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Very nice template, almost a buy but for me lacking:

1. Full Width template. 2. More nice looking tables. 3. Single page have actually to small width for text.


1. Very nice and clean blog. 2. Clean and well designed home page. 3. Style is a blast!

Best wishes with sales!

Thanks for the feedback :)

Just as a sidenote, the text width and size are only one line changes in the css, and the pages are full width by default (ie the elements page). Would be happy to add some table glitz in the next update – and love the avitar btw!


This is lovely, really creative.

Congrats Chris and happy sales :)

Awesome theme! Wordpress version is a must!

Thanks! Planning the WP version if sales do well over the next couple weeks…

Very cool chris i must say that!


petty i saw the contact form dosent work after i both it :( else i’m pretty satisfied with it.


It works, it’s just not a PHP script, which I never stated in the description that it was.

Glad you like it!


Man, I wish that I knew how to do HTML . I would buy this puppy in an instant!

Can you PLEASE put out a Wordpress version as soon as possible?

By the way, I’m still enjoying your Prominence theme that I bought awhile back.

I’m the process of updating it again at today and tomorrow.

Let me know about the Wordpress version of Typeline!!

- Nelson

Thanks! I’ll be working on the WP version very soon – hopefully have it out in the next couple weeks :)

Hi Chris Very impressed with the clarity and balance of the theme and am considering buying it.

However I come from a print background and have a basic understanding of html and css and was wondering if customizing the theme to my needs requires alot more knowledge?


Thanks! If you have a basic html/css understanding you should be fine depending on what you want to do with the theme and how much you want to customize.


Love everything about this template. Thanks so much for a job well done.

How exactly does the contact form work? I’m a print designer who can’t figure out how to make the form go to me once it’s filled out.

Thanks again!

Thanks and glad you like it!

The contact page is just an html form, not a full sever side script – if you want the form to actually send emails you’d need to find a php/ or some other server side language script and upload the theme to a server that can process it.

If you need this done I can do it in php for you – feel free to contact me via for rate.


Hello Chris, I have been researching authors and have bought one of your themes. I have a friend who wants me to tweak a theme for her so am back looking at your work again. She is an artist and a photographer so we are looking for a themes that will showcase her work in an elegant and clean manner. We want to go over the top! I believe she may like this theme and I know you have another (Carte Blanche !!!) that is also html only. We need a word press theme. Could you send me links to any wordpress gallery/art/photo blogs you have authored. Thanks for you time and effort.


hi there, just purchased the template, its a corker.

is there any way to not have the drop down menus go behind the image slider though?



What browser?

on a mac its happening on crome, safari and firefox

Hmmm… I just tested this again on my Mac in all browsers you mentioned, and the nav displays properly.

Maybe it’s only happening on a specific slider or something? url please?

Yep, looks like it only happens on the Nivo slider. I’ll take a look and provide a fix shortly.

If you edit default.css, line 59, appending the css property below it should fix it for the nivo slider:


thats great, all sorted, thanks very much.

I really like this template. When I add too many (5) top level menu items, it wraps, but there is plenty of space. Can you tell me what in the css I update to make the width of the navigation area wider?

Sorry, figured it out.