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Is there a way to increase the body font size?

Is there a file where I can see all the fonts at once, instead of trying each and every font then refresh the page every time?

Thank you a lot

Try adding this custom CSS code to Twisted Options>Custom Scripts tab>Custom CSS:
body {font-size:17px;}
All the font sizes are calculated according to this one so it will affect the other sizes too. For further adjustments on those font sizes it’s better you edit the custom.css file directly.
For fonts preview it’s better you visit the google font directory.

Thanks.. Its true when i changed the body font everything became bigger. So how can i edit the custom.css file to change only the body font.

Search for font-size and set the values in “px” instead of “em” (you only need to changes the values that are in “em”). If you want to keep the font size to degrade in side on smaller devices you must use “em” like I did (that’s the reason all font sizes depend on the body size).

Can I disable modules in the Homepage? For example, I don’t want Latest Work and Our Clients in the homepage

Sure… The homepage is built like any other page. What you are seeing is actually the page content (shortcodes or html). Thank you for your interest :)

Hi, The message box on the contact page has collapsed. I’ve tried the reset all on the settings, but it’s made no difference. Any ideas?? http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx61/fizzyhands/Messagebox.jpg

Can you send me a private message with a link please? Thanks!

Hello, I am wondering how to create bullet points! I would like also not only to use points but maybe other custom icons.

I tried to use the bullet points while editing texts but bullet points don’t appear on the website after i refresh it

Could you help?


I assume your are using an “ul” list. Send me a private message and I’ll send you a custom CSS file that fixes this. I’ll include this correction on the next update. Cheers!

How can i send you a private message?

On this page http://themeforest.net/user/Pirenko you have a contact form on the right side…

Running Safari 5 the header on the site is cut off. Any ideas on how to fix this?


My site is http://www.snaketrailtaxidermy.com

This seems to be fine now. Is it ok?


I love this theme!! I am having trouble customizing [pirenko_last_posts].

I set this up with the format [pirenko_last_posts title=”Latest Recipes” items_number=”4” rows_number=”2” cat_filter=”recipes”]

This should give me two rows, each row with two of the latest posts, but instead it displays as one row of 4 posts.

I’ve done the latest update to version 1.7, cleared my cache, and the problem with the display still exists.

Is there any way to correct this?


Thank you!

Please send me a private message with your WP login credentials so that I can see what’s going on. Cheers!

Hi, Problem with portfolio. First, on the portfolio page, I can only see the skills but the portfolio itself doesn’t load. Sometimes i need to click several times on the skills and it loads sometimes. (I connected each portfolio to a skill and it should be working fine)

Also, On the home page, “Latest Portfolio”, doesn’t load at all.

Is there a way to fix this?


is there a way to load the pages faster?

Is this problem also happening on the preview? If not, can you please turn off your plugins for a moment?

headline blog style doesn’t work anymore after updating to wordpress 3.6

It just stayed on the loading bar with no content loaded

Do you have any active plugins? If so please turn them off. I just upgraded to 3.6 and could not find any issues… Send me a private message with a link if you prefer.

does this theme also provide dummy content? it would be essential for me. thanks.


Yes… Nothing was needed to make it 3.6 compatible. Thanks!

Super! Nice theme for my client: http://lamericagallery.com/dev/about-us/

Trying to also make an Artist Directory by Country … any thoughts?

If you are not going to use the portfolio posts you can use that for this purpose. Otherwise you’ll have to find a plugin for this. Cheers!

Question: any ideas on how I would change the icon in the Google map? http://screencast.com/t/00G5RSTIdYD

Much appreciated….

This is a custom map created on Google Maps. Just go there and try to create a custom location. Cheers!

I see, OK, thanks!

