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I just bought your tumblr template and had followed your instructions to install into my tumblr site. However, i have funny codes and characters that appear on the page. Please see the following:

Can you help me on this perhaps on the installation as I am pretty new to tumblr???

I look forward to your favourable reply soon.

Thanks and regards, Desline


Just as deslinetoh, I have also bought your theme and installed the html to my tumblr. But it’s showing weird icons and none of my content on my site at all.

Please could you help me out on this?



love the theme you created. but before purchasing, i would like to know if its possible for me to add video player (youtube) on this? and how

Hello, I’ve reached out via email because I followed the very simple direction of copying and pasting this into the Tumblr HTML and it did not work. I literally did nothing. I’ve reached out by email, only to receive zero response! I am highly disappointed and upset that I’ve wasted my money as a true loyal customer of themeforest. What a waste!

Stay away from this theme. It is full of problems, a lot of stuff does not work. A total nightmare with no support either. 1. The description is misaligned and does not work. 2. The title is parallaxes out of place on different occasions. 3. The 1st tag is out of place. 4. The font is different on different browsers. Leave it alone. It sucks.

There are so many issues with this theme. I hope you’re able to update it.

My friend bought this theme and I am trying to make the Navigation bar stick to the top of the page when you scroll over it, but when it does it keep shifting to the left and is not 100% of the width:

How do we fix this??

I like your theme, but i can put my own logo as an image?

I bought today the Twisting Theme, but I want the Full Screen Header version. Can you help me, please? Thank you.

I’ve used this theme here: And many time the page does not load for my viewers. Is there a reason this might be? Half of people viewing the site just get stuck looking at a loading bar. Thanks!