://www.munto.net/twisted/services/) like: entypo_icn-rocket. Does an overview exist?

2) How can I enable the thin line under the main navigation? Does not show on my site.

Thank you!

1 – Sorry… I forgot to include that in the documentation. I’ll do it on the next update, but in the mean time you can see them here: http://www.entypo.com/characters/ – just rollover an icon and wait until you see a yellow tooltip (if you see “mail” you should use “entypo_icn-mail”). Depending on your browser you can also see some of them here http://www.munto.net/twisted/wp-content/themes/twisted/inc/fonts/entypo/stylesheet.css;
2 – It’s messing, because there’s a bug with the header.php file (I have an update waiting since yesterday). Send me a private message and I’ll send you a quick fix for this. Sorry for this…
Thank you for purchasing!

Hi, thanks for reply. Sent you a private message to get the fix.

I just replied. Thanks!

I’m also missing the line under the navigation but didn’t notice it until you mentioned it. It looks like the line ended up above the main nav making the outer box outline a little off right at the top of the site.

Yes, the update I mentioned fixes this too. But it’s still on queue :(
Once again, you can send me an email and I’ll send you the update right away. Thanks!

Hi, got one more issue / request:

1) If portfolio-page is choosen as template, no shortcodes can be used in content area since they break the portfolio grid.

2) I would like to show Services & portfolio on homepage – without slider. Could you add another template for pages, one without the slider?

3) As a request: possible to add a filter option to the portfolio-shortcode?

Thank you!


1) Page is not in public mode, can not been reviewed for now. Just try to add shortcode to portfolio page to see the result

2) Used the regular page with hidden sidebar – works perfectly :)

3) Yes, would be great to choose in shortcodes options if the filter buttons should appear or not

Ok. I’ll check number 1 and will try to implement number 3 as soon as possible. Cheers :nerdy:

I could not find any issues with number 1. Can you tell me what shortcode you are using? Paste the code here please or send me a private message. Thanks!