Type - A clean, flexible Ghost Theme

Type - A clean, flexible Ghost Theme

Current version: v1.2 (21 Dec, 2015)

Introducing Type: A Simple yet very Flexible Ghost Theme

Type is a beautiful, bold Ghost blog theme. It features big visuals and enough flexibility to fit every need, every style.

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We Love Flexibility

A flexible, customizable Ghost theme

Your archives are not limited to lists or grid display. We’ve included 4 display types that you can use on a per-archive-type basis: lists, lists with sidebar, 2 column and 3 column grids! Find your favorite!

Photos are Essential to Blogs

Stylish Photos

Adding full-width, left and right floated images is a breeze. You can even turn them to black and white if you want.

Content is King

Beautiful Content

You can easily add full-width or left and right pull quotes in Type. And they look absolutely gorgeous! Headings, lists, quotes, code, beautiful typography? We took care of them all.

Easy Comments with Disqus

Disqus Comments

Disqus is free to use and works with virtually any type of website and you can easily import all your existing comments. Disqus is the web’s favorite discussion system. Every feature is crafted to enable great online communities.


As Ghost grows, so will Type. We’re dedicated to keeping our Ghost themes up to date.

v1.2 – 21 Dec, 2015

Version 1.2 fixes an issue with the related posts in the post with sidebar display which appeared once Ghost released their 0.7.3 version.

Updated files:

  • assets/js/plugins.min.js
  • assets/js/custom.scripts.js
  • package.json

v1.1 – 9 Nov, 2015

Version 1.1 now compatible with Ghost 0.7.x. Includes support for dashboard managed navigation, next and previous posts, multi-authors, updated scripts and styles (jQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome), Dribbble widget compatible with new Dribbble API and added new goodies: Twitter widget, recent posts and latest posts widget! Enjoy!