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Hi Pirenko.

I notice that all the text on the posts, is centred. Is it easy to change to align left?

Thanks. Mike.

Yes… It’s funny, because I also though if it should be centered or not :)
I can send you one line of CSS code to place on the theme options that changes that ;)

Great theme! Just, is it possible to have a button for AJAX lazy “more posts” loading? And also, after ajax loaded new posts, the on:hover effect on links and buttons (to change colours) on that newly loaded content stops to work.

I can add the load more posts feature option if you buy the theme :)
And I just fixed the other issue too. Cheers!


I can not change the logo and the favicon, when can you fix it? A good theme :)


I have an update in queue that fixes some glitches with the theme. It’s taking a bit more than usual. Send me a private message and I’ll send you a quick fix. Thank you for purchasing!

Ok, Thanks :)


Installed Wordpress 3.5.1 correctly onto our development server online, then followed by installing Twisted.

When I go into Twisted Options and click Upload against Logo Image under the heading BRANDING, I select a file from my computer and nothing happens. The pop-up window simply goes white!

Same thing happens when I try and change the background, the pop-out window simply gets stuck after clicking Insert into Post.


I have an update in queue that fixes some glitches with the theme. It’s taking a bit more than usual to be available for you to download. Send me a private message and I’ll send you a quick fix. Thank you for purchasing!

Hey GREAT THEME! I love it. I’m also getting the same glitch with the uploading going blank screen. When will the update be available?

I got your email and just sent you the update. Thanks ;)

Hi, very nice theme. The contact form is not showing the message box correctly: http://www.premiumthemefinder.com/contact

If this is part of the update, great. If not, any ideas why it’s not working?


I was able to open it on my iPad. Is it a specific page that does not work? If you still have issues start by turning off the plugins you may be using…

Looks like it resolved. Thanks for the fast support!

Ok. Great ;)

I love the white border, really simple but effective. Makes the page stand out. Great colours and typography too, lovely work.

Thanks… The border is optional, but I think it looks great too :D

Does the update address the heading position as well? In your demo, all your headings are centered but on mine they are all justified left. Would be great if we could choose centered, justified left, justified right. But for me, I wanted the centered headings for this particular application.

I’d also like to know if we’re able to rename portfolio to whatever we want? Basically I have a client that I’d like to showcase “collections” so I’d like portfolio to be called collections and slug to be called “collections”.

Have you tested your theme with any page builders?

Hello again,
Probably both things are related, because with the whole top section looks exactly like the preview. Renaming the portfolio slug is simple, but it requires a manual change to the functions.php file and I prefer not to place it here. Please send me a private message and I’ll tell you how to do this. Thanks!

Will the next update include a child theme?

BTW, I’ve downloaded the new version twice from TF and each time it still shows as 1.0 instead of 1.1 in WP?

OK got the theme updated. Here’s what is fixed: Headings are now centered Divider under main nav is there

Here’s what’s missing still: can’t upload new logo can’t upload new background (same thing, screen goes white on “insert into post”

I think this is because your browser has cached an older version of a js file. Please Click on Twsited Options, refresh page and try again. If you still have issues try refreshing the file’s specific link (on my server is: http://www.munto.net/twisted/wp-content/themes/twisted/js/admin_scripts.js )

Love the theme. Any change of getting rid of the “empty space” between the last item on the page and where the footer widgets start? There are like one or two line breaks of empty space. Thanks.

You can adjust that spacing by going to Twisted Options>Custom Scripts>Custom CSS and pasting this code (you can change the amount in pixels):
.footer {margin-top:60px;}
Cheers :nerdy:

Can a flash objects and/or video be used in the main homepage slider along with normal images? Thanks!

Yes, you can use them. Cheers!

Hi, I really like your theme but I need pricing tables similar to these http://cdn2.1stwebdesigner.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/HelloThemes1.png are you planning on creating piring table short codes for this theme?

I’ll add them if you buy the theme ;) Send me a message if you decide to do it. Cheers!

Hi there,

a day later than promised but I purchased it at last. Starting question for a newbie… is there a members forum (for those who have purchased) or should all questions be on here?

