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Hi there, I was interested in purchasing this theme.. Looks great! Can you let me know if you include the demo xml file and also by any chance yo might be able to add a pricing table?

Thanks Vannessa

Since the last update the theme comes with a feature that with a single click you install some demo content. Basically it create some page types, some slides, somes posts, some portfolio entries and a page with shortcodes. You don’t need to import anything with this option. Anyway there’s also a Preview XML sample if you want.
Pricing tables: I’ll add them if you buy the theme. Cheers!

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the timeline blog page? It seems that every time it goes to vertically load more articles, it just redisplays the same ones that are already visible instead of loading new ones. I haven’t tested it on IE but I get the same issue with Safari and Chrome. ANyone else experiencing this?

I haven’t heard this so far. Can you send me a link? Send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks!

www.imperfectimpression.com -any insight is appreciated! Aside from that, love the theme.

I just noticed there’s a bug when the timeline blog is your homepage. Send me a private message and I’ll send you a quick fix for this. Cheers!

Hello! Before I buy your amazing theme, I want to ask about timeline blog. Can I make different timeline blog with different content in different sections of the site?

Best regards,Alex!

Sure you can! Unlimited blogs and portfolios can be created ;)

Hi, I think i’ve found a bug – would you be able to point me towards a fix please? When using the portfolio template (any of the styles) on the home page it pulls in duplicate entries (see http://acamedia-conference.co.uk/). This only happens if it is set as the home page. Thanks.

Yes. You are right. I just fixed this locally. Send me a private message and I’ll send you a quick fix. Cheers!

Hi, I am interested in buying this theme. It looks awesome. I also read your earlier comments and see that you are giving the pricing table after purchasing the theme. Can I have a look at it so to have an idea of how it will look. Thanks :-)

I still haven’t added it, because the other user didn’t asked me to. So just let me know if you buy the theme and I’ll add it on the next update. Thanks :)

Pirenko, Thanks for that quick response. Any timeline when we can expect the next update with the pricing table? My requirements are exactly to have a pricing table and that is the reason am asking. Thanks.

I’ll add it in until next Tuesday if needed. Probably I can have it ready by Sunday ;)

Purchased this awesome theme – 100th download :-) Congrats.

Can you please let me have the pricing table done and upadte? Thanks.

Sure… I’ll write here when it’s done. Thank you for purchasing ;)

Pirenko, can I make the footer a full width footer?

Send me a private message and I’ll try to help you with this. Cheers!

Hi, I want to know where can I find more images like “entypo_icn-thumbs-up”. Also please let me know how I can create my own images. Ex: Notebook or Email.

One more issue I face is that after sending a message using the contact form, the fields don’t clear. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

On the Documentation folder you have a icons.png file that has all the icons available.
About the contact form: why should the fields clear? You just sent a message, so it’s not expectable that you send another. If you want to change this you need to edit the scripts on the page-contact.php file.
See ya :grin:

Thanks a ton!

Hi Pirenko, So I bought your awesome theme couple days ago. I’ve got few questions, and I hope you can help me sort this out: 1. on portfolio page, I was trying to upload a video or embed the video from vimeo, but the video doesn’t show up. The video supposed to be in the 4th position.(http://madebyvivi.com/?pirenko_portfolios=booku) 2. How to add another portfolio page on the menu bar?

Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon.

1 – Videos should be embedded using an iframe so you should be ok using Vimeo like you said;
2 – Open the help file inside the Documentation folder and watch the video “Menu Managment”;
Thank you for purchasing!

I got an email stating that there is an update on the theme. I downloaded the 18MB file but am not sure what I should do now to update the theme.

Please take a look at this video: http://www.screenr.com/TUp8


Updated the theme but can not find the pricing table shortcode?

I forgot to include it on the Documentation :(
But you should see them under the Shortcodes button… Did you tried that way?

I did try but I do not see it – http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d01384wfd

I also finding it hard to understand how these icons work – http://awesomescreenshot.com/011138506e – some are loading and some are not. I could not find the classes in css files

Hummm… Apparently you haven’t updated the theme. Send me a private message with a link to your website please. About the icons: you have a icons.png inside the Documentation folder that shows all the CSS classes.

