Discussion on Typograph – Content Focused Gutenberg WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Typograph – Content Focused Gutenberg WordPress Blog Theme

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HI! Purchased this theme and wanted to change the color-theme to the dark-blue one you use on your demo-preview. I don’t see any options to change the colors to the one you use on your demo page.

Can you maybe share how I can setup this specific color scheme? It’s very confusing to set these colors manually, with the gradient etc.

Why is the mobile speed so low according to PageSpeed Insights? Desktop is fast, but mobile is terrible.


Please see performance optimization options available: http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/performance-optimization/

Thank you!

Is there an option to show post grids? and share article buttons?


What do you mean by post grids?

To show all blog posts in grid format instead of this: https://rankz.io/blog/

Also, is there a option available to show social share buttons or I’d have to use a plugin?

Is this compatible with Elementor?

Second question: Is there a setting to change the post container width? I just think the post container looks too big. Also, am I able to disable the header and just have the menu?


Theme can be used Elementor or any other builder.

Yes, there is a content width option if this is what you mean.

And also yes, you can disable the header slider.

Thank you!

Hi, the theme is amazing for content marketing. Just wanted to ask on how many sites I can use it with single license?


Single license is allowed for one website.

Thank you!

Like the theme. Haven’t seen any updates for about 6 months. Is the theme compatible to current Wordpress 5.7? Thanks. Love to see you come out with a new theme, too. :)


Yes, it us up to date and is compatible with latest WordPress versions. :)

Thank you!

Is there a way to turn off all my feature images through theme customizer? If not, how do I get my featured images to not show? Thx.


You can do it in theme options. Please see available settings for bith blog and single post views:

http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/blog-options/ (Blog post element option) http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/single-post/

Thank you!

Is there anyway for me to try a demo of the backend customization options? I too often find that when I buy a theme they are clunky on the backend with either too many contradicting options etc etc or I can’t change things that I should be able to. I did look through documentation but can’t quite grasp enough the full feel of what I can or cannot do. Would love to try this out if possible.

Also. How does the scroll to the next article from the one you are reading work regarding SEO? I know this is what medium does but I question how that effects SEO.


Please send us a private message and we will arrange this :)


hi there, how can i disable the time for the blog posts – date is enough for me.

i think you misunderstood my question.
my post has this as meta:
4. September 2018 8:54
i want to get rid of the 8:54
there’s no setting in the theme options nor the general settings to achieve this.

Yes, I understand that. In General options, save the time format as empty. :)


oh, cool that works! many thanks!

hi there, could i also put a cover image on pages?


Yes, it can be done with header customization options: http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/page-options/

You can try switching header images with the demo switcher tab on the left: https://mnkythemes.com/typograph/advertise/

Thank you!

cool and could it set it up for each page individually?

i got it its a bit hidden, but works well. nice theme!

How do I hide the title when viewed on a mobile phone?

Good point! The Page title and single post title.


This will hide title area on screens that use mobile menu:

@media only screen and (max-width: 979px) {
.page-header {display:none;}

Perfect, thanks.

Hi. I cant configure Page Sidebar. 1 Page Sidebar in widgets added. 2 Setting->Single Post Content / Right sidebar = On and “Enable post content sidebar” = On “Enable post content sidebar” = OFF – didn’t change anything.

But all pages without sidebar.

I like your themes. But you need buy some popular themes and check how is good and clear settings do :)


If you are looking to enable sidebar on a page, simply choose page template with a sidebar. http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/page-templates/

As for the posts, you can override theme option settings for individual posts: http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/post-options/

For posts

Thanks. All fine. You made me feel like a fool :)

Hi, trying to change the footer but none of the footer widgets appear to be there. Any ideas on where I need to go to change those? Thanks!

That’s to say – I have these but none of the footer widgets:

Blog Sidebar

Single Post Sidebar

Page Sidebar

Single Post Header Sidebar

Single Post Content Sidebar

Single Post Content Sidebar Top

Single Post Content Sidebar Bottom

Before Single Post Sidebar

After Single Post Sidebar

Inactive widgets

Sorted: Gutenberg plugin messes up the widget page. Deactivating the plugin unhides the additional widgets!

Hi, How do you hide or turn off breadcrumbs. It shows the title of the page, then the title again on the next line as part of the breadcrumb. I’d just like to get rid of it. Thanks!

Sorted: .mnky_breadcrumbs {display: none;}

I see that the last theme update was in 2018. I take it that you won’t be maintaining this theme anymore?


Yes, we are maintaining theme, the WP 5.5. update was released recently.

Thank you!

Great theme, thank you.

Two quick questions (and I have tried all settings)

1. How do I remove Drop Caps from the blog post headers and blog titles in footer? (I tried in the theme settings with no luck)

2. How do I reduce the Header size to 80px? (I also tried in the theme settings with no luck)


1. The dropcap can be removed from the blog view only. If you want to remove it from single post, you can do it using custom css:
.page-header .post-dropcap, .widget-post-dropcap {display: none;}

2. Header size can be adjusted in Appearance/Theme Options/Header Option/Header Height. If you tried it will no luck, I will check out why it has no effect, maybe something during the update. For, now then just use custom css:

#site-header, #site-header #header-wrapper {height: 80px !important;}

Thank you!

Thanks for the fast reply!


I really love this theme, but before purchasing, I’d like to test it with my own content/settings. I appreciate you might not want to give away the files. Is there a way for you to have a test environment set up where I can login and import my stuff and see how it looks?




I have sent you the file attached in reply, could you check it again?

If you mean you sent something to my email, I got nothing… :-/

Ok, let’s forget for the “trial” for now, and let me ask another question: the theme doesn’t seem to have been updated since December 2018. Are you still actively maintaining it and supporting it?


Fantastic theme and style. Just wondering does this theme allow;

1) For me to create a ‘traditional’ homepage for my website where I don’t have any blogs on show. Just the information about my site.

2) For me to add in pages for services e.g. “apply to my yoga class here”

This site is going to start off as a content driven site for me but I’ll be adding in my own services as time goes on. Nothing overly complex or sophisticated but just need understand what I’m able to change/add

Thanks in advance!


Yes, of course. You can create a classic page and set it as home in DashboardSettings/Reading.

Block builder has set of elements that can be used to create a content that you describe. If you are willing to add more complex elements, you can install any of the free or paid block element or page builder plugins that are available out there.

Thank you!

After the installation I get the following error on the homepage and the theme does not work correctly:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mnky_default_font_url() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/xxx/xxx.de/wp-content/themes/typograph/functions.php:96) in /www/htdocs/xxxx/xxxx.de/wp-content/themes/typograph/functions.php on line 95

Why is that and how to fix it?


From the error it seems that you have theme already installed and trying to install it again?

Also this function is located on line 95, it should not be on line 96 unless it was customized?

Could you please try reinstalling the theme.

Thank you!


How can I turn off Drop Caps in the blog post headers?


You can do it in theme options, see blog post dropcap display setting: http://mnkythemedemos.com/documentation/typograph/blog-options/

Thank you!

Also, how can I add custom fonts (not Google Fonts)?


Custom fonts can be added by following instructions by font provider, unfortuantely there are no pre-made options.

Web-safe and Google fonts are available for selection through theme options.

Thank you!


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