More importantly, Ive installed your theme (im running the latest version of WP) but any key action (like saving) within WP seems to be taking a long time to action. Ive got a reasonable fast broadband connection and yet even in the morning when its quiet from global internet traffic it seems to take ages. Ive switched themes and then it speeds up but immediately I activate yours and try to make a simple tweak and then save…..tick…..tick…..tick. a good 7-10 seconds goes by. Is this normal? Is this typical of a pro theme that probably has to load a lot of content or am I making amends the wrong way? I wondered if I should have software to work off line and then upload the whole lot when I wanted to publish a large chunk. A bit like I used to do with Rapidweaver I guess.

Regards Andrew

All generic questions should be placed here and things related with special requests or customizations should be treated by email.
Taking that much time is not normal. It should take between one and two seconds to save options… If you don’t have any active plugins please send me a private message and give me temporary access to your Dashboard for me to check if there are any errors being generated.
Thanks ;)

Hi again, Ive just been reading up and everything points to the theme. Ive gone into my admin panel and deleted everything, used Onyx to clear my Mac and rebooted just incase. However, all the time im using your theme its painfully slow to do anything… switching between posts to pages, settings to portfolio or saving anything is sloooooooow. I then go and use someone elses theme and its back to a fast zippy workflow.


Send me a private message with your WP credentials please. Cheers!

Hi. Great theme! I have an ask… Is it possible that in the main slider I could add video (vimeo or Youtube)? If it is I will buy this theme immediately. :)

Thx. So I purchased it :). I have one more question how is with Fonts… is theme support Latin Extended fonts?

Yes… There are over 60 Google Fonts available and you should not have any trouble with it as long as the fonts you choose support those characters (probably all of them are compliant).
Thank you for purchasing!

:) thx

Good afternoon, I am having problems installing the theme. Have you tried installing several times, followed all the steps as video tutorial, however always appears the message: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” ... Any idea what might be happening? I need help urgently!! I thank you, Lucia Nahas

The theme file package has more than 5MB so you need to upload it via FTP. Here’s a video that might help: http://www.screenr.com/iAM8
Thank you for purchasing!

Ok! Thank you for your attention.

Hi. Looks like a great theme. One question. Is it possible to make the slider wider. At the moment it is quite narrow. I want to be more 3×2 to showcase my usual photography. Is that possible?

The theme has the option for you to define the maximum content width so you can increase the slider width when the user screen size allows it. As for the slider height it depends on your images height (they will be scaled proportionally for the width and the height has no restrictions), so if your images are 3×2 the slider will look like 3×2.
Thank you for your interest!

Hi. Looks like a great theme. One question. Is it possible to make the slider wider. At the moment it is quite narrow. I want to be more 3×2 to showcase my usual photography. Is that possible?

Okay, so after installing the theme what is the quickest way to set it to the “clear” mode (instead of “dark” which is the default)

Thank you for purchasing!
Someone else asked me that and on the next update (should be available on Tuesday) I’ll create a skins button which will have the 3 skins available by a simple click. In the meantime you can copy the values shown here: http://www.munto.net/themeforest/updates/twisted/clear.jpg
Send me a private message if you need help with this. Cheers!

Absolutely beautiful theme. Is there a way to put the blog section with infinite loading on the homepage ( like the blog page ) ?

Sure you can :) Just create a blog page (timeline or centered) and set it as your homepage. Then place whatever content you want on that page content (slider, services, portfolio, ...) and it will be displayed above your blog posts.
Cheers :grin:

Nice! Thank You! and followed.

I’m having trouble creating a slideshow for the front page even after reading the documentation. Could you provide a clear guide please?

Do you want to set it as a shortcode slider or are you already using a Page under the template Page – Theme Slider?

Trying to set up a home page with a Theme Slider template.

But I don’t know how to do the following for sure (doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the documentation)

1. How do you associate an image with a slide? 2. How do you associate a slide with a group? 3. How do you associate a group with the page?

(Or have I got it completely wrong?)

You got thing right, but maybe I wasn’t perfectly clear on the documentation. So I just recorded a video that should make it very clear: http://www.screenr.com/DCq7
Send me a private message if you still need some sort of help. Cheers!