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Can the homepage slider have just a static image? And also, anyway to turn the “our client” logos on the homepage to mouseovers, from B&W —>color?

Great looking theme by the way. Thanks in advance.

Yes, the slider can have a single image. About going from B&W to color that not possible without some manual changes to the code (on the preview the images I’m using are already B&W).
Thank you for your kind comments!

Hello, Is it possible to disable the page title from the page? For example, on the sample site, where it says “Crafted with Love” and the teaser text below it (http://www.munto.net/previews/?theme=twisted). I am not referring to the page header/navigation. Thanks!

When editing that page on the panel below the content you can edit both pieces of text. If you don’t need them leave both fields blank. Cheers!

How do I add the “OUR CLIENTS” section that’s on the demo home page?

Thanks, I worked it out right after posting!

I’ve added a carousel as per the documentation, however only the first element displays. Looking in the Chrome console I see “carouFredSel: Set a width for the items!”—so it looks like the carousel library you’re using expects each item to have a width. I tried adding a width param to the shortcode for each prk_carousel_single item, and also to the enclosing prk_carousel, but neither attempted fixed the problem.

My only guess is your shortcode will have to somehow work out the width to pass to the carousel library, probably by adding up the widths of the items. I can see in your shortcodes PHP that you don’t do this (unless I’ve missed it).

Any advice would be appreciated :)

Not setting the widths should not be the reason unless you are using really different widths. Turn off all your plugins and if that does not fix the issue please send me a private message with a a link to your website. Cheers :grin:

No worries, just sent you a message with a link to the site and the example shortcode I’m using. It’s a fresh WordPress install to ensure there’s nothing else interfering.

Hi, Could I get the xml file please ? Cheers !

Hi there,

Is it possible to add an embeddeble code into one of the sections of the front page. I wanted to add a embeddable feed from another site.

Basically if the sections is customized by widget?

Thanks much! Beautiful theme by the way.


Yes, you can do that. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko, I have bought the theme and love it.

Just a couple of quick things that are probably really easy to work out – apologies!

For the home page layout how do I achieve the layout of slider at the top, and different widgets below it? When I go to the widget section I can only see an option for putting things in a side bar or footer, not underneath?

Also on your showcase you’ve got a great ‘meet the tem page. How do you get that layout?



I have created a video that might help you on the homepage management thing: http://www.screenr.com/Kbu7

Hi, I have obviously found the shortcodes – when it refers to ‘image path’ what does that mean?



That’s the path to the image of that member. Cheers!

I’m really sorry, I’m too gifted in this area but IO still don’t understand what that means. If I have an image in the media library, what is the image path to it? Sorry!

Click on Media>Library>Edit on the image you want to use. Then, when viewing that specific image on the Dashboard, on the right side you have the File URL textfield (copy/paste this path).
See ya ;)

Hi Pirenko,

Thank you for such fantastic theme, I enjoying it very much, I have stumbled on two things:

1.) Child theme not working well option box broken and alert comes up to update to newer version.

2. Blog page options don’t have title field and the teaser is not showing up all I get is TWISTED on the page, i have reinstalled the theme and redid the page no luck there.

any help on these point wound be much appreciated many thanks in advance… cheers

I’ll make some tests on number 1 and will fix on the next update if needed.
About number 2: go to Settings>Reading and make sure that your blog posts page has nothing selected. This should fix that issue.
Cheers :nerdy:

On point one, i be looking forward to the update for the child theme. and 2. the trick worked, title and teaser are showing, but only on centred timeline comes out with ” Notebook Title” where title is not part of it.

I’ve noticed that some of the icons entypo_icn-link, entypo_icn-newspaper and some others are not showing, I’m only able to use entypo_icn-pencil..

Well thanks for advice wait to hear of the update…..

Regards Chris

Send me a private message with a link to the page where you can’t use those icons. I tested it locally and it seems fine.


Can you upload own background pattern?

The easiest way is to upload one to the images/patterns folder and use the same name as one that already exists there. This way you don’t need to code anything. Thank you for purchasing!

Hi Pirenko,

Thanks for your great theme i just bought.

I just have one question :

- how can i change the css to have a “fullscreen” slider on the home page (on the edge and on the top of the browser) ?

Thanks a lot !