Question: for some reason I can’t seem to add sub items to the menu … http://screencast.com/t/cbhAyf0HJ6

This should appear under http://lamericagallery.com/dev/collection/

Any thoughts? Much appreciated! Rob

thanks for helping out – that fixed the issue. Now I have one question: I am very nervous about the reset button and I wonder if there is ANY reason why it is there at all. http://screencast.com/t/aLuJdq1mTaK

If I accidentally press the “RESET” button, will I get a message asking if i am “Really Sure Before Deleting All the Work You Just Did” ... kind of message.

Just curious to know. Any if there is a way to get rid off it, or make it a different color (red or so), that’s what WooThemes do…..

thanks! Great Theme!!!!

Yes… You’ll have a popup confirmation window. Cheers!

Phew! Thanks, just what I needed to hear. ;)

Hi, is it possible to either reduce the amount of space between the bottom of the blog posts (where it has the links to the other blog posts) and the top of the comments section? Thanks in advance

Try adding this code under Twisted Options>Custom Scripts>Custom CSS textfield:.prevnext_single {margin-bottom:0px;}

Perfect, thanks so much!

I came across another issue; hopefully you can help. http://lamericagallery.com/dev/collection/

When I rollover and click on let’s say: “Elisa Lejuez” it says there are “0” items, and clicking gives no result ….. but I know there are several portfolio items categorized under that name. And this problem exists for several other names …... I hope you can help me find a solution for this. Thanks a lot!!!

PS: I sent you a pm as well

Thanks for this great theme and support!!!

The “problem” here is that the theme counts only the items that are already loaded. I think it makes sense like this, because you should not say that you have 10 works under Elisa Lejuez and you are not viewing any of them.
Anyway, if you want, you can load all the works at the same time, but this will increase the page loading time. So, when you are editing that portfolio page, you’ll see an option under the content on which you decide the number of posts that are loaded on each loading event.
I hope this was clear. Cheers!

Thanks so much for helping out! That did fix the ‘issue’ ... ;)

how do i set up a portfolio to show only certain skills?

Did you buy the theme? If so please place your enquiries using the correct account. Thanks!

It doesn’t seam like the theme is pulling CSS from the child theme which I have activated. Is there a way to have the theme use the CSS from the child theme?

Is it the style.css file you are using? If so please send me a private message and I’ll send you a fixed scripts.php file. I’ll include this on the next update.

Hi, this theme is absolutely lovely. My client is asking why the site os so incredibly slow….. and I also noticed the same. Are these server settings we need to check.

I build plenty of sites and I have to agree, this one is indeed a little sluggish …. Hope you have an answer. Thanks!

thanks so much , i just pm’ed you

it looks like installing the w3 total cache plugin resolved the issue

Ok… Great ;)

Hi Love the theme, Just wondering if you could let me know if there is a way to alter the look of the menu, I would like to remove the active and hover boxes that appear around the menu title.

Also is there an easy way to add a new custom font to use within the theme.



Menu change: add this under Twisted Options>Custom Scripts tab>Custom CSS:
.sf-menu li > a {background: transparent !important;}
Adding fonts: on the latest update (released yesterday) you can do this with a help of a free plugin I developed. Here’s some help: http://www.screenr.com/qZRH

You’re awesome, thanks for the help

Hi, we are having problems with the update from version 1.7 to 2.0, ; installing the 2.0-theme leads to an error “PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in …/wp-content/themes/twisted/functions.php on line 413” Any idea why this error appears? are there any special php-settings needed to run the theme? we are using wordpress 3.6, php-version 5.2.17. Thanks for some help…

Wow, thanks for this unbelievable fast answer! We’ll wait for the update to be released…!

The update is now available. Thanks!

It works!Thank you for your quick help!

Is there a way to randomise the portfolio items that show on the homepage when a user logs on or are they always going to display in the order that they were uploaded.

You can achieve that by editing the shortcodes.php file. Search for the function pirenko_last_portfolios_shortcode and change the WP_Query(). Send me a private message if you can’t do it.

Hi, the “read more” button has dissapeared from my last two posts. Any ideas?

Ive gave each post a page break, is that not the solution?

Please send me a private message with a link to your website. Please turn off all the plugins you may have just for testing.