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hi, I have some problem.

1) Used right sidebar in blog page. 2) on responsive setting 3) Sidebar display size is not same with demo site when smaller than 760px. 4) like size is half on the screen and align right.

I want sidebar display like demosite.

help plz.

You don’t have any widgets on the right side, but it seems to be fine now. I just emailed you asking for a screenshot.

Hi Pirenko, great theme…loving it.

After removing the text for the headers and subtext, underneath them is a line that remains,...is there CSS way to completely remove the page headers and text along with the lines underneath?

Thank you for your kind comments! Try this CSS .simple_line.header_divider {display:none;}
Cheers :nerdy:

Thanks a lot…that worked perfectly…one more question..is there a short-code to the contact message form on any other page other than its defaulted contact page?

No… There’s no shortcode for the contact form. Cheers!

I run the theme locally and gets extra space underneith the portfolio items with double height so the grid gets off sync in height. You can see the same problem here: http://www.munto.net/twisted/multi-sized-portfolio/ on the second last in the right column.

Problem is still there even if I remove all custom css. Do you have a fix for that?

I can’t see that on the preview page. Can you send me a screenshot? What browser are you using?

Latest Firefox 20.0 (and Safari) om Mac. I email a print screen.

Hey Pirenko,

I have a problem with putting images and text next to eachother. I want to have for example,

Image, headline and text

Headline and text, image

And also im trying to use image over some text but the wont show and I have put source where the old source were for the previous images.



Send me a link to a page where you are trying to set up this. If you prefer to keep it private use the contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

is this compatable with woocommerce?

The theme is compatible with woocommerce, but you’ll need to adjust some styles after activating it. I have other theme that’s fully compatible – it was built with the same framework and no errors were generated (I just had to style things properly).

oh and does it have a search bar option?

Sorry, but what do you mean with search bar option? :S

I need to have a search bar in the header

If you mean a search icon on the right side of the menu I can add it on the next update if you decide to buy this theme. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko, I’m having an issue embedding a vine video (or tweet that includes a vine video) in a portfolio. Embedding youtube videos works great but not these. Any idea why?

Here is a link to a portfolio: http://bullyblingenergy.com/portfolios/katie-kinslow/

The last “image” in the portfolio is an embedded tweet with a vine video. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You can only embed videos using iframes. This one is working too, but the frame size is deifferent from the slider size so there’s not much you can do.

hi pirenko!

nice theme! i am just doing my portfolio page with it.

there is one thing i cannot change with a custom script: the portfolio header has a gap of 60 pixels on the botton (margin-botton: 60px;)

do i have to change the “single-pirenko_portfolios.php” manually?

thanks for your support!

No, because you can override the theme default CSS by adding your own code under Twisted Options>Custom Scripts tab>Custom CSS.
Thank you for purchasing!

he, that was a fast reply! but: how can i change this with the custom css? i did not manage to change it. all other parts where no problem. (changing the php works… by the way…)

What’s the page you want to change? Send me a link of the preview and explain what gap you want to change.

This is probably a very stupid question, but I’m hoping to re-order the front page slider slides. I uploaded them, but would like them to run in an order other than what is loaded in that page. Any suggestions?

The theme rocks, by the way.

They are ordered by date so you can click on Quick Edit when you rollover them and change the date. If you prefer install this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ that has a drag and drop interface.
Thank you for purchasing!

Great! That makes life easier. Appreciate the tip. Thanks again.

hi, thx for this great theme. a fast question: how can i add a Flickr footostream into the sidebar (like in the demo). I read there is shortcode for that. didn t find it. thx for ur help

There’s no shortcode for that. It’s a plugin called Slickr Flickr ;)
Thank you for purchasing!

good info. gonna get this plugin

never mind :)

I already did ;)

one more q: how can i set seperater lines?

Add this HTML code:
<div class="simple_line" />

I’ve unzipped the main folder. In Wordpress I’ve tried to install the theme but I get “WordPress Failure Notice”, “are you sure you want to do this” coming up. I’m able to install other themes, just not this one. Any idea what’s going on. Thanks.

The theme folder has more than 5MB. You have to upload via FTP. Here’s some help if needed: http://www.screenr.com/OJu7
Thank you for purchasing!

Is it possible to have different icon/images on the homepage? – I mean the gauge, rocket and network (yellow images). Wondering how I would change these to something more appropriate to my site.

On the documentation folder you have a file called icons.png with a complete list of all the icons available. Cheers!

does the theme come with dummy content?

Yes. After activation you can do that. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for that great theme, setting it up worked fine for me.

Just one problem here – the column-shortcodes I added (like “one fourth” or “one half” column) doesn’t work out fine on mobile. There’s no space to the border, so one can’t properly read it. Can I add something manually to the shortcode or do you already have an update for that? (Where can I download updates?)


Please send me a private message with a link to your page so that I can see what’s going on. Thanks!

I have a little problem: after theme instalation, when i tried to change anything in “Twisted options” menu a “Save error!” message appear. Please help me… My site is axlongboard.ro and is running with last stable version of Wordpress… Maybe is a activation error, but i dont have nowhere a link or button to activate.

Just like in the email I sent you here’s some info: your server seems to be blocking ajax calls used to save the theme options. Please contact your hosting company and tell them you are getting the following error when you make an ajax call: POST http://axlongboard.ro/wp-admin/options.php 412 (Precondition Failed)
This is a strange limitation of your server that never occurred to any other buyer of any of my themes.

you’r right – was a hosting server security limitation :) 10x a lot!!!

It had to be ;)

Here is a VERY strange bug for you that I discovered. It is in no way due to anything you did or did not do.

If a web browser is started in windows 8 with a touch screen plugged in then all of the slideshows in the twisted theme that have the two buttons to change the slide do not work.

However, if the web browsers are started up when the touchscreen is unplugged it works fine.

This should impact a bare minimum number of people. I just found it very very strange.

Yet another reason to avoid windows 8. XD

I don’t have all these devices for testing at this moment, but I’ll try to make this test soon. I’ll get back to you if I reach any conclusion. Thanks!

Don’t worry about it. It does not effect us directly. Just one of those really odd things.

It is probably actually a bug with a specific javascript package or plugin.

Great website.

But I can’t find the icons you use. For example, the icons you use in the Services page, how can I find all this list?

Thank you

Please open the Documentation folder and you’ll find an icons.png file inside. You can see those elements there. Cheers :grin:

When I tried to add new page and chose Template Page – contact or timeline or whatever.

The Page custom option doesn’t change to the necessary one. It is just stuck on the

Teaser text (will be displayed below the page title): Sidebar display:

Yes, I have clicked publish already and when I tried to type in teaser text, it doesn’t work.

Try turning off all the plugins you may have and update Wordpress. Try also dwonload and re-upload the file package from Themeforest. If this does not work please send me a private message with your login credentials.