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Great template!

I cant get the twitterfeed to work, even though i replaced your username and cleared my cache.

Your feed is still showing. Any suggestions?



fixed it! replaced the username in both the html-file and the jscript!

Thx anyways, and what a great theme it is!

Jolly good! Don’t forget to rate it if you liked the theme. :)

This looks very good to me! But doesnt work on my iphone/ipad/ipad mini safari and chrome. is there a fix coming?

Hi, his theme isn’t responsive and the jquery for animations doesn’t work on smaller devices. I can’t do much about this until the creator of the plugin updates it to do so.

ok, thanks! anyway: great coming soon template!


I’m brazilian and bought your layout, but I’m having an issue. When I use accents, such as áâç.. and others the letters get bold!

What can I do to make them look normal?


Could you try adding the following into the head section:
<meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8”>


How can I translate the DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS? I looked for it everywhere at the code, but didn’t find it!


You should be able to change the labels in js > scripts.js > countdown.

Would someone please help me to UPLOAD this template. Mine isn’t in ZIPFILE format. Which files to I upload???

that should read: which files DO I upload? Please help me.

I will need to get a refund for this program. It does not come as a ZIP file and I cannot seem to get it uploaded. Why was this not packaged in a zip? SO frustrated!

I’ve just replied to your email, this is a html template and not Wordpress.

Hello, I want to install some of your elements on a page of wordpress and I have some problems with the intro text. Please help me ASAP.

Many thanks!

I don’t work with Wordpress also I wont be able to download the files for me to play with. You may have to ask somebody who works with Wordpress. I am sorry but this is no longer my template and I can only offer support for my original design.


The error I get in Chrome’s console is the following: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined I’m getting it in the jquery’s js file. on line 2. (you can also check it out) Any ideas?