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Hello, I find the portfolio bug: When you add multiple images to an work of the portfolio (field “Additional Images”) – added images rendered in the individual works of the portfolio, and not attached to the current portfolio element.

I changed the background color to Black but I can’t find where to change the product name and price to a new color. I’ve changed every color in typography and I can’t find it. Please help!!


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No more update for this theme?


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When does this theme supports the latest woocommerce and WordPress versions? Please give an eta.


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Would be nice to get a response.

What’s going on with Yith last months?

Hi, we always release a compatible theme version some days after the WooCommerce update.

Hi, forget how to change the design to choose product variations. I do not want to list. I want it in grid. Thank you

Hi, you can change settings in “Admin > Tyrion > Theme Options > Shop > Products page > Show View”.


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The Wordpress 4.7.2 update has ‘crucial’ security fixes, which I’d really like to upgrade to – if at all possible.

Andrea @ Yith said 3 months ago that a Tyrion update (for Wordpress 4.7.x compatibility) was about to be released. However, I see that none of Yith’s 27 templates have been updated to 4.7.x compatibility since this promise was made.

It’d be really nice to let your customers know what’s going on, so we can potentially make alternative plans – to avoid a potential security breach on our Yith templated sites.

Hi, we will release the new Tyrion update today ;)

Hello guys. Any news about Tyrion Update for compatibility with Wordpress 4.7.x? Thanks!

Hi, we will release the new Tyrion update today ;)

Can anyone please tell me what is happening with the Tyrion theme (as I see there has been no updates since last year). Need to do updates!!

I contacted Yith via chat on their website and they say a new release today /tomorrow. Let’s hope so!! I also advised them that many people have been asking here – so hopefully they will get it done.

Hi, we will release the new Tyrion update today ;)


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Hi Sara_p, new update which was out on 3 April is still not compatible with new Woocommerce 3.0? The problem is all pages keep loading repeatedly. Any information on when this will be fixed? Thanks for your help.

Hi, we will release the new Tyrion update today ;)


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Excellent theme, I just have a quick question, how do I change the text in the pop-up box which says “Continue Shopping” or “View Cart”. The pop-up box appears after the product is added to cart.


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Hi After installing the latest version, the variable product attributes are no longer displayed in quickview

Hi zaffarn, sadly is not possible to provide technical support here, our developers can help you only checking directly your site and so on. So i have to ask you to open a ticket in our support desk: register yourself in our site: Then active your theme in this page: Then in this page: open a ticket and explain your issue. We suggest to include your url and if possible a temporary admin account on your site (only our developers can view this info, don’t worry) so we can review your setup and help you. Best regards.

Hi. How do I extract Ajax search Pro plug in from this theme?

Hi Nani, what you mean with “extract Ajax search Pro plugin”?

You can use our Ajax Search plugin ->

And if you want, you can try also the free version ;)


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Hello. I buy the theme just now and it’s don’t activate or update visual composer by admin notice in my wordpress. How to solve this?

Hi, I’ve downloaded it now and I see the “plugins” folder.


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Sara_p.. please.. look forward to this short 2 minutes video.

Hi, I’m sorry, but there was a misunderstanding. Tyrion theme only contains these 2 premium plugins (not visual composer):

- Revolution Slider - All Around Wordpress Content Slider Carousel

Visual composer is available in other our themes, but not Tyrion.

I got a problem and your support page is down (getting a cloudflare error that the host is not available). Our theme problem: There are no images shown in Quick View. this worked before, we got all plugins and themes updated and also tried disabling all plugins except woocommerce. All without luck. Please help with this. What could be causing this?? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi, we have solved the problem with our servers, you can use our support platform now.

Hi Sara, we use these theme and the update has some serious bugs, are they known and are you working on it?

Hi Fiona, what problems do you have with the new update?


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Is the theme compatible with Wordpress 4.8?

Hi, yes, the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.8 :)

hi, i just updated and get this message fatal error: Call to undefined function yit_is_old_ie() in /home/content/90/10718490/html/wp-content/themes/mindig/theme/assets.php on line 54 what do I need to do, thank you.

Hi, thank you for the feedback, we will check it.

I´m doing my web in Spanish and I have created a child but I don´t know how to change the texts in English that are in the template

Hi, can you open a ticket in our support desk?

We can ask you credentials for a temporary access to your website ;)

Thank you.

I have just updated this theme and am getting this error: Notice: Constant DS already defined in /public_html/wp-content/themes/tyrion/core/load.php on line 16.

Hi, this can be related to a plugin that use the same constant. Can you try to disable all plugins and check if the problem disappear?

Thank you.

Hi Sara, Many thanks for your quick response. I can’t take the site offline just yet, as it is their busy time as schools go back so, for now, I have just commented out Line 16 and it does not seem to have had any adverse effects. When I get chance (at the next maintenance/update session) I will do as you suggest and let you know what I find. Best wishes and thanks again, Nigel.


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If you update to latest woocommerce, you will have issues with the quantity box and the screen text reader displaying over the top – you can use this to fix the issue so you can see the number of items your adding from the product page again;

.screen-reader-text { clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); height: 1px; overflow: hidden; position: absolute !important; width: 1px; word-wrap: normal !important; }


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Thank you damiafaw! Had the same issue!