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Hi, I need your help since my woocommerce emails aren´t sending notifications when I have a new purchase, or any order status updates, could you take a quick look to my configuration? My site: I will send you my credentials when you give an email to do so.

Thanks in advance, its urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there, please you have to contact our Support Desk for this kind of issue.

I dont have support anymore its expired and I like this template so much so I need your help because I bought it from you please.

Dear anagaby,

we are very sorry but the Support Desk is the only way with we can investigate on your installation and help you to solve.

Hello again, I tried to update my tyrion child theme, I replace the new folder (downloaded yesterday from here) and wordpress is still showing me that I need to update my child theme, I understood that my core theme is “tyrion” and “tyrion” child my customized theme that will keep safe of any core updates, but nothing happens when I replaced the Tyrion folder, please give me a clue because the documentation files says the same instructions, What Im missing? do I have to replace the Child theme? my site: I need to update because Its too slow I and saw at the changelog that is one of the fixed issues.


Hi anagaby,

you have to update “wp-content/themes/tyrion” folder and “wp-content/themes/tyrion-child” folder.

Good morning , buy a wordpress template called Tyrion , but settings woocomerce not the country Puerto Rico . How do I activate it because that’s my segment? Thank you

answered in the question below.

Es urgente! por favor necesito que me indiquen como crear un nuevo país ya que el plugin no me da la opcion de Puerto Rico.

Hi gualam,

the Puerto Rico country is availbale yet on WooCommerce, anyway if you are not able to set, I suggest you to write a ticket on our Support Desk.

Thank you very much. You are very kind and Cash

Is compatibility for for WooCommerce 2.6 going to be available soon?


Hi there,

we scheduled to send Tyrion update for WooCommerce 2.6 within tomorrow.

HI Andrew, Is Tyrion 1.7.1 compatible with WooCommerce 2.6? WC2.6 is not listed in the compatibility panel on the right sidebar yet.

Hi wesloftsaust,

yes it is, as you can read in the readme.txt, for the right sidebar ThemeForest have no realsed the tag yet.

Buenas tardes, Actualicé mi tema y el plugin de Woocommerce y se desconfiguro mi pagina. ¿Hay manera de arreglarlo?

Hi there,

please wait the Tyrion update we release today for WooCommerce 2.6

Hola. Aún tengo el problema. Mi sitio esta desconfigurado, las categorías y los productos no están como la plantilla original. Es muy urgente por favor

Hi gualam,

you can use our plugin YITH WooCommerce Catalog mode for this feature.

Buenas tardes, de nuevo actualizo Woocomerce :( se daño mi pagina

Hi gualam.

just write a ticket on our Support Desk as we can see what’ s happening to your installation.


energya Purchased

Hi, first i buy the template (have 3 now from u) looks fine, BUT whats wrong with it…. i install it make my category etc. looks fine look picture: so all FINE 2 weeks later, i login to website again AND what i see… so tell me what is this, no one have login in my team from website only me, i dont change any….. plz answer me here, this is important, i go to yith try registry and than comes this…. forbitten u dont have access…, i have no time for this, Thank u


energya Purchased

OMG and here the same…. TELL me plz how to fix i cant use this, with this style, is totaly useless


energya Purchased

here too… other template from u…. ...

HI energya,

just write a ticket on our Support as we can help you directly with your issue

Hello good afternoon.

I bought the theme, and it was all right for years … Now my site was so one hour to another. What happened??? need help

Hi drumbelino,

probably you update WordPress or WooCommerce without upgrade Tyrion. I see you are runnig 1.3.0 version while the current is 1.7.1. Updare the theme and all things will be fine.

Buenas tardes, mi servidor me esta arrojando un error: PHP Deprecated: Automatically populating $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Agradezco la ayuda.

Hi gualam83,

there is some code that is old respect your php version, just write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong on your installation and who cause the issue.

Did I write is to support area ?

yes follow this steps:

1) register yourself in our site:

2) Then active your theme in this page: 3) Then in this page: open a ticket and explain your issue.

Hi! Is Tyrion 1.7.1 (I suppose last version at the time) compatible with WordPress 4.6?

Hi jose,

yes the last version work without problem with WordPress 4.6

you’ re welcome ;)

Greetings, great theme but whenever I try to install it I get the following error message: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65552 bytes) in /home/name/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 351

Hi charlm32.

you should turn this message to your hosting it seems you have not enough resources.

The wordpress visual editor doesn’t work with Tyrion 1.7.1 and Wordpress 4.6.1. What can you do? I await a reply. Thanks.

Hi kebiro,

Tyrion was never integrate with any visual editor, you should contact the plugin Support.