That probably can’t be done just with CSS. Build a screenshot of what you want and send me a private message. Cheers!

Hi, How do I get the lightbox to work like you are doing with your sample installation from the masonry Gallery page option? Do you have a shortcode for this?


When editing that page below the content you have a panel with some custom options. One of them is “thumbnails open lightbox” so make sure you activate it.

How can I group the lightbox images by Skills group. So that if someone clicks on an image within a Skills group and then they start scrolling through the images, they will only see the images within that Skills group and not every image within the entire gallery. Thanks!

If you have set up a portfolio page with multiple skills the lightbox will go through all the thumbnails (no matter what the skills are). What you can do is create a portfolio page that shows only a specific skill.

I have tried what you recommended and can’t get it to work. I only have separate portfolios set up with one “featured” image and have assigned them to one skills group. Yet when I click on one of those images to get the lightbox working, I can scroll through all of the images, not just the ones in the skills group. what am I missing?

You will always see the larger versions of the thumbs displayed on that page. Send me a link if you want me to check this out. Cheers :nerdy:

Ciao Mr. Pirenko, I purchased your theme and I am absolutely happy: this is the greatest theme I have ever seen on TF. Just a little question for you: my logo is a round badge, 400×400px. I want to have it on top centered and I want the menu below, centered as well. I tried the workaround of saving the logo as 1080×400, this solves the problem but it gets too small on iphone. I think I need some bit of css code, can you help me out please? Thanks Davide

With CSS you can try and say that the logo image maximum width is a certain amount in pixels (but only on smaller screens).The CSS property involved is explained here: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_dim_max-width.asp
Thank you for your kind comments!

Excuse me I have one more question: I need full width 1080 for images on centered blog, is this possible? How can I do it? Thanks

Go to Twisted Options>General tab>Maximum content width and adjust the value (this will apply to all pages). If you want to edit only that specific page you need to edit manually the template_blog.php file. Cheers!

Hi congratulation, great theme! i wanna just ask you why if i put in the responsive mode active, on my iphone i see all the menu on two floor instead a scroll centered menu? i hope my english is not so terrible, thanks

Does this also happen on the theme preview?
Thank you for purchasing!

An other question… if i want to buy a layer slider and put on the site, can i do it on the homepage? thanks

You can place it on a normal page with a shortcode. You should not use the “Page – Revolution Slider” template, because this page type will look for a Revolution Slider id. Cheers!

Hello Twisted

Very nice looking theme indeed. Just three questions:

1. I am assuming that I can make all typeface sizes smaller quite easily throughout the site?

2. I think it is possible to link to an external url from a portfolio image/item. Is this correct?

3. Would you consider a sticky menu at the top? I could look great with the scrolling theme.

Kind regards

1 – Yes, by adding some CSS code to the theme options. The good thing is that by reducing the body font all the other text will be reduced too;
2 – Yes;
3 – I can help you with this with no extra charge. Just send me an email if you buy the theme;


Thanks for your reply. That all sounds good.

Finally, would you consider adding a table or pricing box of some kind to the shortcodes?

Kind regards

Hummm… Is this vital for your purchase decision? :)

Hi and thanks for your fast answer. I wanna ask you an other question. The button “ALL WORK” under the portfolio single page doesn’t work. Its redirect to the same page I’m visiting. If i’m in the page X and push on the button the page refresh but stay in that page and don’t show all work on grid. What can i do?

Please make sure that you have already set up a portfolio page and also that you have the latest theme version. Thanks!

sorry i understand my mistake. on the main page portfolio i have to set the category i wanna show on the grid, if not set, its repeat the image

I just replied to your emails. Try to explain more clearly what you want to do ;)

Sorry again if i write in separated questions. The title of the page is boxed on top of the page, i don’t want to show it both lines. Where i have to custom the css file and how?

Send me a private message and build a screenshot explaining what you want to do. Cheers!

Hello I’m having trouble displaying shortcises in a sidebar text widget. Have you a simple solution to get the info box to work in the text sidebar widget?

This should be working fine. For instance, on the theme preview the Flickr feed is a shortcode… Maybe the problem is with the shortcode you are trying to use. Can you send me a link? Send me a private message if you prefer. Cheers!

Sent ya a message thanks

Thank you sorted now ;)