Still loving the theme! Quick question about the format. Is there only a single footer that’s allowed as far as the widgets are concerned? I’d love to see two footers for a particular page, one with 3 columns, and then a final one below that with just a single row. Not sure if that’s possible but figured I’d ask.

As the theme stands in the original format you can’t do this. Nevertheless, you can achieve this by editing manually the footer.php file. Thanks!

Hi, I want to reduce the font size of my blog article title and also align the posts title on the left and the content justified.

Send me a private message with links to the pages on your website where you want to change that. Cheers!

Hello, Great theme. I had a couple questions: 1. On the front page, I’m trying to format the services section into thirds but when I put the shortcode in, it displays all the way across. What can I do to have it displayed in columns? 2. Is there a way to have the blog text align to the left? 3. Is there a way to make the Page Titles a smaller font and aligned to the left?


Please send me a private message with links to the 3 pages you want to change.
Thank you for purchasing!

This theme is awesome! Everything worked as stated…I’m happy with the end product. I definitely recommend this theme.

Thanks :grin:

Iphone menu doesn’t seem to work for me?


iPhone menu seems to be fine here. What seems to be the problem on your side?
Thank you for purchasing!

Hi Pirenko, it seems the links aren’t clickable?

I can click them perfectly. What phone and browser are you using?

Also…. can you let me know what files were edited with the latest update?

I want the pricing table shortcode but have made a few css changes and just want to know the additions

Thanks Pirenko, fantastic theme.

To make the pricing tables work you need to update the custom.css file and also the entire pirenko_scodes folder.
My suggestion is that you paste your CSS changes under Twisted Options>Custom Scripts tab>Custom CSS. This way you can always update the theme and keep your custom settings.

Thanks Pirenko… I can’t get the Buttons to work.. the custom URL isn’t working just going to ”#”

You are right. There’s a small bug on the shortcode button. I’ll fix this in the next update. In the meantime please on your pricing table shortcode change button_text to button_link. Thanks!

Just bought it and getting ready to dig into it tomorrow. Before I do- quick question, how do you change the rollover for a portfolio item? Instead of a ”+” I’d like a magnifying glass or maybe a different graphic. Thanks!

If you are not going to use it for anything else you can open the stylesheet.css file located inside inc/fonts/entypo and edit the content:before value for “entypo_icn-plus-3”. You can find the list of available icons on the icons.png file located on the Documentation folder.
Cheers :nerdy:


I’m trying to change the content in the demo homepage- and where “Swift Coding” is currently, I tried changing from “entypo_icn-gauge” to “entypo_icn-camera” and it’s not working. Any leads on to where those big icons are? I’d love to put a camera there ;)

Assuming that some voodoo is happening to make the CSS file appear as I wrote only on my computer- should they all be using the escape code and only have the actual character in the comment?

OK- did a little more detective work. Seems like Windows/Chrome was having some issues with the font file. So I put the SVG ahead of the ttf/woff and now it works fine :) Also seems you had a typo on the first eot include (you wrote “fontfgello.eot” instead of “fontello.eot”). My src lines in the stylesheet @font-face block now reads like this:

src: url(“fontello.eot”); src: url(“fontello.eot?#iefix”) format(‘embedded-opentype’), url(“fontello.svg#fontello”) format(‘svg’), url(“fontello.woff”) format(‘woff’), url(“fontello.ttf”) format(‘truetype’);

Hope that’s alright? :)

This is kind of weird, because that was file was generated by the fontello web service. Anyway, the important thing is that it seems to be fine for you. Cheers!

I just purchased the theme and am busy setting it up, but one issue I’ve noticed already is that there is not alot of granularity with the font colors. For example the sidebar text seems to use the same color value as headings. Is it possible for you add more css classes for fonts so that we can better control colors. I want to use a vibrant color but right now it is just too overpowering.

The theme has eleven colors for you to choose. I try to keep a balance between flexibility and easiness of change. If you need some custom color for some specific section send me a private message with a link explaining what you want to do.
Thank you for purchasing!