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Hi, Great looking email theme! In response to the earlier inquiry regarding the ability to upload images through the editor… Can the images be uploaded/changed in mail chimp or only in HTML? Thanks, Rob

Hi, The images can be uploaded in mailchimp. Regards, Jay


Is the “Read More” button functionality optional? Or does text which is too long parse and automatically create the button?

I did not see an option to disable the Read More function, so I am curious.


Hi Thanks for this template, its looks good. I am a bit new to working with uploaded templates, I am having issues with adding my own images to the templates & campaigns in Mailchimp. How do I do this? Sorry to be a pain.

Hi, Please contact via profile page or send your query to Download the template file using the editor and upload to mailchimp as a Zip file and you should be able to edit the images and content inside mailchimp. If you need help on setting up your mailchimp please send a email to

I used the template builder and exported it as html. However when I imported the html code over to Aweber, the responsiveness feature of it wasn’t working. Its very frustrating as I have been working on this template for the last 5 hours. Can you please help?

Hi, Aweber strips down the media queries and thus disables the mobile responsiveness.

Regards, Jay

How easy is it to change the fonts for this template?

Is it possible to customise the font? I’ll need to know the answer before I can buy it for my client.

You can customise the fonts by editing the HTML.

Hi. I asked for help in chat on because of an bug in the template with responsive. It’s about font-change and background-color. And now I don’t get any answer or help from you. Why?

would this be good for a news site?

My images aren’t uploading. It just freezes on the ‘Uploading to Amazon S3’ page. Though when I try the trial version it loads fine. Any ideas??

Good afternoon

I can sell? I can put the constructor code in my domain and my clients create the templates?

Best regards

Hi, I have customized this layout ( font color, layout, background color, images, etc.) and exported the html. I am using Zoho instead of mailchimp. However the template response differently to different devices. Specifically, modile devices.

1. the three image/icon module. On iphones, the images load centered but on the galaxy the first one is align left, and the rest are aligned center.

2. On iphones the text reduces size drastically, 14pt looks like 9pt fonts.

Is there any way to fix these issues without editing the code directly?

Hi there, the link is not working. Could you send me the new one? Thanks very much

I have contacted paypal for a full refund which I hope you will facilitate. If I do not have an immediate refund I am reporting your website and it’s averts to the Trading Standards Institute. You are selling an online editor which is not available and you are aware of this.

There are issues with the template and the latest version of outlook. Can you please check this for the template? There are some grey background-parts in single articles of the maiing.

Hi There,

I am pretty much new in email template section
Could you give me an idea about installation?
Can I host the builder in my server?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi, I’m getting this error when trying to add to MailChimp:

Cannot find a CSS file at:,700,400italic,700italic

Please advise. Thanks!

hi, i purchased your template, but how do i start editing with the editor? is it an online editor? please send me the link…

Thanks for purchasing Tytan. Please go to and signup use your purchase key to access the online editor. cheers

Hi there,

Before purchasing, I just wanted to know that does this product included an editor? Is it an online editor or an editor program that I can run in my local development environment?

Thank you very much.