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Thanks for the great themes! I’m having a problem with the flexslider implementation in Twisted. The pirenko_sh_slidetop and pirenko_sh_slidebody divs fade in only once after page loading. When the whole slideshow is finished and the first slide appears again, the title and body texts won’t fade in anymore but display immediately. It seems like the fade in timer is not reset after a slide is hidden.

I see that you have defined the appearing delay and speed in main.js at jQuery(jQuery(my_body_string)).transition but I am unsure how to reset the opacity status again when the slide is hidden. How to achieve this? The problem appears on FF 29.0. Thanks!

Hi, I’m a bit confused… Does this also happen on the theme preview? If yes, on what page? Thanks!

Bah, the classic thing happened: after contacting you I noticed there was a jQuery conflict with code I had written… So, everything is in working order. Thanks again for the themes (purchased both Twisted and Pixia), they are excellent!

Ok, thanks!


thanks for this great Theme, but I have some problems with it :(

I use the Timeline Layout for my Blog. But the ajax is loading only one time more blog entries. How can I load the next entries while scrolling down?

URL: http://blog.henningotto.net


Thank you for your kind comment! If you are already using the latest theme version please send me a private message with your WP login details so that I can analyze your content and options.

thanks for the fast reply, you got mail :)

Ok, I’ll get back to you soon. Cheers!

Thank you for the great theme. I have one problem. I would like to take the “Blog Page Timeline” as homepage. But the content will not invite.


Hi, what do you mean with “not invite”? Thanks!

Hi, the content will not loaded. I have a test page with the “Blog Page Timeline”here : http://www.delete-account.org/timeline/ what is the problem?

Hi, I need to see how you have your content organized. Please send me a private message with the WP Login details. Thanks!


I updated the theme to the latest version 2.2 but still it says 2.1!

Please advise


Please send me a private message and I’ll send you a tweaked css file. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko,

thanks for the great twisted theme!

I have it installed on a test blog here: http://www.websocialpublic.fr/ I want to have the timeline blog as a homepage and just I just let you see how it looks like :( I didn’t change a single thing in CSS or HTML. Jut wrote a test article. So why does it look broken?

Is there an easy way to fix that ?

Thanks for you help.



That is weird… If you have any plugins active turn them off and try again. If you still have trouble please send me a private message with the WP login details. Thanks!


I want to know how you added the Mailchimp widget with that design on the footer of the page.

Thank you

Hi, you need to install the Mailchimp free plugin. Cheers!

hi Pirenko, just quick one.

I really can’t work out how to alter the size of the featured image on my posts. They are huge! and I’d really like to reduce them. Also on the blog page I just haven’t got a clue how to make my images fit for that size.


The images will be scaled to fit the post/page content just like you see on the theme preview. If you are seeing something different please send me a private message with a link.


I have a big problem. The website takes so much time to load for the first time i open the website. How to make it faster.


Hi, try turning off any plugins that you may be using. If the issue subsists please send me a private message with the WP login details. Thanks!

Thank you for the quick reply.

I created an account for you

Ok, I will reply soon. Thanks!

Hi , I just updated the theme and now the background colour on the titles for slides appears as a thinner band than before the update. leaving the slides on my site looking a little strange, is it something I have done when updating?

That is weird. Please send me a private message with a link so that I can check this. Thanks!

Sorry, it is probably really obvious, but how do I send a private message?

You will find a contact form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/Pirenko

HI, is it possible to have a wide layout instead of boxed one ?

Hi, are you talking about the blog or portfolio? Thanks!

Hi Pirenko,

The more I use this theme, the more I love it.

I’d like to know if there’s a way to change the number of rows in a grid portfolio. Default is 3, I’d like to make it 4 (ans so have smaller images in the grid).

How can I do it ?

Thanks in advance !

Good to know that you are enjoying the theme! Please send me a private message and I’ll try to help you. Thanks!

I am running Twisted Version 1.6

Is there a quick or simple way of adding a captcha to the contact page?

I figured I would ask here before I put in the time to manually add it.

Thank you for purchasing! I would say that the easiest way is to install the Contact Form 7 plugin and the manually edit the page-contact.php file (replace the theme form with the Contact Form 7 shortcode).

Hey, is there a way to remove the logo and just have a text-based one that uses the title and tagline? There isn’t a button to remove the default logo, only to replace it…

I did some searching of the comments, but couldn’t find a solution.

Cheers! Al

You can try and upload a small transparent logo or add some custom CSS to make it invisible. Cheers!

Yeah, that’s fine but doesn’t display the default WP Title/Tagline. Will work something out…take that into consideration for an update though. Would be great to have that option.

Ok, maybe on a future update. Thanks :)

Hi again…the Timeline formatting seems to be messed up. This is a pretty fresh install.

Site is locked…so pic in the link. http://grab.by/zGnc

Any thoughts?

Done, email sent.

I just replied :nerdy:

Fixed! Thanks for the speedy responses…

Another question…in a blog post:

Can I disable the display of the featured image that shows before the body text? I already typically have a featured image in the post itself…I don’t want another copy of it on top of my content.

Cheers, Al

Ok, cool…that works. Any way to disable by default instead of each post?

Hum… No, but if you want to apply it to all posts please reply to my email and I’ll send you a tweaked single.php file. Thanks!

Replied…definitely send the new file, thanks again!

Hi Pirenko,

Having a problem with the theme, not sure how long it’s been going on because it wasn’t immediately noticeable, on the portfolio page, when you click on the filters, the first row of items isn’t moving, so it’s getting covered up by the other items. You can see the issue here when you click through the filters:


Deactivated all the plugins, problem was still there.

Also tried different portfolio layouts, that didn’t help either. Any ideas? Thanks!

OK disregard this, I started doing some more checking, it works fine in Safari, FF on a Mac, it works fine in IE and Chrome on a PC, I was having the issue on Chrome on a Mac, checked it in Chrome on another Mac and it was fine. Must be some kind of cache issue.

Figured it out, I had that tab zoomed out, at -90% it caused the issues.. weird. Doesn’t do that on the demo site.

Ok, great :)

I would like to purchase your theme, but I need to be able to pay via card and not paypall. Please advise.

Hi, that option should be available too. If you are having trouble with it you will need to contact Envato Support. Thanks :)

Hi Pirenko,

Having a bit of trouble with the blog timeline. You can see it here:


The blog is only loading additional posts once and then it freezes, I have more than it’s displaying. Also the last post of the first load (before trying to load additional posts) isn’t showing the published date.

Once the additional posts load, the hover overlay stops working on the new posts, but continues to work on the ones that were first displayed.

I’m going through everything looking for any kind of errant code in the posts that might be causing the problem but I’m not seeing anything.

Hi, please send me a private message with the WP login details if possible. I would like to check some of the options that you have. Thanks!

Ok you should have the credentials

I have just replied. Cheers ;)

Hi Pirenko,

Love the theme, thinking of getting it, just a few question first;

1. On the homepage – can I make the slider deeper? 2. On the homepage – can I have both the portfolio items and blog excerpts on the same page. 3. What is the font? Does it default with the theme?

thanks Mike

Thank you for your kind comment! The answer to 1 and 2 is yes and you can choose other fonts if you want (the theme packs around 60, but you can add unlimited fonts).

Thanks for the prompt reply – sounds good. Do you have a documentation file, but I guess your YouTube channel does a good job. Will have some more questions in a day or two. Cheers!

The theme has a documentation folder included. Cheers :)

edit: solved it