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demo page not found….

Is everything ok now? Thanks erwin_schro

everythng’s fine now…glws

Thanks erwin

I’ve fixed it defatch thanks

thanks jogres :)

Love it, does the Job, however, using the video background the video does not display on the ipad. Any ideas?

Thanks MrHillman, I’m glad you like my template :) I m working on that ,next uptade will be supporting to video background on iPad.

Nice stuff man! Wish you more sales :)

Thanks codex :))

Nice work man! Good luck with sales!!

Thanks tranmautritam :)

Beautiful work guys. Congrats on the theme!

Thanks trex :))

Very nice! GLWS :)

Thanks 4smart :)

Good job! Chtdrn :)

Thanks buddy :)

Love the template, but having trouble getting the youtube vid to play. have copy/pasted the link into the index file but still not working when i test. could you help at all?

Haven’t uploaded to my website yet. The YouTube link I’m trying to embed is

Hi again :) You should upload this template your server first. It doesn’t work on local. You can check your video in my server :)

Please don’t forget to rate :)

Top Man! thank you!!!

Can you add Instagram to the social media icons?

I`ve added instagram icon for you, here`s your link and information zip file ,

Please don’t forget to rate :)

when will the update for the video to play on mobile devices be ready?

does the latest update allow the video background to play on mobile?

No impress1 not yet :) I’m Working on it :)

Ok thank you!

I just bought…. :-) Very nice What do I have to do, when I want the picture-slider NOT moving the pictures themselves.

I mean what to do making it a normal slider? Thanx!

Thanks :), They called it Ken Burns Slider. I will put normal slider to next uptade in 5 days :) Please don’t forget to rate this item :)

Thanx for quick reply. Waiting for the update! GREAT….. thanx

You’re welcome :)

You alraedy made the normal slider in your update? Can I upload the template now? :-)

Hi, Ronflash Unfortunately it’s not ready yet. It will be ready in this weekend. Thanks for your understanding. Have a good weekend (:

Great!!! Thanx….

does this work on wordpress :’(

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi gunmandodo, I m so sorry but its a html not wordpress. But i have a suggestion for you. You can use also html in your server. If you want to put this coming soon template for your server.

1-Upload my coming soon template your server with filezilla or something like that

2-Rename your index.php file(index.phz,index.ptd,index.blabla..etc)

3-Refresh your browser(mac=cmd+R),(Win=F5)


There are no all background images/pictures, that are shown in preview? why? Is it possible to get them?!

Yes donbal2011 you are right there are no background images in the template. Because i ve not license of images for sell. But you can find on google.

is this template fully updated with the recent questions i see about video update and other issues mentioned previously in this comment list. Im looking for full up to date functionality before i buy so i can just edit and put up asap BTW GREAT WORK

Hello dbahsee,

There is no problem about this template. Everything works fine. Yes it`s fully updated you can easily edit this template.Youtube video is working fine.


Hi, GREAT! theme

I added 6 additional images and the code <li><span>Image #</span></li> up to 12 but only 1 thru 6 are appearing. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

One other question…How can we change the how the From appears when the email is delivered? Currently mine has my web hosting email, which I don’t want.


Can someone assist me please? I am doing this for a client and would like the remaining images to appear. Does anyone have a solution?

Sorry about that meant to update that I fixed the email bit. I’ll make the updates now.

No, it s okey :) i wiil be appreciate if u rate this template :) Cheers,

Thank you this worked. I believe I have rated your template already as I do not see an option to rate it.